Saturday, June 17, 2017


"Oh my god, are your tits real?" The blonde said.

"No way, they can't be real," the brunette exclaimed. "Say girl, can we touch them?"

"Uhhhh, sure," Kelvin said. The former teen boy hadn't noticed he had walked out of the gym shower with his towel wrapped around his waist instead of the traditional around his boobs are most girls did in the showers. His enlarged chest became struck with the cool sensation of the two girl's hands as they groped his new breasts.

"Like oh-my-gawd," the blonde said, "I'm so sorry. I thought your tits were fake as a fuck, I'm sorry for even thinking that."

"Seriously girl," the brunette said groping her own chest just to compare it to Kelvin's just to make sure it was right, "bet-cha get all the attention with a rack like that. Come on let's go Shirley."

The two girls walked off to their locker to change.

"Hole-Lee-Shit!" Kelvin muttered under his breath, "What the fuck just happened????"  Just a few days ago Kelvin and his college aged sister Lauren found themselves swapped in each other's bodies, and each had to try to live the life of the other. Lauren had a strict exercising regiment that she had Kelvin on until they swapped back. Kelvin, being a somewhat athletic guy didn't mind it, especially since he had free reign of the women's changing room in her gym. He expected to go into the locker room to check out girls, preferably topless, but he never ever expected two girls to come up to him an grope his sister's breasts.

"Does this happen to Lauren often?" He thought to himself/ "Should I tell her?"

He gave it a few seconds before he whispered out: "Nah, this is gonna be a secret between me and my girls." He said honking his new breasts. "For now on we're going topless in this locker room." Kelvin thought to himself as he wrapped his towel around his waist. "Feast your eyes girls, they're real!" He said aloud, and the whole room turned his eyes on him.

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