Sunday, July 31, 2016

Beautiful View

Mike stretched himself awake in the warm afternoon sun. Yawning he looked down towards the pool, being greeted by the two perfect breasts upon his chest.

"My my, another beautiful view," he said admiring his breasts. "I don't think I'll ever get tired of this." He kept his eyes focused on his tits, took them both in his right hand and his phone in his left. He began multitasking between Facebook and his breasts.

Facebook used to always piss of Mike, it was full of nothing but his friend's biggest achievements, like traveling around the world or getting a promotion. He began to feel left out and useless as he grinded away at his job at an IT help desk in a major company. Then all of that changed during an office visit from his boss' boss' boss' boss and his beautiful wife who had to have been at least thirty years younger than him.

The details of the switch were foggy to Mike, all he knew is that at one point he was helping out somebody connect to the building's wifi and the next his hand held the hand of his boss' boss' boss' boss, and stood at least a head shorter than him. Oddly enough Mike didn't react that much, he figured a change is a change. Meanwhile his former body began yelling and screaming "Who the fuck am I? Where is my body? What the hell is happening here?" "Let's go hunny," his boss' boss' boss' boss said to him. And that was the last he ever saw of his old male body.

Living the life of the wife of one of the richest men in the city was like being on permanent paid time off, he hadn't had to work a single day since the incident and her husband apparently knew so little about her other than the contours of her body (which he knew really well) that Mike just kind of blended right in. The best of all was that he could post just about anything on Facebook now and he'd end up with so many likes on his posts. He held up his camera and took a selfie, his right hand still groping his breasts. Within seconds the post had fifty likes. He smiled and put the phone down, admiring the beautiful view once more.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Bello's Beauties Part 2: The Commercial

"This summer the only thing that should change about you is your swimsuit." A breathy female voice said through the monitor. "From legendary designer Tory Bello comes a new line of swimsuits so breathtaking, you will have the whole beach looking at you. Introducing the brand new Fiato line, only available this year."

"Perfect," the director said pausing the screen, "she is absolutely goddamn perfect. So what do you think Mr. Bello?"

The designer sat at his desk admiring himself on camera, he had to agree with the director, he did look really good in that form. Although that was just about everything he could agree with the director on, there were somethings that he didn't like about the man during his day on set.

"About the commercial or the model?" Bello asked.

"The commercial of course! We can talk about the model later," he whispered.

"The commercial is fine," Bello said, his voice stern. "But I'm afraid we can't show it."

"Huh?" the director's mouth opened in surprise. "And just why is that?"

"The model we used that day, Emily," Bello paused recalling the events of that day. "She informed me that your behavior towards her was less than professional, hell even lower than that. Dare I say immature?"

"What are you talking about?"

"Forty-six accounts of you calling her a bitch, twenty-nine accounts of you raising your voice at her, twenty-two accounts of you shusshing her when she offered feedback, seventeen accounts of molestation, and five accounts of you following her directly to her changing room so you can 'keep an eye on her.' Just what is your problem?" After countless experiences with directors in the fashion world, Bello had gotten really good at keeping track of the rampant sexism men would express, especially the ugly ones, the moment they had power over a beautiful woman. Needless to say, Bello did not give this director one of his famous bonuses after the shoot.

"Who told you this?" The director said, Bello could sense him trying to suppress his anger. 

"Why Emily of course," Bello said crossing his arms. 

"How could you possibly believe that? Who the hell counts every time something like that happens to them? That is complete bullshit Mr. Bello."

"I trust my beauties," Bello said calmly. "Especially more than I trust you."

"You're going to believe that bitch over me?" the director's anger broke through. "I'm a well renowned fashion industry director, I've done commercials for Calvin Kline for fucks sake! And you're going to trust some girl who only gets paid for her looks over a man who put time and dedication into his craft!?"

"You will be paid for your work in the editing room, and we will compensate your staff at full price. I will not pay you for the day of the shooting, I do not tolerate that kind of behavior here. Now get out or I'll make sure you never work in this industry again!"

"Fine," the director said, rage still flowing through his veins as he stood up. "I fucking hated that bitch anyways." He said slamming the door behind him. 

Friday, July 29, 2016

Peeping Tom Part 3

"I'm gonna have to save you for later," Tom said snapping a photo of his borrowed body. "This has been a fun time Penelope, but I'm afraid I'm gonna have to leave you soon. Why didn't I think of taking photos of my past bodies? Oh well, at least you'll be my number one."

Penelope, the girl at the park, was a foreign exchange student from France studying mathematics in America. She was the first of Tom's mounts where he knew nothing about her before snapping her photo, but with Tom's years of practice of stalking women he was able to figure it all out very quickly, and the more he learned about her the more he fell in love with her. Well with a few changes he made himself.

Penelope had a boyfriend in France, now she had a very pretty girlfriend named Beth in America. Penelope was a math major, but now she was more into photography and volunteering as a female nude for art students. Penelope was a sober, and never had touched a drop of alcohol in her life, now she partied every weekend.

All of those changes made in just over a month. Tom knew that once he left her body into another's she would feel as if she made those choices herself, for the better, Tom would say to himself. But alas the peeping tom was growing bored of his new life and was ready to move on to greener pastures. He wasn't sure who yet, but he had a list. But before he left he had to take one last photo of Penelope, his favorite mount yet.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Unwarranted Transformation

"Is this funny to you?" Chad said with his newly acquired female voice. "Because this isn't fucking funny to me. I'm not going to go out with you as your 'date'."

"Come on man," Pete whined, "Kelsey is gong to be there and I need to win her back. You're my best friend, I thought you'd understand."

"Well you thought wrong man, I'm not going out with you. Plus nobody is going to believe that Kate fucking Upton would go on a date with you."

"Wait, is that who you are?"

"Yes! How'd you not know this?"

"I just searched for hot girls online, and that's the body I chose."

"Goddammit, I'm through. Give me the remote," Chad stuck out his hand.

"I guess I can, but it won't work."

"What the hell do you even mean?"

"It has a twelve hour cool down time, I tested it out yesterday after I brought it home from the lab. On that exact body actually."

"Twelve hours!?" Chad roared, "You mean I have to spend twelve hours as Kate Upton?"

"At least..."

"Fuck it, I'm through," Chad began making his way towards the door, "I'll see you first thing in the morning."

"Hey!" Pete called out. "Wait, before you go I have something for you." He dashed into his room and walked out with a dildo. "This is Kelsey's, she left it here after she moved out. If you're going to walk out with that body I gave you, you might as well give this a shot."

"Why would I-"

"Just listen to me man," Pete said extending the plastic penis towards his friend, "I used this thing while wearing that body last night. It will be well worth it. This is the least I can do after ruining your day."

"Ugh, fine." Chad said snatching the dildo. "But I still want my body back tomorrow."

"As promised, now go have fun!" Pete said as the door slammed in his face.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Pure Bliss

Bliss was being able to play games all day long, having random strangers shower you in complements, and having easy access to the best damn pair of tits on Twitch. And Mitchell had it all.

In the world of high school with it's caste like structure of the football players and cheerleaders at the top, followed shortly by the funny and charismatic kids who knew everybody, then the preps right below them, Mitchell was as close to the bottom as you could get. He had no friends, he had flunked multiple classes over and over again due to countless nights of gaming until the sun rose, and he was about as attractive as pepperoni pizza with his acne. He would usually stay in class way past the bell in order to avoid his classmates insults.

But now that all had changed.

Mitchell was obviously not good with the ladies. Most girls would avoid eye contact with him, and if he ever talked to a girl he was unable to control his vocal chords, causing him to speak more in sound bites than words. So he got most of his time with the opposite sex via Twitch streamers. Pureruby87 was his favorite. She was gorgeous and hot, her face was prettier than any girl he ever knew, and her chest was a piece of work, perfectly sculpted to fulfill Mitchell's wildest dreams. Every time she looked up from her monitor at the camera he would feel his heart stop. He didn't care about the 13 year age gap between him and her, he was in love.

One night between Overwatch matches Mitchell's teen hormones began taking over. He had pureruby87, as he always did. He decided to do a quickie and rub one off to her stream, so he got some Kleenex and went to work on what would turn out to be the more fateful fap he had ever taken.

She looked directly at the camera, Mitchell's eyes locked with hers. Fully erect Mitchell's horny mind knew she wasn't just looking at the camera, no she was looking at him, beckoning him to climax, to show her how much of a real man he was and please her. She wanted him inside of her, and Mitchell would do anything to be as deep inside of her as he could be. No longer in control of himself he closed his eyes and let his body do the work, bringing him all the way to climax.

Eyes still closed he leaned back in his chair, breathing heavily. But something was different, his breaths felt harder to take, like there was a weight on his chest. Opening his eyes he was greeted with two massive mounds of flesh on his chest. He'd recognize those perfect tits anywhere, they were pureruby87's! He suddenly became aware of their movement, rising up and down like waves in the sea, he felt her bra strap constricting every time he inhaled. He felt a dampness form between his legs, but no erection. Honestly he couldn't tell if he was more shocked or turned on by his situation. At least his wish had become true, he was as deep inside of perfectruby87 as he literally could be.

After he had regained his senses from a small freakout it hit him. Wait, he thought to himself, this is everything I could ask for. I can play games all day without a worry in the world, people I've never met are in love with me, and, he grabbed his chest, "I can touch my boobs whenever I want." He said out loud this time. "Yes, this is everything I could ever want. This is pure fucking bliss."

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Are You Sure?

 "Are you sure I can use your wife's body?" Clyde said from his new female vocal chords.

"Fuck yes you can, hell you can stay in her body as long as you want. After ten years of living with her she really grew into quite the bitch," Jon said lighting up a cigar. He took a few puffs and handed it to his friend. "Want some?"

"Nah, I'm fine I don't know if her lungs could take it," Clyde said. He began feeling up his new breast. "Man, I haven't been a woman in years, I forgot what having breasts were like. These have got to be the largest I've had, are they real?"

"Sorry to disappoint you my friend, but they're as fake as she was. Bolt ons 100%," he said taking another few puffs and accidently blowing it into his friend's face. Clyde coughed. "Sorry about that. Long story short," he continued, "when we got married she was only a tiny B cup, but goddamn were they perfect. After we moved to this snobby rich neighborhood she grew self conscious of her perfectly perky-yet-small breasts she begged me to pay for the operation." He paused and looked his friend in the eye. "Man, you've missed a lot since you passed away. I'm so sorry you and you sis had to get hit by that dumbass drunk driver. If that never had happened her and I could live happily together, and you could be sitting here with a beer instead of wearing that skank's skin."

"Hey, at least we're back together and your bitch of a wife isn't in here. Say," he flipped his hair, "how about you show me what it's like to be a woman?"

"Normally I avoid sex with her, but since you're in there I suppose I can help a friend out," Gary said extinguishing his cigar.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Ms. Smith

Kevin's phone vibrated in the middle of class. He opened the message revealing a Snapchat of his math teacher, Ms. Smith showing her enormous cleavage to him. He immediately felt his 16 year old hormones take control of him as his pants grew tighter. Shortly afterwards he received a text reading "Hurry up man, these babies need your dick between them again." He quickly hid his phone and readjusted himself. "Don't do this to me," he said under his breath.

"Is there anything you'd like to share with us today Mr. Lee?" His substitute teacher Mr. Kline asked the teen.

"No sir," Kevin said.

"Very well then, let me continue."

Kevin eyed the desk next to him, empty of his best friend Zach. The two boys had an enormous crush on Ms. Smith, she was too hot to be a teacher. Her face was that of an angel, her body was so perfect that even the Victoria's Secret models they jerked off to had a hard time competing with, and her tits were just too fucking big leading to a lot of distractions to the young men. And somehow, last night, Zach found a way to make her all his, well her body at least. For the past two days Zach had control of Ms. Smith's body and life. He had taken the past two days off to explore her body to it's full extent. Two whole days as the hotted teacher ever to live! Kevin of course had helped him out, and by fulfilling both their desires had used his male appendages to please his best friend as Ms. Smith.

Now Zach was taunting him again in the middle of class, and all Kevin could think of was titty fucking the shit out of his best friend again, and it was only second period. Math shouldn't be this hard.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Savor This

"That was," the girl on the right said.

"Fucking," the girl on the left said.

"Incredible!" the girl in the middle moaned.

All three girls lied on their backs, breathing heavily. Out of all of the things Tyler used to masturbate with: kleenex, Vaseline gel, and later a fleshlight, nothing compared to possessing not one, not two, but three vaginas all at once. It was only temporary, the stone's effects only lasted for around two hours, but Tyler used the Nexus Stone he found to possess the three girls who lived next door to him. He'd never spoken to them, he never knew their names, but neither of those mattered right now. He had gotten to know all three of them better than each of them knew each other.

"I need to savor this," he made all three girls said in unison. One reached down for her phone and prepared for a selfie, the other two got into position. The phone flashed.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

Bello's Beauties

Clark was taken aback by the beautiful woman approaching him. She was every man's wet dream, with her perfectly sized tits, her long flowing hair, and her hourglass figure. She was the forth woman this week that fit his fantasies perfectly, first was the bombshell blonde, then the cute ginger, and next the busty asian. He had no idea how Mr. Bello found so many beautiful women to come in and model his clothing designs.

"Don't just stand there silly, we got a photo shoot to do!" She said to him and twirled around.

"Oh yes, yes of course, uhhh," her beauty had erased the name Mr. Bello gave him before the shoot.

"Sophia," she said extending her hand, he took it and shook it.

"Yes Sophia, let's get to the shoot."

She giggled, that's when Clark realized he forgot to let her hand go. "Maybe we can discuss your bonus later, but lets get to work first," she winked.

"Yeah, you're right. I got everything set up over here," he said leading her down the hall. "Is Mr. Bello coming?"

"You're new here aren't you?" she said, "Mr. Bello is a busy man, he doesn't have time for petty photo shoots. Now let's get going, you want to get that bonus now don't you?"

Little did Clark know that Sophia, the bombshell blonde, the cute ginger, and the busty asian were all his boss, Mr. Bello. Bello was a shapeshifter and a passionate designer of women's clothing, a passion brought with him from Italy to New York to found his own modeling agency. He didn't need models to wear his designs, he wanted to wear them himself, so he did all the modeling in the many different forms he worse. And sometimes, if the photographer was good enough, he'd give them a little 'bonus' afterwards. Clark was a fantastic photographer.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Peeping Tom Part 2

"My my, isn't she beautiful?" Tom said gazing across the park from his newest mount. Ever since discovering the true power of his camera Tom had been using it to possess the bodies of the beautiful women he had always been afraid of talking to. Using the camera was simple, just point and click, the only draw back was that he had to touch it every few minutes or he would be transported back into the darkness of his messy apartment. 

Currently he was inside of Monica's body, a beautiful yoga instructor who taught classes at the studio across from his office. He loved the way he walked with her body, her his swayed with every step, the way his breasts rose and fell with every breath, and everywhere he walked he felt the gazes of the men who wanted to be with Monica and the women who wanted to be her. His favorite part was how her beauty struck down even the most confident men. Any guy who approached him stuttered their way through their sentences, would awkwardly shift their eyes between his magnificent chest and his eyes, and eventually would leave defeated the moment Tom told them "Sorry, I'm not interested." As Monica every man reminded him of himself, they were all just a bunch of shy terrified and sad boys.

He had worn Monica's body the longest of his mounts, walking about town and going out at night. He hadn't bothered going to work as her because it wasn't his job after all. But today he was struck by another beauty, a woman even more beautiful than Monica. He had never seen her before and now he wanted to know more. Taking a glimpse at his chest he gave Monica's breasts one last look, and gave them a quick squeeze, "I'm going to miss you girls," he said. And with that, he aimed his camera at the beautiful woman across from the park and left Monica behind.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Cynthia & Gabe

"Now listen here you little cunt, we're over. I invite you to my sister's wedding and all you do is insult her and the guests. Get the fuck out of here, Harry!"

"B-b-but I can explain Cynthia," Harry said, his voice began to quiver.

"Don't fucking explain anything to me. We're through, I don't ever want to see your face again."

Cynthia (behind) couldn't believe what she was hearing come out of her body's mouth. Gabe (front) had out done himself this time. Since birth the two had been entangled souls, able to trade body's with the other at will, although they had different parents they were closer than any pair of siblings ever born. Cynthia had problems with choosing her boyfriends, no matter how hot they were they always ended up being losers, but she never had the heart to break up with them. So she'd always ask Gabe to borrow her body to do the hard work. Tonight was no different, once Harry had called her sister a "stuck up cunt" for marrying a rich man she let Gabe go at it.

"Fuck that guy," Gabe said resting back in his chair.

"Thank you so much for that Gabe," Cynthia said hugging her own body.

"No problem Cynthia, I've been wanting to do that since he called you a bitch. Plus what I really don't understand is why you even stuck with him so long, his dick was so tiny."

"Wait," Cynthia said looking Gabe in the eyes, "how do you know about his dick size? We never had sex...."

"I thought you two already did it when you borrowed my body last week." Gabe placed a hand over his mouth. "Opps...."

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Cat Calling

"Damn, look at the rack on her." Juan said as a busty girl in a blue bikini passed him. "Wee woo," he whistled out, "looking good babe! Wanna compare boobs?"

The blue bikined girl sneared at Juan and continued her stroll down the beach.

"What it'd do to have a dick again to titty fuck the shit out of her," Juan rolled back.

"Jesus Juan, I thought you were embarrassing when you had a dick. This is even worse," the man next to him said.

"You know what they say Tina, you can take the dick away from the man, but you can't take the man away from the dick. Plus girl, your vag ain't bad I just sometimes miss gettin hard is all."

"I don't know how you men deal with these things, I can't control it, it just pops up sometimes. It's like having a perverted jack in the box between my legs."

Juan eyed his old body up and down, and noticed the bulge in Tina's pants she was attempting to cover with a towel.

"That chick turned you on didn't she?" He nudged his friend. "You wanna fuck her don't ya?"

"Shut up Juan!" Tina hastily covered herself up.

"You know," he said checking out another girl passing by, "that's one thing I really do love about having a pussy, nobody knows if I'm turned on or not." He said winking at his old friend.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Bath Time

Sarah wasn't surprised when she walked into a naked woman in the bath.

"Hey mommy. guess who I am!" The woman said.

"Your aunt Claire," Sarah sighed.

"Ding ding ding. You're right, I'm aunt Claire!"

"Yay," Sarah said, "now can you change out of her form into your birth form? Aunt Claire is a little too big for the tub."

"No! I like being Aunt Claire, please let me stay as her a little longer, please?"

Sarah sighed again. Her and her husband were shapeshifters themselves, but neither of them had discovered their abilities until much later in their lives. What they hadn't expected was how potent shapeshifting would be in their child, Riley. Riley had been able to shift before he could walk, and now at the age of three he was already causing mischief everywhere he went, even the bath.

"I don't think so," Sarah continued, "Aunt Claire is my sister and sister's aren't supposed to see each other naked."

At that moment Sarah realized what she had said, she should have known her son better.

"I don't think I can shift back yet, I'm beginning to feel really tired" he said playing with Claire's breasts.

Sarah sighed again, sighs were becoming a regular thing with her son.

Southen Pride

"Get that thing off my me!" the text read.

"Tough luck darling," Garry replied, "I didn't ask for this body but I am sure as hell making it my own."

"You're ruining everything I stood for, now all my friends are going to think I'm a racist. Are those tattoos too?"

"Like I said, I'm making it my own. If you want to go chase down that scientist who did this to us by all means go ahead, I tried, I got nowhere. This body is as much mine as it was yours darling. Oh, and by the way honey, this ain't about racism, this is all about Southern Pride. Something you New Yorkers would never understand."

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Peeping Tom

Tom loved women, he loved them so much that he was terrified of talking to them. He was never good with conversation with girls growing up, and it carried well into his adulthood. Talking to a beautiful woman made his voice quiver, his palms sweat, and legs go weak. It was self defeating as he had only had one sexual encounter that went... poorly. It's one thing to be shy during sex, it's another to fall unconscious the moment she touched his penis.

The shame was too much. So Tom went from shy Tom to a peeping tom.

He'd spy on women, collected photos of them, follow their Twitter and Instagrams under several fake accounts. He rationalized it was all because of his "disorder," that this was the closest he could get to a woman without becoming a mess, and he believed himself.

Tabitha was his favorite, she was so beautiful, so hot, and so mysterious. She didn't have any social media accounts, which Tom thought was a waist, with her looks she could easily have several thousand followers in a matter of hours. The most he saw of her was whenever she would tan at their apartment complex's pool, and Tom would creep through the blinds and take her photo.

One day Tom saw her in her usual spot down by the pool with a pink bra on and denim shorts. Tom had gotten a new camera that day and went to go try it out, that's when things go weird.

With a click of the button Tom was no longer in the dark of his apartment, he was outside in the blinding daylight, camera in hand. In shock he looked around, he didn't want Tabitha to see him. Oddly she wasn't there, but he didn't want to risk it. so he dashed, and that's when things go weirder. He felt his chest bounce.

He looked down, only to be greeted by two massive mounds of flesh sitting in a pink bra.

"Holy shit I'm Tabitha!" He shriek with her voice. He covered his mouth with hs hand. "Holy shit I'm Tabitha," he said again, this time calmer. He looked at his camera, then back down as his new breast. He had no idea what was going on, but he was pretty sure it had something to do with the camera.

With a grin on his new face, he went back to Tabitha's apartment. She would no longer be a mystery to him anymore.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Formal Attire

"Dude, what the fuck are you wearing?" Mitch asked.
"The invite said formal attire right?"  The girl said.
"Yeah, like black tie and dress. Not that, I don't want to see my sister walking around with her boobs hanging out."
"Look man, I'm only your sister by genes, everything else is 100% me, Henry. If you want to talk to her about her choices in dress go find out where she ran away with my body." Henry slurred. "Plus your sis has rockin tits, the dudes love it, this is like my fifth free drink in the past hour!"

Friday, July 8, 2016

Morning Run

Dan loved running, his mom always said he was born with runner's legs, running straight out of her womb. He'd compete in his middle school's cross country team, and later his high schools. Running was his life. Then at the age of 18 he discovered something else about himself that he loved ever more: he could shape shift.

Dan loved running in different forms, mostly those of busty women. He loved the feeling of wind blowing in his hair, the weight of his chest bouncing was oddly soothing, and he loved messing with the men who ran past him during his morning jogs. Each day he was a different woman, giving each man a new definition of morning wood.

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Play time

Edit: Looks like there was an issue with the image hosting on this one. If anyone remembers the original gif can you help me find it? Thanks! 
"Let's rub our chests together," Liam (right) said.

"Oh this feel good," Charlie (left) said.

"I know right! I've been playing with mommy's chest all day, it's more fun any toy I've play with."

"Girls are so lucky," Charlie replied, he was beginning to feeling a tingling sensation between his legs. "Can I lick your boobs?"

"Sure!" Liam said gleefully. "I've been wondering what it feels like."

Earlier that day Liam found a strange remote his mom brought back from work. Liam accidentally found it in her purse while looking for candy. Furiously, his mom pulled him to the couch and told Liam not to touch it, that it's not a normal remote and that she had a lot of work to get done like taking it a part to research it, keeping it safe from dangerous men, blah blah blah... Timmy didn't care, all he wanted was to watch TV. So he snatched the remote, pointed it pass him mommy towards the TV and hit the channel button, that was when he found himself standing tall across from himself.

Later that day Charlie's mom stopped by to drop off her son for play time, Liam was anxious to share his new toy with his best friend and used the remote again to swap the two.

Liam's mom sighed after their two sons in their bodies ran upstairs into the master's bedroom. "Don't worry," she said with her childish voice, "the remote was set for only a few hours. You'll be back in no time."

"What do you think they're doing up there?" Charlie's mom replied.

"What do you think? Boys will be boys," Liam's mom placed her hand on Charlie's body's shoulder. "Now, how about we get some ice cream to take your mind off it?"

Monday, July 4, 2016

Maybe I should just keep teasing you

"Maybe I just keep teasing you," the Snapchat read.

"Goddamit Meagan you can't play a guy like this." Anthony sent back. "When are you gonna invite me over?"

"I know exactly how to play a guy," she replied. "You'll come over when I'm ready. Promise you won't rub one out before then, kay? ;)"

"Fuuuuccckkkk," Anthony groaned leaning back in his chair. He had no idea what had gotten into her, for years he was stuck in the friend zone and now all of a sudden she was sending him seductive snaps all day. He wondered what had lead to this change of mind, did she finally come around to realize how hot he actually was? Did Megan finally become aware of just how much power she had over him? Or was it something else?

What Anthony hadn't suspected was that Megan's mind had literally been changed. Inside her body was the mind of Harold, an old body hopper who took joy out of taking over young women's bodies and seducing their male friends. He had been toying with every guy in her phone since he took over that morning, what none of them knew was that he had no actual intent to sleep with any of them. He just liked toying with men and watching their hormones take over.
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