Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Red-Light District

"Come here boys," the right most girl on the bed said.

"We want to play you," the left most girls continued.

"And you to play with us," the right middle redhead carried on.

"All night long!" The left middle girl finished.

Derek and Collin had come to Amsterdam for their final spring break. On their last night during a huge binder of alcohol and weed they decided to go all in on the Amsterdam experience, so they did what all horny cross-faded American tourist would do, they went to the red-light district. The duo was told about brothel that consisted of only four women, and no pimp. More of a bed and breakfast with sex. Although they were only four women, they were told they were mind readers, that they acted like they knew what the other was about to do, and most importantly they knew exactly what a man wanted. None of them ever revealed their names, but they sure as hell knew how to make you wish you did so you would have something to scream while deep inside her.

"You ladies are all beautiful, I can't decide. Hey Collin, lets do this gym style," Derek motioned towards his friend, "you choose girl one, I choose girl two, then you get girl three, and I..."

"Get girl four," Collin cut his friend off.

"Look at you, is that your brain in your head or one giant penis? What are you waiting for? Go on."

"You, with the curls." Collin pointed at the left middle girl.

"Alright redhead, that means you're mine." Derek spared no time to hesitate.

"Girl on the left, the choker girl, you're with me."

"Alright, I guess that leaves you with me," Collin pointed at the girl on the right. "Now are you ready for a night to remember Derek my man!?"

The girls approached their clients in sync, their bodies lined up in an almost uncanny motion as the made their way to their clients. What the two Americans didn't know was that the four girls were not so different from one another, in fact the only difference between each of them was their bodies. Within each of lovely escorts lied the soul of Doctor Jasper Meijer, a mad Dutch scientist who upon his death bed used his last invention, a soul swapping device, to possess the body of his lovely assistant Anna (right). He lived as her for a few weeks and carried on his research of souls. What he later discovered was that souls were able to be split across bodies, Jasper as Anna paid off a prostitute, Kiki (middle left) and copied his soul into hers. It worked! He now held two bodies of his own, and if one were to die he could still carry on in the other. So he began acquiring "back ups,"next on the list was Anita (left) then her best friend Nichole (middle right).

Now that the doctor was confident in his ability to inhabit multiple bodies at once, he decided it was about time to add some diversity into the cluster, like two young American men.

"Fuck yeah I am," Derek high fived his friend, "let us never forget tonight!"

The four girls all giggled in unison as they escorted each man to their private quarters. If everything went according to plan, Dr. Meijer would have an additional two bodies by sunrise, but at first he had to give them their money's worth. He wasn't that evil.

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