Saturday, June 18, 2016

Date Night

Sometimes I need a little lovin', and not just from random strangers online. Tonight is going to be something special. I met a guy on Tinder with one of my many female profiles, we matched two nights ago and hit it off right away. I've made a few changes in this form since I made the profile, mostly in the ass department, I hope he appreciates it as much as I do, because I am sure as hell not coming home alone tonight ;-).

Wanna be my girlfriend?

"Don't you understand what this means?" Carly (left) said pressing the brunette against the wall. "We can be more than just boyfriend and girlfriend now, we can be girlfriends."

Henry (right) felt his new breast press against Carly's, his crotch felt warm in response. Just a few hours ago he was a male, penis and everything. Carly cooked him a great meal of bratwurst and beer, which sent him into a food coma. so he lied down on the couch to take care of it. After awaking he had found everything had changed, and he meant everything. Now after asking Carly what was going on, he was now pressed up against the window, eye to eye.

"I love you Henry, but I never wanted a boyfriend. I've always wanted a girlfriend, somebody with skin as soft as mine, lips as red as a rose, breast as perky as a mountain, and..." she licked her finger and brought it between Henry's new crotch. "A pussy as tight as a knot." She slid her finger into Henry. Unwillingly he moaned in pleasure, not just pleasure but the best sensation he had ever felt in his life.

"So what do you say," she penetrated Henry deeper, "wanna be my girlfriend?"

All Henry could do was moan.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016


"Your chest is so fun!" Jesse said with his mother's voice. "It's like jello."

"Jesse stop it, or you're grounded!" Hannah said through her son's face.

"Nuh-uh you're grounded!" Jesse pointed at his former body. "I'm the grownup now, that means I can do whatever I want, and you have to listen to me. Now go to your room young man, mommy wants to play with her chest."

Hannah sighed. The swap would be over in a few hours, all she had to do was wait.

Monday, June 13, 2016

In the flesh

"Is that you in there Harold?" Greg asked.

"In the flesh," Harold said revealing his perky new breast.

"This is so hot! I can't believe it worked."

Earlier that day Harold and Greg found a body swap spell. Obviously they were skeptical but decided to give it a shot. The two men both had the hots for each other sister's, but were never successful at getting them in bed, until today.

Harold used the spell first to temporarily swap with his sister. She would be shocked and pissed sure, but it was only for a few hours.

"Don't just stand there," Harold said taking his best friend's hand and leading him to the bedroom. "Treat me like the woman I am so I can do the same later."

And with that Greg closed the bedroom door behind them.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Burning Man

Things are picking back up again IRL now so there will be some gaps between upcoming posts. But I'm happy I was able to write a few stories before life got in the way again. I now know how Teh feels!

The world was so vivid and bright. He saw fractals on everything, the wind felt as smooth as his skin, and everybody's faces looked like they were wearing tribal paint. Yep, this was Burning Man.

Earlier that day a group of girls approached Alex and handed him a purple drink in a Nalgene bottle. They insisted he drink it, saying it would give him a different perspective of Burning Man, and get him in touch with his inner feminine side. Alex had already taken a few hits of acid with his coffee that morning so he complied without contest.

He felt his body morph and convulse, the discomfort intensified by the acid in his system. The girls laughter echoed in his head as he clenched his stomach. Was he allergic to the drink? Did the girls just poison him? They always tell you to never take drugs from strangers growing up, but he bummed a few tabs of LSD off of someone he didn't know yesterday and those were fine.

And then it was over. The girls were still giggling, and then he began giggling just like them, when he opened his eyes he was at their eye level now. When he looked down he noticed his chest was now inflated.

The girls all hugged him, welcoming him to the group then brought him to their tents to play dress up. As he chose his outfit the girls rambled on about everything he should do at Burning Man with his new perspective. Try different drugs to see how they affected him now. No thanks, he was good. Go hula hooping in the desert. Maybe after he sobered up. Dance his butt off at the concert tonight. Maybe after he took some molly. Oh, and check out the free love area across the camp. Now that was something he wouldn't mind trying.

He finished dressing up, said his goodbyes, then left to experience free love as a woman. Yep, this was Burning Man.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Inside Jessica Nigri Part 7 - Comic-Con Day 3: Girls of Comic-Con

I apologize for the long entry, Nigri has so many photos of her it's easy to get carried away.

"Booop!" Charlie said bouncing his breast against the blue haired girl's. He already forgotten her name, Cynthia or Samantha?, he thought.

"Thank you Jessie!" the blue haired girl said, her boyfriend put down the phone.

"Anything for a fan Cyn-antha!" Charlie said.

"It's Rebecca," she said.

Oh, he thought. "Well thank you Rebecca, I'm sure your boyfriend will love this!"

"Uh sure, yeah..." She said walking away.

"Well that was awkward." Cameron approached Charlie. "Doesn't matter, you tried you best. Feeling better?"

"If a pounding headache is better then you have a screwed up definition of 'better'," Charlie grabbed his temples. "Why do adults drink alcohol?"

"You said it yourself, you felt great!"

"Yeah, for like a few hours. I've been feeling like shit all morning."

"Let's look on the bright side, you got to touch a girl's boobs with your boobs!"

"You're right, that was kinda hot." Charlie felt the all too familiar warm feeling between his legs. He felt Nigri's phone vibrate, he check the notification. "Shit, it's 9 o'clock. I gotta go."

"Where to now?"

"'Girls of Comic-Con photo shot at a 10 o'clock," Charlie told his friend. "I'll catch you later!"

"But you got an hour!"

"That leaves me half an hour to get drunk!" Charlie said. "I hear drinking can cure hangovers! Oh, and here take this." Charlie produced a plastic card from his left bra cup.

"Is this a credit card?"

"Yeah! Jessica is fucking loaded, I figure you deserve something nice. Plus I'm going to be gone all day, today is Jessica's big day. I got to play my part. Take care man!" And with a small wave Charlie dashed off.


"Lookin' good Jessica!" The photographer said snapping another photo. Charlie was beginning to get used to the constant demands Jessica had with her body. It didn't take that many Fireball shots for him to know how hot he was, his teen hormones already told him that, all what the Fireball told him was how confident he felt in front of a camera in Jessica's half naked body.

"Good job Jess, fucking great job actually. Now let's get Lindsay in here." He motioned towards his assistant. A few moments later his assistant, a middle aged woman, guided another girl around Jessica's age to Charlie.

"Already girls just do what you do best!" The photographer continued.

"What do you mean?" Charlie asked.

"Just be naughty girl." Lindsay said grabbing the bed sheet. 

"Like this?" Charlie asked doing the same thing.

"Perfect! Fucking perfect!" The photographer said.

"Thank you Jessica. Thank you Lindsay!"

"No problem," she said putting on her shirt. Charlie couldn't help but check out the girl. 

Funny, he thought, it took me becoming a beautiful girl to get close to a girl that pretty. No way a girl that hot would get that close to me as a boy.

Jessica's manager took him by the arm, Charlie snapped out of his trance. "Where are we going?" Charlie asked her.

"To the dressing room." She said in a matter-a-fact tone. "We got a long day, ahead of us Jess beginning with a cosplay photo shoot at 9:30, followed by a panel with . Now let's get moving!"


For the past month Charlie-as-Jessica had been living fairly low key as he adjusted to his new life not only as a celebrity but also a girl. He took a break of live streaming and YouTube videos, didn't go out much nor answer the phone unless it was Cameron. It took Jessica's manager twenty-four missed calls and a personal visit before he even knew who she was. After reviewing Jessica's Comic-Con schedule with her manager he actually considered it lucky he even got a day off to hangout with Cameron. But now he was full-fledged Nigri, whether he liked it or not. 

First on the list was a cosplay photo shoot.

Next was a series of interviews, mostly with YouTube channels and nerd news websites. This is where being one of Nigri's biggest fans really paid off for Charlie, despite his nervousness he knew just enough to pretend to be Jessica. And if the interviewer asked a question he couldn't answer he would use her, ahem, charm as a distraction.

Finally the day ended with a little dance on stage. 

Cameron arrived at his hotel later that night dropping all his loot on the ground: a Hylian Shield, an autographed copy of Walking Dead Vol. 1 by Robert Kirkman, a few figures from Overwatch, and so on. Comic-Con sucked the energy out of him more than any sport he played, at least he liked Comic-Con.

He sat down on his bed and turned on Adult Swim. There was a knock at the door, he opened it. It was Charlie.

"Hey man!" Charlie said. "Thought I'd catch you here. Comic-Con wipe you out too?" He walked over the bed and fell back on it. "I'm pooped."

"Yeah, it was great. Thanks for the card." He lied next to his best friend. It was so weird, here he was, literally in bed with his biggest crush, the hottest nerd alive, and they were just casually chilling like they were best friends, he could kiss her right now. "How was your day?"

Charlie explained to him everything that happened that day.

"And you know what?" He turned his face towards Cameron. "I think I'm beginning to like being Jessica. Sure I'm fucking exhausted, it's harder than it looks cosplaying (I had no idea how long it takes to change in and out of a costume), people are constantly approaching me, but she does have a pretty fun life."

"Good to know." He avoided eye contact, a single glance at his friend's face would cause him to get fully erect in a mere second. This was taking too much self control.

"Yeah." Charlie sighed. "I could get used to this. Sorry I couldn't hang out with you more though, I'm going to miss seeing you man."

"Nah man it's cool. Thanks for the credit card."

"Psht, that was just the icing in the cake. I know what you're really thankful for."

"And that is?"

"You got to touch Jessica Nigri's boobs! Don't lie, I can touch them whenever I want and I still love it." He began playing with his breast. Cameron's willpower had never been tested so hard in his life. "You lucky man!" Charlie began tickling Cameron, and with that all willpower was lost. He was at full attention.

"Somebody's a little happy," Charlie giggled. 

Cameron reached for a pillow and quickly covered up, his face was flushed with shame. "Not fair, you can't do this to me! It's not like you have to worry about this anymore."

"One of the many perks besides boobs about being a girl now. There were so many girls I saw today that would have put me in your position, vaginas are cool like that... Although the bleeding I had to deal with last week sucked. Here," Charlie stood up, Cameron's eyes caught his boobs bounce, "how about I step outside for a bit so you can take care of business? Plus you got to show some manners around me, I am a lady now after all."

"Good idea. It'll be a moment, I don't take long."

"Don't say that to the next girl you meet," Charlie said closing the door behind him.


The next morning the two friends with their separate ways. Charlie went back to Arizona to continue his new life, and Cameron back to the East Coast. They both left what they would always remember as the greatest Comic-Con in their life. 

Friday, June 10, 2016

Freaky Friday - Why do you want to be female?

This is a hard question to answer. Maybe you don't want to become female but you're just curious about the opposite set. Maybe you do want to become female. Maybe just the thought of having a pair of breast, a vagina, or a nice ass of your own turns you on.

One of the main goals of this blog is to create a place to have a safe open discussion of our preferences and I want these Freaky Friday discussions to become a part of them. Please post your comment below.

As for I, I am really curious what it means to be a woman. As a cis-straight-male I find the whole female experience to be both a struggle and a reward. There are so many things a woman can experience more than I, from simply the sensation of bouncing breasts, to multiple orgasms, and ultimately child birth that I will never ever be able to know myself. Sure there are some drawbacks like PMS, but when it comes to number of experiences a woman can go through there are a lot more than just being male.

So what makes you wonder what it's like to be female? I'm curious, and I'll do my best to exploring those ideas in future captions.

Agents of S.H.I.F.T. - Training Day

"This thing is fucking great." Riley said morphing into a busty brunette. "Changing forms feels like changing cloths, I just slip right into one. It beats the usual growing pains of a morph, you know what I mean." He eyed the man across from him. "You get to wear this thing ever mission?" He jumped, letting his breast bounce like jello on his chest.

"Grow up," Avery said in small but athletic male body, almost like Bruce Lee's. The shifter was wearing a morph suit as well. "This training is for how to fight as a shifter not how to fulfill your teenage fantasies."

"Bet ya can't hit me like this." Riley taunted in a fighting pose.

Avery sighed. New recruits,the shifter thought, you can't change them.

Avery swung a foot around, roundhouse kicking Riley beneath the ribs. Riley bent over, panting from a loss of breath. Avery caught the rookie trying to shift into another form, his chest deflating and jaw becoming more square, but Avery wouldn't let him have the chance. Within seconds the elder shifter went from the small male form to that of a linebacker's and grappled the recruit to the ground.

"I suppose you're aware of Bruce Lee's quote about being like water?" Avery asked the squirming shifter beneath. Riley was stunned in mid shift between busty woman and buff male.

"What are you talking about?" Riley asked.

"''You must be shapeless, formless, like water. When you pour water in a cup, it becomes the cup. When you pour water in a bottle, it becomes the bottle. When you pour water in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Water can drip and it can crash. Become like water my friend.'" Avery said. "As an agent of SHIFT you are water, nothing more. Now stop playing around or I'll just beat you until you become as soft as water."

"Alright, alright you win. Now get the hell off me, please!"

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Inside Jessica Nigri Part 6 - Comic-Con Day 2: Deadpool Day

Author's note: There's something about the Inside Jessica Nigri series that really captures my imagination. It reminds me of the innocence of being a teen and exploring the world around me, even with Charlie's sudden swap of genders. Here's the next part of Charlie's adventures of being inside Jessica Nigri.

"Deadpool Day!" the text read.

"He's sounds happier today," Cameron said his voice all groggy. He had just awoken up from his late night at Comic-Con. The two had split up for the rest of the day after Charlie left for his Assassin's Creed promo shots. Cameron spent his day at the con wondering into in the nerd paradise, he was in heaven. Despite Cameron and Charlie both wanting to room together they decided it was best they got separate hotels since Cameron was still underage they didn't want their favorite celebrity in any controversy, even if Charlie was her.

A photo of Charlie as Deadpool appeared in his phone with the text "Meet me at the front entrance."

"Fuck, he's still hot." Cameron said, his dick agreed and stood in full attention. "Is it wrong if I rub one off to my best friend?" He asked himself. "Eh, it's not his body. Why not?"

"Just woke up, give me thirty minutes." Cameron sent back and grabbed a few kleenex.

"How do I look?" Charlie stuck a pose.

"Holy shit dude! You look fucking fantastic!" Cameron's mouth hung open.

"Thanks! I actually made this costume myself. I wanted to keep it a secret from you since I know you love Deadpool."

"Dude, you literally just combined my two favorite things in one: Jessica Nigri and Deadpool. If I had a ring I'd ask you to marry me." 

"Please don't, I literally had to turn down not one but four marriage proposals yesterday. I don't want to break your heart too."

"Haha, alright. So what's the plan for today?"

"Well, first of all I'm not working today so we can do whatever you want."

"Alright, well let's go check out what's on the floor and go from there."


"Deadpool Nigri!" A fan said to Charlie. "Can I get a photo?"

"Sure thing!" Charlie said striking another pose.

"Thank you so much. I love your work by the way!" The fan said and walked away.

"Wow, you're in a great mood today," Cameron said. "Am I sure I'm talking to Charlie in there and no the real Jessica."

"Don't be silly, I'm still Charlie." 

"What's with the change of mind?"

"Have you ever tried alcohol before Cameron?" Charlie looked his friend in the eyes.

"Nope, never. You know this." The boy paused and stopped in his tracks. "Are you drunk?"

"Maybe a little. My hotel has a minibar, I decided to give it a shot." He laughed at his own pun. "At first I tried vodka, which burnt a lot. I nearly gagged, but I was overcome with a sudden sensation of warmth so I did another shot, this time of whiskey. It tasted better but still hurt. That's when this drink called Fireball caught my eye, I took a shot and it tasted amazing, I took two more then changed into Deadpool. And now I feel great!" Charlie spun around with his guns in the air. "Let's go over here." He said pulling his friend into an empty room.
"I know what you want," Charlie said. 

"What do you mean?" Cameron asked, his voice trembled a little bit.

"You want to touch my boobies."

"Well yeah, so does every guy."

"I want to apologize for not letting you yesterday. You're my best friend, I was just in a crappy mood is all. Being Jessica isn't as easy as it looks."

"I never asked to," Cameron said trying his hardest to suppress any motion in his pants.

"Please, you pretty much forgot I had a face the moment we met up. Here, I'll let you touch them, but first you got to get through this!" Charlie held up his toy guns directly as Cameron.
"You think you can stop me?"

"Oh I know I can stop you."  Charlie taunted. And with that Cameron playfully dashed towards his friend. This was the best Comic-Con a boy could ask for. 

Wednesday, June 8, 2016


In the TG community we have reversal rings, the Medallion of Zulu, and so on, but what if we have an infinity gauntlet of souls? This is a continuation of the Nexus Stone series about the stones that allow one person to inhabit multiple bodies at once, because consciousness is nothing more than a continuum right?
Other stones: Purple Stone, Orange Strong
"Oh god, you're soooo good!" All three girls screamed in unison.

"Shut up Jordan, we know what we like." The man said.

Swinging isn't easy. You can only fuck so many people before it becomes the same thing over and over again, a different vagina for your penis or a different dick inside you. The only thing that changes is the faces, the orgasm is all the same. Alex (center) and Jordan (behind Alex) were a married swinging couple, they loved each other like any other couple but physically they wanted more than just each other. Over time though both became bored of hooking up with strangers, until they discovered the blue Nexus Stone.

Alex found it online, and she was instantly intrigued. The ad claimed that the stone will allow anyone to control any three bodies they want to, meanwhile the souls of those three bodies consolidated into one. It seem absurd, but Alex wasn't one for not trying anything at least once, so she bought one.

It took a sales pitch to sell her husband on the stone but she managed to finally have it. She wanted to fuck her husband but also more. The two called up Beth (brunette) and Harriet (blond), two other swingers they knew who were happily married explaining the power of the blue Nexus Stone. Thinking Alex and Jordan were up to their shenanigans as usual they agreed to humor them.

And so began the ultimate swinger session. The Stone swapped all three girl's souls into Jordan's body, and Jordan's soul into all three girls. The session was like none other, lasting all the way from dusk till dawn.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Inside Jessica Nigri Part 5 - Comic-Con Day 1: Assassin's Creed

"I love you Jessica!" A fan shouted passing Charlie as he hid behind a pillar eating his yogurt.

"I love you Jessica," Charlie said in a mocking tone beneath his breath. "If I have to hear that one more time today I swear I'm going to cut the next dude's dick off. How does she do it?"

"You might want to change your wardrobe first," Cameron said. The two had been hanging out at the Comic-Con ever since Charlie-as-Jessica flew in from Arizona to promote the new Assassin's Creed movie. It was their first time seeing each other in person since Charlie got stuck in Jessica's body a month ago.

"I didn't chose this fucking costume," Charlie gestured towards his outfit. "Jessica's, well my manager did. She made a living showing off her tits to horny dudes just like him. Hell everything in her closet is designed to show cleavage. I had to go to Walmart to buy a regular t-shirt that didn't show off my tits."

"Looks great on you though," Cameron batted an eye at his friend's new breast.

"Yeah it looked great when I had a dick to jerk off with. Jesus man, you have no idea how many half chubs I've been feeling all day with all these fanboys hugging me. It's disgusting."

"Hey man, you'll get used to it. Plus this means that I'm best friends with Jessica Nigri, who also got me free tickets to Comic-Con! I can't complain about that. Thanks by the way."

"No problem. Pfft," Charlie blew a strand of hair out of his face. "Change of topic, how are my parents doing after I disappeared?"

"Not well. They still call me everyday asking if I've heard anything from you. Your mom even accused me of hiding you in the house, the cops came and searched everything. She forgave me and my family afterwards but things have been tense between your parents and mine ever since," Cameron paused. "Anything on the possession spell yet?"

"Not at all. As far as I know this is permanent. I want to go to my mom and hug her, telling her her son is all right, but I don't know how she will act with a twenty-six year old woman claiming to be her fifteen year old son." Charlie sighed, his pocket buzzed. "What time is it?"

"10:30am," Cameron checked his watch.

"Shit, I got to go." Charlie put his cup on the ground. "There's a preview showing of the Assassin's Creed movie happening at 11 o'clock I need to be at."

"That's pretty cool man. What are you doing?"

"Standing on the stage with the cast and looking pretty. Jessica's not even in the movie, I'm pretty much being paid to be eye candy."

"Any speaking?"

"Nope, at least that's one thing I had control over. I told my manager that I was feeling sick and was losing my voice, if I had to speak as Jessica in front of a crowd that big I'd have a panic attack."

"I suppose being Nigri does have it's perks!" Cameron said. "Hey, don't spoil the movie for me!"

"I'll live text you the entire thing!" Charlie stuck out his tongue and walked away.

"You better not!"

"Bye, bye." Charlie waved to his best friend. At least he wasn't alone in this.

"Marry me Jessica!" A male voice said the moment Charlie reappeared from behind the pillar.

"Sigh..." Charlie muttered. "Here I go again."

Monday, June 6, 2016

Too much fun

"This is just too much fun," Tyler said shaking his new chest around. "I could literally do this for hours."

"Ew dude, that's my sister's body. I don't want to see you play with it like that," Henry said. "You know what man, I think I'm starting to regret asking you to take my big sister's body for this vacation. I think you're being more annoying than her. Weren't we going to play games?"

"This is way more fun than a video game," Tyler continued shaking his borrowed boobs around. "I think I finally understand why most girls don't game. This is way more fun than Call of Duty."

"Ugghhh," Henry sighed and walked away as his best friend continued playing with his new chest.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

This will do

Yeah, this will do. Collin thought pulling himself out of the ocean. Moments ago the man taking a dip in the bay with his family. His family, who he loved but was the largest source of stress and monotony in his life. He wanted to be free, to be young again, to have something different than the same old 9 to 5, the same bills due at the end of each month, and the same sex he and his wife always had. Collin had a plant to escape it all without hurting his family, so he took out a life insurance policy.

It was summer time, that meant vacation time, and vacations meant tourist, and tourist meant Collin could disappear into a new life. So he brought his family on vacation to Florida for his last time.

Collin scanned the beaches, looking for the right body to snatch, this time he wanted something different, something unfamiliar, something he had never experienced before in his life. So he decided to check out the bikini clad woman. Half a mile down the beach he found the perfect body, a group of young twenty-somethings, obviously tourists do to their accents, he selected one of the girls as his target.

Using a possession spell he found he muttered the words beneath his breath. Once the spell was complete a sharp pain erupted from his left arm, his chest convulsed at an irregular pattern, and he began gasping for breath. The world went dark, and with that he was dead.

Half a mile away the tourist girl was bathing in the water. Collin felt his soul shoot straight down the beach into her body. Eager he stood up and inspected his new body, but was distracted by the cry of his now widowed wife.

"Goodbye Susan, but I couldn't take it anymore. I hope you enjoy the gift I gave you," he said in a French accent. "Oh, I'm French now." He said all giddy.

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Update: Series List

I've made a new addition to the site to make it easier to find your favorite series. From the main ongoing series like Inside Jessica Nigri to the one off miniseries like "Are you my long lost twin or something?" you can find them all there. You can find the page on the menu bar (above) or by clicking here.


Friday, June 3, 2016

Agents of S.H.I.F.T. - The Professor

I was reading this Wait But Why? article (a blog you should all read), and this CGP Grey video (another must watch YouTuber in my opinion) about what makes you you and it got me thinking about the implications of TG blogs and more. Sure it might not be fitting for a fetish blog like this, but I like to ponder these kinds of things occasionally. Plus I felt like I needed to pace myself after having these two sexy posts back to back.

"Consciousness is nothing more than an information continuum," Professor Lee said to the audience.  "Think of it this way: if you have a car and you go into the mechanic once a month to have something upgraded or fixed, like a bumper or a piston, one by one throughout the car's lifetime until all the original parts have been replaced or upgraded, do you still have the same car?"

Lee let the audience soak in the silence.

"Consciousness is just like that." The professor paced across the stage. "You are nothing more than the sum of your experiences and how you react to them, just like a car is the sum of it's parts and how they act upon the other." Lee stopped center stage. "Hoppers like myself have the ability to temporarily force your brain to exchange parts with mine, one by one, just like our the car. Take for example this body I'm wearing, the body of my lovely assistant Jennifer I'm wearing. As a hopper I am able to force my internal wiring of my brain into hers, as long as I please. This might sound controversial, you might not agree on it's morale implications, but here at SHIFT we use this to get things done.

"As new coming heads of Interpol yourself it is my job to inform you everything about SHIFT and what we've managed to accomplish as a small faction of shapeshifters and body hoppers. SHIFT has managed to stop countless acts of terrorism thanks to combatant shifters like Agent Avery, we have assassinated the most dangerous mobsters in the world with hoppers like myself, and as we speak we have a shiftier or hopper hidden inside of every major crime syndicate or terrorist cell in the world. SHIFT is the world's best kept secret, and we welcome you all to being apart of it."

The professor paused for the applause.

"Now let me demonstrate what you will be expecting working here..." Lee continued.

Caught in the Act

"They're here!" Keegan (bottom) shouted.

"Oh fuck!!" Matt (top) screamed after meeting eyes with the men across the room.

The two former men quickly stood up and covered themselves up with their arms, their shame was as naked as their bodies.

"For fucks sake," Kelly in Keegan's body said, "we leave you two alone in our bodies for one hour and you do this. Grow up!"

"Boys will be boys," Becky in Matt's body said, "even when they're both twenty seven."

"Like you wouldn't have done the same Kelly," Keegan said. "It's not everyday that you and your best friend become their sisters."

"What did you want us to do while you were out?" Matt asked. "Just sit around and do nothing?"

"Yes!" The two said in unison.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

New Cravings

I'm back! Temporarily that is. Posts are going to be infrequent for now but they'll be happening.
Quick update as well, I decided to add a new tag, nympho, for those poor unfortunate men who end up in the bodies of a nymphomaniac who just really need the D.
"Uhh, aren't you going to let me have my drink?" Ian asked the girl across from him.

"Shuddup, man. You wanna get me drunk so you can get between my legs right?" She said taking the two cups up to her mouth and chugging the two at the same time.

"Look, I don't know who you think I am but I'm not that kind of guy..." Ian said sternly.

"Fuck man, you're totally that kind of guy. You got more gel than hair on your head, you're wearing a gold watch, you bought me a mojito with Bacardi, not wells,  and you arrived here wearing fucking sunglasses at night!" She gestured towards Ian and continued to down his and her drinks.

"Hey, if you want me to go I'll go." Ian began standing up, the girl reached across the table and caught his hand in mid stand.

"Please don't," she said, "I want to get laid as much as you. You don't understand, this body needs the D like a methhead needs meth. I can't focus with all these withdrawals, so let's just skip the chit-chat and go to me place." Ian pulled away, her neediness was too much despite her hotness. "Please man, help a bro out!"

"You're fucking crazy," he said putting on his jacket. "I'm out of here." And with that Ian was gone.

Trapped inside of the body of Ian's date was Victor. Six weeks ago his body was stole from him on a Tinder date with the girl he now was. She left him with the message "enjoy the new cravings," then disappeared with his body forever. At first he didn't know what she meant, but as time went on, every Calvin Kline ad would make him warm, every Abercrombie he passed with their photos of men too masculine to be real would make him wet, he daydreamed of taking every man he passed on the street back home and what it would be like to be pounded by them all day long. And Victor was disgusted with those thoughts, even though he new possessed tits and a vagina the thought of doing anything with another man's dick made him shiver.

As the cravings grew he began masturbating more, first a finger, then two, then three, then a whole fist. That never did the trick. Next it was a dildo, then a vibrator. They could only temporarily satisfy his new found apatite. He thought he might need somebody else in control instead, so he would go to lesbian bars, bring back a curious girl and convince her to use a strap-on. That was even worse, sure it felt great, but the static plastic rod as it penetrated deep inside his pussy felt empty, like romanticless sex. He needed something soft but firm, something that had subtle movements pulsing inside him, he needed a real dick, so Victor set up a Tinder profile and only matched with the guys most likely to put out. Ian was his first date, and even his forwardness couldn't get him laid.

Victor put his head on the table and sighed.

"Need anything else miss?" A male voice asked. He looked up and locked eyes with the man. He wore a white long sleeve button down with a crimson tie, his black hair was disheveled but clean, his eyes as blue as the ocean, his black khaki pants were just tight enough to hint as the size of his enormous package. He was their waiter.

"Miss?" The waiter asked again. Victor snapped out of his trance, the dreamy man was just a man now, average in every bit of the way.

"No nothing, thank you anyways," Victor said.

"Well let me know if you do," the wait said and spun around. Victor caught the man's ass, it was so firm and solid through his pants, so sexy...

"Actually," Victor said reaching into his purse and producing a pen and posted note. He jotted something down. "I do want something from you." He handed the note to the waiter. "Call me when you get off work." Victor winked.
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