Saturday, June 17, 2017

Pure Bliss Part 3 - The Park

Mitchell was reading in the park when he saw the most beautiful woman walk past him. He had spent his entire morning saying no to dozens of guys who had asked him for dates or a quick fuck, it was pretty much routine as the life of Ruby so far. He never fancies himself as a straight girl, as far as he was concerned he was just a straight dude who found himself inside the body of a sexy woman, and the woman who just passed him by proved it.

She was beautiful with her long flowing blonde hair. How her hips swayed in every struct she took. And her ass, Mitchell used to consider himself a tits dude, until he got the two more pertest tits on his chest, now he was a 100% ass man. Her ass was just absolutely perfect.

He put his glasses inside his cleavage, closed his book and began following the mysterious women. One thing he had learned being Ruby is that getting men was easy, but if he really wanted a challenge, women were the way to go, and Mitchell loved a good challenge.

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