Thursday, April 28, 2016

The Nexus Stone

Paul was about to go insane with the amount of pleasure he was experiencing, he now understood why everybody only had one body. It was intense getting oral from one girl, but getting and giving oral as six different girls was on another level!

An hour ago Paul activated a strange stone he found in the mail. It wasn't addressed to him, or anyone, it was just there in a plain brown box. The stone was a deep purple with twisted tentacle like formations stretching outwards from the round center. Along with the stone in the box was a small note labeled "Nexus Stone: Purple." The note read: "You were born with only one body, but why not two, or three, or how about six? Think of the six bodies you love most and they will be yours for a few hours. Enjoy, this one is on us. Signed, The Shop of Oddities."

Paul didn't know what it meant, but the note made him think of the six women who he thought had the best bodies. Jessica, his hot coworker he was too shy to talk to; Megan, his roommate who he used to sleep with until she got a boyfriend; those two twins down the hall, he never caught their names; Hannah, his friend since middle school; and Julia, the waitress at Busty Bunnies who always served him and his friends.

Suddenly he was all six at once, and he was horny as fuck. He didn't know how long this was going to last, so he brought them all back to his place and set out on the hottest masturbation session in his life.

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