Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Whip it Out

"Whip it out Sam!" Harold urged his friend.

"You ready to see the girls?" Conner reached into his top and pulled out his right tit like a magician revealing a rabbit from his hat. He began jiggling it around in front of his friend's face.

"Fuck yes!" Harold felt his pants grow tighter. "Now do the other!"

Conner delightfully followed his friend's request. For years the two boys had been crushing on their friend Michael's older sister, Bethany. She was fix years older than the boys and already moved on to college by the time they went to her high school.

During their freshman year Conner discovered he had the ability to possess people for a short amount of time. He only told Harold about it, and then the two started working on their plan to get as close to Bethany as possible.

Once Bethany sprung in town for spring break the following March Conner went to work.

"Can I touch them?" Harold asked his friend who was juggling his borrowed breasts in front of his face.

"Maybe..." Conner made locked eyes with him and bit his lips.

"You can't do this man!"

"I don't know Harold, they are mine now. And they feel so good!"

"You're the worst!"

"I'm just fucking with you man, they're as much of yours as they are mine. Have at 'em!"

Harold was in heaven.

Shifter Party

"If you love em, why don't ya suck em?" Todd (left) said.

"You bet your sister's tits I will!" Mark (blonde) said taking his friend's left breast in his mouth. The whole hot tub burst out in laughter.

Todd, Mark, Michael (left, center), Jordan (center), and Taylor (right) were all shapeshifters, even worse they were teenage boys. Once a week the five friends would get together and have parties in different forms, this week's theme was sisters. Each of shifters would take the form of their sister.

"Why don't ya suck on mine next, Mark?" Jordan said.

"Why does it have to be Mark? I've been wanting to do that since I wore your sister's body last week!" Taylor asked.

"You wore my sister's shape last week you pervert!" Jordan playfully splashed his friend.

"What can I say? She's hot as fuck, now give me some titty action!" Taylor swam up to his friend's breasts and began sucking. Meanwhile Mark and Todd were still lost in the moment of sucking and being sucked.

"Get your ass over here Michael," Todd motioned. "I got two tits and only one mouth on them, my right one is getting cold!"

That night turned into the best shifter party the boys had to date.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

You mean this drink is for me?

"You mean this drink is for me?" Nick asked the nice guy.

"Yes, it's all yours. Cheers!" The strange man held up his glass. Nick took a second to realize he was signalling him to lift up his as well.

"Cheers!" Nick said and promptly chugged the delicious drink, because that's what grown up did in movies.

Earlier that day Nick, only twelve years old, found himself in a strange situation. Somehow him and his oldest sister, Emily (22 years old), found themselves in each other's bodies. A few hours later Emily's friends dragged Nick out to a lady's night at their favorite bar.

It only took seconds for Nick to be offered a drink, and then as the night went on he found himself being overwhelmed with drink offers. The more he drank the more he wanted to drink, and the more he drank the more he found the guys offering him drinks cuter and cuter. By the end of the night Emily's friends found Nick at the back of the bar with a man all over his face and his hands all over his tits. Nick was having a really good night.

Monday, August 29, 2016

The show must go on

A violent electrical surge erupted at the party, lighting the air brighter than the mid summer afternoon sun. The jolt spread throughout the pool into the backyard. After the whiteness faded everyone found themselves in a slightly different location.

Somehow the surge swapped the party goers in the pool, nobody was who they were before. Everybody began to lose their mind, except for Phil, the party's DJ.

The former black man found himself in the body of a busty woman. He didn't know who she was, but what he did know is that he had a job to do. Phil approached his deck and got on the mic for a quick announcement.

"I don't know what the fuck just happened, but it just made this party the best fucking party in my life," he grabbed a glass of champagne. "Who's ready to have the party of their life!?!???"

The yells of confusion turned into an eruption of cheers.

Phil grinned from his new body. He put on his headphones and began the best set list he had ever made in his life.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

No Hands!

"Look Carly, no hands!" Jason exclaimed walking into the living room with a mimosa buried between his breasts.

"What the fuck Jason?" Carly roared from her newly acquired male vocal chords. Then silence. Jason gulped, he didn't want to piss off his best friends. "How did you figure this out? I knew my tits were awesome, but not this awesome!"

Jason sighed, the mimosa still dangling between his breasts. "I know right!?!?!? I was just chilling outside, browsing some reddit on my iPad and I couldn't find a good place to hold my drink and read at the same time. Then it occurred to me that this bikini is a little tight, so I took my glass and squeezed this sucker in between my, ahem, your girls and bam!"

"I'm totally gonna steel your trick once we swap back!"

"You can totally have it! Only if we swap back," Jason corrected her. "We still don't even know how the fuck this even happened." He said walking over to the cabinet. "Say, do you have any straws here?"

"Yeah, check the one by the sink." Carly said admiring her old body. She never knew her ass was that good! A part of her wanted to fuck the lights out of her old body, she felt her pants begin rising. She never knew why Jason never approached her physically after all these years, it must have taken him a lot willpower to resist a body that hot.

"Thanks Carly!" Jason plopped the straw in the cup and began sipping. "I'm gonna be outside a little longer with my new cup holder!"

"I think I'm gonna join you," Carly said. Whatever willpower Jason had, she sure as hell did not. "Maybe you can show me your secrets!" She winked.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

It's been fun!

Well today I'm officially marking my retirement of captioning.

I started this blog during a low and stressful part of my life, and since then things have gotten significantly better. I want to put down the reigns of this blog and focus on my life outside of it. I've loved writing all these stories, but after spending my entire morning inside and writing captions when I could have been outside on a run, or hanging out at a coffee shop with a friend, I decided that I've put too much time into this project.

So I'm leaving, but I'm not leaving you all empty handed. I've written enough captions in the backlog to provide you all with plenty of content for the next 20 days (last caption is scheduled to go up on September 16th).

It's been fun everyone, and I will certainly will miss you all. But there are more important things in life than running a fetish blog, I love this community and I will probably never leave it (because that's how fetishes work), but today I am announcing my retirement from captioning.

Have a great weekend everybody, and thank you all for the support!

Down in the Dumps

James kept and eye out for cops, children or other passer's boy all the while trying to look sexy for his client. It wasn't an easy trying to focus while being penetrated by a seven inch dick, but he tried his best.

James was down in the dumps. His company went under, and he couldn't find a job anywhere, leaving him, his wife, and their three children in some serious debt. But he never told them that. In desperation he used his shapeshifting ability and took up a new job, that of a high end prostitute. He played both pimp and prostitute in his operation. He'd find a guy willing to pay, approach him as Donnie, the "pimp." He's show them an assortment of photos of his "girls." Have his client choose one, then arrive as that girl later that day.

Usually the men would bring James home, their houses littered with photos of the men and their so called happy families. He's fuck them, then leave. But apparently his client today had a slip up, his wife got the flu and was home sick, so James had to ride with him to a back alley and fuck out of site. James didn't like it, too risky, but the man was offering him a good sum and more for the inconvenience, and James needed the money. So he let the man ride him while James tried his hardest to focus for cops.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Taste Test

I love the taste of tits. Yeah, sure they don't taste much different than say licking you thumb or cheek, but they certainly make me feel great when I'm wearing a form where I'm able to easily lick the fuck out of them.

I've worn so many female forms my life, and I totally get where girls get envious of others. Not every girl can suck her own tits, and for those who can't I feel so sorry for. It's not fair that I, as a self identified cis-male shapeshifter. can suck any tit I want but some unfortunate people born female without my gift have to go their entire life without being able to taste their tits.

Does it make me greedy or a philanthropist for being able to taste test every huge racked girl I see on behalf of all the member of the itty-bitty-titty-committee out there? (I am born male after all, so I obviously could never taste my own tits).


"Walking with boobs is hard," the SnapText said. It was sent from Hilary's phone, but Ben knew it was really from his friend Hunter. "Here, let me show you ;)"

Ben couldn't type "Don't do it!" fast enough into his phone before he received a purple box in his Snapchat from "Hilary."

He opened it revealing a video of his sister in her bra, smiling and walking with the camera centered on her breasts bouncing up and down, up and down with Hilary's face grinning all the way.

Hunter had been doing this all week! Somehow Hilary and Hunter woke up in each other's body's, and ever since then Hunter had been unleashing his perverted teenage mind all over it. Hunter quickly came clean with his friends, including Ben, about the situation and had been sending snaps of all his adventures as a college aged girl with his friends, including Ben! They used to be best friends, and would often hangout at Ben's place after school, but now whenever Ben came home the closest thing they had to a conversation was the sounds of Hilary's moans coming from her room as Hunter masturbated all afternoon long before their parents came home.

He wanted his sister back.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Peeping Tom Part 4

Oh no! I thought I published this entry a long time ago. Well consider this your lucky day readers.

Peeping Tom now has its own tag, and I've added a new tag to the blog: make over. For stories about people completely changing their lives after inhabiting a new body. (Like in House Cleaning)

Part 3

You know how in those 80's teen movies there was always an ugly girl that underwent a transformation into a more beautiful and confident version of herself with the help of her friends?

Becky was that girl, and Tom was her friend.

The thing Tom loved most about the camera, other than the obvious perks of becoming anyone he wants, was that no matter what choices he made in the bodies he possessed, once he left they believed they made all those choices.

Tom had made a lot of choices in different women's bodies, none of which he regretted and he often left them better off than before. For example, Allison, a girl he was a few bodies ago, had an extremely shitty boyfriend. He treated her like crap and would often sneak out and cheat on her with another woman (Tom knew this because he was that other woman before Allison). He broke up with her abusive boyfriend and found her a man who actually loved her and treated her well.

But Becky was his masterpiece, and like most masterpieces it took a lot of time and effort. Five months of effort, the longest Tom ever remained in one body. Pre-Tom Becky had major social anxiety issues, talking to anyone other than her sister would raise her heart rate to that of a sprinter's. She worked from home and only wore her favorite color: a dark purple. She was putting on weight around her midsection and only showered when she needed to (usually when she met up with her sister).

Tom had to give her a lot of new habits, and a new wardrobe. And both take time to form.

Post-Tom Becky was a confident young woman who had no issues with people she didn't know. He shaved away her belly fat but managed to keep it where it mattered most, her tits. Tom bought her new clothes and made sure to walk around town as confident as possible. He even found MeetUp groups in the area and got her a few friends. Five months of work, five months of showing Becky her true potential. He ended it as the ultimate wing man, he approached the hottest guy at the club, hit it up with him and once the deal was sealed he pulled his camera out of her purse and snapped a photo of a random girl on the dance floor. He wanted Becky to be the one who slept with her first man in years. He figured he could get laid as any girl, but Becky can only be laid as Becky.

That night he celebrated his success in his new body with another random dude he met at the bar.

Getting Old

Henry sat down topless in front of the webcam for his eighteenth time that month and began playing his tits.

Nineteen days ago Henry had been a lonely single thirty-something male who was going through a rough patch with a recent breakup from his girlfriend. As a means of coping with the breakup his masturbation habits became an addiction, nightly he'd jerk off to some random cam girl.

However one night an FOSE struck him. Suddenly, at the peak of climax, he found himself wearing the body of the beautiful girl he came too. To the outside viewer the live feed went from a girl taunting her tits in front of thousands of strangers to a very confused woman in shock of having breasts at all.

Henry had worked a lot of crappy jobs before in his life, but with the lifestyle his new body had the only way he could make ends meet was to continue her side-gig of being a cam girl. So every night Henry would log on, and dance topless to thousands of horny men just like he used to be, in order to make a few more bucks. After eighteen nights the job began getting old.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

PSA: Not a fan

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Aphrodite Part 4 - Reunion

Once Edward arrived stateside he became aware of just how sexy he now was. Heads turned with each step he took, both male and female. He knew that deep in their minds they were all in disbelief of how so much beauty, how so much lust, could be held in just one woman. But nobody was in more disbelief than his granddaughter April.

"Is this some sort of joke?" April's voice was stern as a rock. "Just who are you really?"

"What were you expecting? Ken told you everything, it's really me, your Grandpa Eddie!"

"This is bullshit, I'm outta here."

Earlier that week Edward had Ken arrange a reunion with April. Edward always had s soft spot for her, of all his grandchildren she held his sense of adventure and open mindedness the most. Ken explained everything to April, and over the phone she seemed open enough to the possibility of her grandfather's transformation. So they went forward with their plans.

"Wait, just wait a minute April!" Edward caught his granddaughter by the elbow. "Even if you don't believe me right now, just humor me and let's get some lunch."

"Ugh, fine!" April sighed and went with the woman claiming to be her grandfather to the restaurant.


It took a while (and a few drinks) to convince April of her grandfather's recent transformation. The thing with women, Edward learned, is that they were unswayed by his new powers of persuasion. Only men could be seduced by the powers of Aphrodite, women saw him as an equal now.

"I cannot believe your tits are larger than mine!" April said a few margarita's later. "How do you walk with those?"

"It's just the blessing of the gods I suppose," Edward took a sip of his whiskey, neat. His body might have changed, but his drink preferences will always be the same. "This is why I've come to you my dear April. I need you help in teaching me to be a woman. I've gotten by so far, but I have no idea what to really do. Can you help your Grandpa Eddie?"

"Your check ladies," the waiter said handing the two their checks. Edward eyed the price, $98.76!

"I believe you've been mistaken sir," Edward said handing him the check. "But I think the decimal is supposed to be closer to the right."

"Oh yes, of course. I'll fix it up right away!" The waiter said acting completely unfazed, but Edward knew what he had done.

"We can start with you wardrobe," April said. She hadn't noticed.

"Are you suggesting a shopping spree?" Edward cheered.

"Yes, you're a woman now, you're going to need a lot more clothes. Let's go shopping!"

"Your check again ladies, so sorry for the mistake." The waiter returned the check. It was marked at $9.88 this time. Edward smiled and handed the waiter a $20.

"Keep the change," he said. "Now let's go shopping!"

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

PSA: Your Vote Matters

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At the Gym

Damn girl, no wonder your abs are killer. Your tits weigh a shit ton, Adam lifted up his mount's breasts and shook his hips to the music she had on. Oh yeah, they feel so fucking fine! The hopper began playing with his new breasts in the middle of the gym, his panties growing moist.

"Cassie. Cassie! Cassie!!!" The voice overpowered the music in his ears. Adam took off his headphones and eyes a girl near him. "What the hell are you doing?" She said. "You had half the gym's eyes on you."

"I'm so sorry!" Adam said. "I just got really into this song, gosh I didn't even know what I was doing!"

"What are you listening to that almost made you take your top off? What would your boyfriend think about this?"

Mmmmm, boyfriend.Adam thought. I know who's gonna be pleasing me tonight.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Morning Run Part 2

Mila, that was the name Dan told every man he passed on his run. She was quickly becoming Dan's favorite form to run in, no body turned more heads than his masterpiece. He liked running in her form because her figure gave Dan more restrains in his runs to adapt to, so that way when he did run competitively he was more prepared. Yet as time went on he found himself running in more and more charity runs as "Mila."

He had many forms, as most shapeshifters do, but just as one becomes accustomed to their favorite song, or movie, this form was his favorite. He loved the challenge of running with wider hips and a large chest, he loved how many heads he turned, male and female, and he especially loved racing other runners he met on the trail to their beds. 

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Bathroom Dance

"Is that really you Jamie?" Kevin asked the woman dancing in the mirror.

"You bet your tits it's me!" She spun around from the mirror shook her perfect tits in Kevin's face. "God I feel so fucking fine! Your dad really went right with his third wife."

"Ugh," the fourteen year old boy sighed. "She's like twenty years younger than him, it's disgusting!"

"And that makes you ten years younger than I am, I don't see you complaining about you fucking me in a few minutes!" Jamie shook his new breasts again.

"Are you serious about doing this?"

"You're goddamn right I am. Look, I've been jerkin' off to your step mom for months now, and you're the one who wanted to sleep with her. We'd both be doing each other a favor by doing this. So how about ya' stop talking, unhook my bra, and titty fuck the shit out of me?"

Sisterly Love

Well this sucks. The original image was removed, but luckily for all of you I have a huge backlog of captions. Click here to go to the latest caption for today! I decided to keep the caption in case you want to use your imagination instead.

The two girls moaned as they sucked off each other's tits. No words were said because none were necessary.

Within the two sister's bodies resided a single soul, the soul of Harvey. Harvey had taken control of the sister's, Monica and Madison, and enjoyed their bodies for his own pleasure.

Lesbian sex, incest, and masturbation, Harvey was a deviant. But deep down inside, for years, he always fantasized what those two beautiful woman would look like in bed together, and by some strange coincidence he found himself as both of them. Every night Harvey as Monica would leave her boyfriend, drive halfway across the city and enter Madison's apartment to masturbate both his bodies, because nothing was stronger than sisterly love.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Aphrodite Part 3 - Powers of Persuasion

Edward thought it would be hard to convince his party that the busty goddess who stood before him was actually Edward Donald Hillary, PhD and world renowned explorer, but it was surprisingly easy. The power of Aphrodite appeared to have given him amazing powers of persuasion, or maybe it was because Edward was the first woman the crew had seen in weeks that they would believe nearly anything coming out of his mouth.

"Could you just button up a little more?" Kenny asked Edward.

"I told you Ken," Edward said. "My chest won't allow me to button up any further, see," he began forcing his cleavage together as pulled the shirt together.

"Alright alright," Kenny diverted his eyes away from Edward. "It's just that it's really distracting, our crew hasn't seen a woman in weeks and the first one they see is some busty woman claiming to be their old leader. Can you at least carry something?"

"I'm afraid I can't do that, I'm a woman now which means I'm not as strong. I'll have to leave all the heavy lifting to the men now," Edward lied. He knew he could carry something, hell he knew he probably could lift more than any of the men on the crew with his new god granted abilities, but he also wanted to see how far his new powers of persuasion could go.

"What happened to you Edward?" Kenny sighed.

"I became a woman."

"Other than that, I mean look at you!" He motioned towards his friend. "It's been six days since we found you on the path to the Fountain, all of us are covered in dirt and possibly animal dung too. We smell like we have been just farted out of a horse, and look like we've been crawling in the trenches all day, and you don't even have a speck of dust on you. You aren't just a woman now, something happened to you."

"Kenny, Kenny, Kenny," Edward placed a hand on his friend's shoulder. "I told you what happened. I found the Fountain, well what was left of it, I tasted the waters with my old lips and I felt the energy flow back into me. It just so happened that somehow the Fountain transformed me into a beautiful woman as well. I wish I saved some drops for you Ken, but there was only enough left for a few sips."

Kenny sighed. "I know, it's just that I'm still pissed off about you taking off without me. It was supposed to be our Fountain!"

"How about I make it up to you tonight?" Edward moved his hand further down Kenny's back.

"How could you possibly do that?"

"By sharing a little bit of what the Fountain gave to me, with you. Your wife doesn't have to know."

"Deal!" Kenny said, his face now wide with a grin.

"It's the least I can do," Edward smiled. He grinned at himself, he was impressed how far his new found powers of persuasion could go.

Friday, August 19, 2016


"Get me in that shot what don't ya?" Brian (blonde) said.

"Calm your tits dude, of course I'm going to include you, it looks great for our brand," Zach (brunette) said adjusting the camera. "Say big tits!"

"Big tits!"

Zach and Brian dropped out of school. They were entreprising young men who explored every business opportunity they could. First they offered rides to freshmen to school, next the worked on a school magazine, then another a landscaping business. All were complete failures.

Then one day the duo so happened to find themselves in the bodies of Melissa (blonde) and Erin (brunette), two straight A students in their high school. Melissa and Erin had plans to go to Yale and major in law or whatever. Zach and Brian didn't care, what Melissa and Erin never noticed about themselves was that they had the sexiest bodies in school, and with the sexiest bodies came a great business opportunity for Zach and Brian.

So they dropped out of all of their classes, botched their SATs and application letters, and opened a porn studio.

Say what you will about law degrees, but Zach and Cody easily became the most successful business women in their city.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Aphrodite Part 2 - The Woman

The party approached the location of the legendary Fountain of Youth. Kenny, Edward's first mate and best friend, was in charge this morning. He had awoken to a note from his trusted friend saying that he could not sleep that night, that Edward could taste the sweet waters of the Fountain and he must go, for it had called out to him. Kenny wondered how a man as old as Edward could be so far ahead of the party since the supposive location of the Fountain was at least a half days hike away.

After a few hours of hiking his mind began wondering what could have happened to Edward, and how he would have to explain the death of one of the few remaining true adventures in the world to the expedition's sponsors, and Edwards children. Then Kenny walked straight into James, the expedition's youngest recruit, who had stopped in his tracks for now apparent reason.

"Get your ass in gear ya' newbie," Kenny barked.

Jame said nothing, he just pointed forward. Fingers trembling. Kenny looked around at the rest of the party. The rest of them began looking the direction of Jame's fingers. Kenny was the last to look, then he saw the roadblock.

Before the party stood a beautiful young woman. Her chest partially exposed beneath a denim jacket, her hair flowing in the wind like it in a movie. Her grin wide and confident. The clothing she wore looked a lot like Edward's.

"It's not polite to stare at a woman you know," she said.

Kenny and the rest said nothing.

"Oh my," she said covering herself up. "I hadn't noticed my shirt was undone, here let me button up."

Kenny wanted to speak, he wanted to ask her who she was and what she was doing here. But for some reason he couldn't find the energy to utter any words from his vocal chords.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016


"I look so fucking hot!" Keenan said. "I suppose Annie's training was totally worth it."

Keenan was an unfortunate soul. A few months ago he lost his body in the FOSE to Julia, a girl he hadn't seen since high school. Apparently she had a thing for him because at one moment he was out getting a few beers with his buds, and the next he was orgasming with his Facebook page opened and three fingers up his new vagina.

Julia hadn't changed since high school, she was the same old overweight girl with the same old confidence issues. And Keenan couldn't stand it! After accepting the reality of his new life he began looking into fitness programs to lose all the excess weight Julia put on since graduation. After weeks of searching he finally found the perfect instructor, Annie. She was a personal trainer who just got Keenan's situation, he didn't know how but he felt a connection between him and her. Within a few months he shed away all of Julia's weight and put on a few pound of real muscle.

"Goddamn I wish I was a guy again, because I'd fuck me all day long." He said snapping a photo for his Instagram.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Aphrodite Part 1 - The Fountain

I knew from the beginning this was going to be a series, so I already gave it its own tag.

"Yes, I feel it! I feel the youth flowing back into me, I feel the power of the gods granted to me. I feel youthful again, like I can run a marathon without breaking sweat. I feel... I feel...." Edward began gasping as he felt his chest constricting, like an enormous weight was pressing against it. The optimism the old explorer had suddenly slipped from his mind, had he been guided to the wrong fountain? Maybe this was his karma for abandoning his crew so he could be the first one to drink from the Fountain of Youth. He was beginning to feel like the Nazi at the end of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, he drank with too much confidence too soon.

Then he saw a strand of dark hair fall infront of his face. Pop, pop! The buttons on his jacket began popping off. He looked down and saw that his chest had inflated, like two Norsemen tumors had began growing out of nowhere. They continued ripping the buttons off until he saw... he saw... cleavage?

Pop the last button went, allowing him to breath normally again. He gasped for air. Instinctively he grasped towards his head, and he felt long strands of think hair. Next he grasped for his chest, it was soft and smooth. Out of panic he reached for his crotch, and was greeted by his biggest fear: nothing there.

Edward began panicking, again it became hard to breath. His gasp feminine, his chest pulling his body towards the ground. He felt lost. He felt helpless. He felt... he felt... powerful. A new surge of energy swarmed within his body, it was warm and lustful. All of sudden he knew what he became, he didn't know how, he just knew what happened. The Greek Goddess Aphrodite had given him a second chance of life, and with it a piece of her power. Edward grinned and opened the denim of his shirt. Soon his party was going to be here, and soon he was going to test out his new gifts.

Monday, August 15, 2016

A little too far

Aaron was beginning to think his fantasy was going a little too far. His girlfriend, Harley, and him were into some really kinky stuff, things that make Fifty Shades of Grey child splay in comparison.

Aaron and Harley had a rape fetish. Nothing turned Harley on more than the thought of being tied up and forced to submit to her lover in ways she could never think of. Aaron got hard thinking of physically forcing her to do twisted sexual acts. It was fucked up, it was dirty, and it was proof that the two of them were made for each other.

Overtime the fantasy got dry. Aaron began running out of ways to "kidnap" and restrain Harley, and Harley was beginning to get used to it all. Nothing was surprising her anymore. That was until Aaron found a way to swap their bodies.

Tonight was their first night in their new roles. Aaron the defenseless damsel who had no choice but to submit to her capture, and Harley the abusive abductor. It had started fine with Aaron being dragged off the couch and into the guest bedroom and being tied down and being forcefully penetrated in every hole in Harley's body. But as it went on Harley's true desires began to show. She tied her boyfriend up, duct taped his mouth shut and blindfold him and forced him into the back of the trunk. She drove across the city to a run down motel she had reserved earlier that day, and threw him onto the bed.

Aaron had never seen such raw desire in anyone's eyes, and he had never felt so desired before in his life. He was scared of what Harley would do with desire that strong, he wanted back into his old body before it got into his new one first.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Are You Sure? Part 2 - Fuck the guest!

"Are you sure about this?" Jon asked Clyde.

"Oh I am more than sure," Clyde said revealing his cleavage. "I want you inside me right now." He began playing with his breast in front of his best friend.

Clyde and Jon's relationship had never been so close. It had been four months since the ghost of Clyde took over the body of Jon's trophy wife, Claire, and things could not have been better between the two friends. Jon had all but forgotten about how much of a gold digging bitch she was, and Clyde loved nothing more than being back in the land of the living. What Clyde never expected was just how much of a nympho Jon's wife was. These occurrences were hardly rare.

"But what about the guests?" Jon said attempting to suppress his erection.

"Fuck the guest," Clyde took his best friend's hand into his and pulled him towards his feminine body. "Fuck me!" Clyde wrapped his legs around Jon and began making out with him, moaning with every breath he took.

"I'm so fucking happy you're my wife!" Jon said pulling down his pants and penetrating his best friend. Clyde roared into an echoing moan, every time felt like the first time with Claire's vagina.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

Question of the day: What part of the female experience excites you the most?

For me it has to be the sex. Oh and boobs, especially boobs.

Side Gigs - A Little Self Love

A little self love never hurt anyone. Above is a brief clip from a recent side gig of mine. The form I took was that of a woman I saw at the bar the other week, she was shy and looked like she would rather be anywhere else but there. If only she knew how sexy she looked, how many heads she was turning. So to prove my point (mostly to myself) I took her form tonight, and man did I get so many views! An all time three month high!

I don't know who you are aloof girl, but you are missing out on such a wonderful body (and a fantastic pair of tits!)

Friday, August 12, 2016


"Motherfucker!" The voice yelled on the other side of the headphones. It belonged to a player with the screen name RadBrad02, and it was squeaky and cracked often, he was probably around Blake's original age. "Fuck you, you little bitch! How the fuck did you even land that shot? You hacker cunt! I will fucking fuck your mom for that bullshit!"

"You wanna fuck me?" Blake said through the mic. There was silence on the other end, he always took joy out of guys online going quiet after hearing a woman's voice.

"Who the fuck are you?" RadBrad02 called out.

"I'm my mom," Blake's voice was calm and cool. "You said you wanna fuck me right?"

"No fucking way you are, I've played against RighteousFury before and I can tell you two things about him: he's a crybaby little bitch and he's definitely not a girl!"

"Things have changed since our last match Brad. So do you still you wanna fuck me? My offer still stands."

"Whatever, I'm muting you you cunt." The mic cutoff.

Blake couldn't hold in his laughter anymore, he let it all out. He finally got on Brad's nerves, and all it took was being his mom. That certainly made his day better, which had been a strange day already.

Thursday, August 11, 2016


See Part 1 of Harold's adventure here.

Nice rack, Harold thought admiring his mount's breast. I haven't seen a pair this perfect in so long!

"Are you okay Sid?" The young man next to Harold asked.

"I'm fine, just checking to see if I still have any tan lines." Harold looked up from his breasts into the young man's eyes.

There's something about hormones that can really override one's thoughts. No matter how powerful of a body hopper you are, male or female, hormones will always win. Harold was immediately struck by the young man's handsome looks, his jawline was so square and masculine. His eyes so blue and soft. And his body. His body was to Harold to what his mount's breasts were to the man next to him, it was so perfect and hard. Harold had never wanted a man inside him so much before in his life.

"You look fine," the man continued.

"Are you sure?" Harold asked?

"Yes, perfectly fine."

"Here, how about you check for me?" Harold told the young man's hand and placed it on his breast. "Take a peak, feel around, make sure there are no tan marks."

A little tent began to pitch inside that man's swim suit. His hormones began to override him. Harold felt the man's hands as they began caressing his breasts.

"Wait," Harold said removing the man's hands from his breasts. "Not here, how about we go somewhere a little more private?" He stood up, taking one of the man's hands and led him to a secluded part of the beach. They were both slaves to their body's hormones, and neither would like it any other way.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

We're in public!

"Fuck you, this body is mine now!" Tyler said, his newly squired breasts concealed only by two middle fingers.

"Jesus Christ Tyler," Maggie's voice cracked in frustration. "Put by breasts away, we're in public!"

"Nuh uh, they're mine now! Plus I think he's really enjoying the view," Tyler winked at an oncoming jogger. The jogger quickly diverted his eyes from Tyler's chest towards the path ahead.

"Put them away, you're embarrassing me!"

Maggie watched her old face grin even wider. She had no idea that her lips could even stretch as far as Tyler stretched them. Without saying a word her younger brother removed his top completely and tossed into the brush beside him, exposing Maggie's bare breasts for the whole world to see.

"I'm going to take a walk, maybe find the jogger or something. I'm pretty sure he wasn't embarrassed looking at me. Wanna join sis?"

Maggie was frozen in rage, her face as red as fire.

"See ya later sis," he said strutting away. "Looks like it's just me and the girls today!"

Tuesday, August 9, 2016


Dave stood by the limo as the private jet roared on up the tarmac. The gust from the jet engines was enough to blow off Dave's footing, but he was a professional and professionals do not budge.

The bodyguard was given a brief memo today from the CEO of Meridian International, Charles Vincent, that his experiment had been a complete success and that his most trusted bodyguard, Dave, should be expecting him to arrive in a different form, and that he is under strict orders to trust that no matter what, if a person comes up to him today claiming to be Charles Vincent, to act towards them as if they are Charles Vincent. It must have been one crazy experiment.

The plane halted a few feet from the limo and lowered the staircase. Out walked a beautiful woman, she was dressed in a designer dress and walked with more power and confidence than any woman Dave had met before in his life.

"Dave," she said approaching the car. "Nice to see you again. How do I look?"

"Excuse me miss, I don't believe we've met." Dave said sternly.

"Did you not get the memo?"

"I did get a memo."

"Did you get the second memo?"

"I only got one miss."

"You didn't get the second memo?" She said pulling out her phone. "Somebody's getting fired it looks like." She typed out a quick email and put her phone back into her purse. "Problem solved. Now Dave, what did the first memo say?"

"To treat anyone who claims to be Mr. Vincent as if they are Mr. Vincent today."

"Good, good. Well Dave, I am Mr. Vincent. The boys in the lab have been helping me find a fountain of youth. This is the answer, a brand new body!" Charles said. "This should have been explained in the second memo with a detailed report. This body is only temporary for now, she's just some random model we paid off, thought I'd give the female form a spin for a weekend to see what it's like. But this is the answer Dave, we solved death! This calls for a little celebration, don't ya think?"

"I agree Mis-ter Vincent," Dave gulped. "Where too?"

"The usual of course," Charles said setting himself into the rear seat of the limo. "Oh, and you can call my Charlie."

"Of course Charlie."

Monday, August 8, 2016

Can I tell you a secret? Part 3

Where we last saw the roommates. 

Sean lied on the couch. He was wearing an new body and new lingerie he bought just for it. Unlike every other body he wore for Eric, this one was 100% custom made, made to be everything Eric desired physically in a woman. From the shape of her face to the tightness of her pussy, Sean had become the perfect woman for Eric.

Tonight marked the one year anniversary of Sean revealing his secret to his unsuspecting roommate. He would become any woman Eric requested because Sean knew how much more fun women had in bed, and more importantly he knew how great Eric was under the sheets. Over time Sean and Eric became exclusive, Eric stopped bringing women over because he had a roommate who would let him fuck any woman he wanted.

Sean admired his form again, smiling at his masterpiece, he called her Sara. Honestly he wouldn't mind staying as Sara for a long time. He never considered himself gay, and maybe it wasn't gay if you only slept with your male roommate as a woman, and at this point in his life he had more sex with a vagina than with a penis, but he was really falling for Eric. Eric and Sara, what a lovely couple. He thought to himself.

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Pole Vault

"So I just take this enormous pole and thrust it into a little hole as hard as I can. Then I just ride it all the way up to a climax then fall gracefully onto a comfy pad? I had no idea how erotic pole vaulting is!" Dylan said to his sister.

"Shut up Dylan," Caroline said from the sidelines.

"Hey, I bet that little hole over there, gets more action than you!" he gestured towards the pole vaulting.

"I said 'Shut up!'" Caroline's face rose to a faint pink. "It's not like you've ever pounded any hole with your little pole anyways."

"Ouch," Dylan said. "Maybe it's time to change that."

"How? It's not like we know how to get back to our bodies, so in the mean time you're going to do my track meets in my body. That pole between your hands is the only one you got now."

"Well it's a good thing this is a solo sport," he said hoisting it up. "Because that's the only way I know how to use one!" And with that he dashed towards the little hole on the ground with his new kind of pole.

Saturday, August 6, 2016


"Yeah, shake yo body girl!" Max said panning his phone's camera around the obviously drunk fan.

"You like it Max?" She asked.

"I fucking love it. Keep it up girl!"

Max was the bassist of the Slash Monkies, an indie punk band that had been making their rounds at music festivals. At every fest he had his share of groupies but none of them had the enthusiasm as this girl. Her passion for him and the rest of the band was so raw and pure, and unlike other groupies she seemed more interest in the people in the band than just sleeping with them.

Today was their last day at the current fest and Max was honestly afraid to see her go.

"Hey Macy," he asked putting down the camera. "How would you like to join us for the rest of the tour? It's only a few more weeks and me and the boys would love your company."

"Do you really mean it?" she squealed.

"Yes I do. So what do you say?"

"I WOULD LOVE TOO!" She screened and hugged Max like a boa constrictor.

What Max didn't know wast that inside of Macy's body was not the soul of a quirky young woman, but the soul of fourteen year old Jesse, the self proclaimed number one fan of Slash Monkies. Jesse used a body swapping spell to take over the body of a random stranger at Indie Fest so he could see his favorite band despite his parents not allowing him to go. Little did he know at the time that he would be getting much more closer to the band members than just the front row. Let's just say that fourteen year old boy got as close as a woman could possibly get with each member.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Pure Bliss Part 2 - Going to Work

"How do girls get anything done with boobs?" Mitchell asked himself while caressing his favorite new assets. He had a livestream starting in ten minutes and all her could think about was his breasts. His hand passed over his nipple, releasing an involuntary moan from his feminine vocal chores. "I always forget how sensitive you girls are," he said looking down at his chest.

"It's not our fault we're so sexy," his said speaking in a baby voice while pushing his breasts back and forth, feeling their flesh rub up against one another then release. "Honest!"

Life as Ruby was a joy. Mitchell would game all day, then hit the streets of Italy at night. Mitchell didn't speak a lick of Italian, but he quickly learned it didn't matter to women so hot that on a 1 through 10 scale with looks so blinding that shot way above a 10 and beyond the infinities that men and woman a like had only one rating they used no matter the language: "W-w-w-w-wow!!!" Mitchell was now a "W-w-w-w-wow!!!"

As Ruby his life was full of nothing but compliments: online and off. He'd walk down the street every night with his breast pointed high and forward, as if they were leading the way to his next destination. His Instagram was filled with thousands of likes, even if he didn't smile, and the comments section soared with flattery, he even found the creepy comments and obligatory dick pics sent to him charming. Most night's he'd hit up a bar near Ruby's apartments and would usually bring back some lucky guy, or girl, back with him to share his new amazing body with. Yep it was a joy, but it had it's draw backs.

Mitchell felt a now familiar warm tingly, and damp feeling between his legs. "We know what you want," he continued voicing his breast. "Play with us please!"

"But girls," he said in Ruby's normal voice, "I already did that this morning. I got a livestream in eight minutes!"

"They can wait, they always do. The world loves you Mitchell, please spare us some love too!"

"Alright," his hand began slipping down into his pants. "You win, you- AHH!" He moaned as his hand penetrated his vagina. "Fuck, how do girls get anything done with this?" He said going to work between his legs.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

House Cleaning

"Steven, is that really you?" Kimmy said approaching a face she hadn't worn in over a year. The woman at the palm tree looked over and smiled. Kimmy's heart stopped, it was really her. Well her old body that is. "Holy shit Steven, that really is you! What did you do to my body? I look- I look h-"

"Hot?" Steven leaned against the palm tree. "And what I think you meant is that you look hot. This body isn't yours anymore."

"I just don't know what to say..." Kimmy was dumbfounded. When she abandoned her body over a year ago it was chunky and severely overweight, like 240 lbs overweight. She left it for Steven's, who was fit and much lighter than her. Kimmy chose a male body thinking her life would be a lot easier since men were way less judgmental than woman. Now standing before her was a beautiful woman with fantastic tits who only looked familiar to her only in the face.

"Amazing isn't it?" Steven continued, "How having a little self control and discipline can take you a long way. Your body was disgusting Kimmy, like a house that hadn't been cleaned in years. I hated every moment living inside of it, until I got so fed up with all the filth that I decided to do a little house cleaning.

"You know what's great about house cleaning? You get to discover treasures you never thought you had. Like damn girl, you had a rockin pair of tits and all you had to do was work for them. Instead you ran away, ran away into the body of some tourist. But hey, looking how you're treating my old body it looks like you might not be that far away from having tits yourself."

"How about we trade back?" Kimmy pleaded.

"Fuck you. I'd never give this body up."

"Hey Kim!" A male voice shouted from behind Kimmy. "You ready to go to the shores?"

"Who's that?" Kimmy asked her old body.

"Oh you wouldn't know him, that's Anthony. He's new here. Coming love!" Steven shouted. "And he's my new boyfriend." With that Steven-as-Kimmy left his old body behind hoping into Anthony's truck.

"B-b-boyfriend?" Kimmy muttered. She never had a boyfriend...

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Date Night

Sometimes I go into write a quick caption, but then I get carried away. This is the result of one of those times. Enjoy!

"Hang on, lemme send a text," Mark told his date.

"Uhh sure," his date said. Mark had already forgotten his name. Was it Harold? Harry?  Henry? Eh it didn't matter after four glasses of wine anyways.

Dude, Kevin, this guy is so DTF. The text read. This mount's rack is like mind control, I swear I've never worn tits this perfect ever before! XD. How's your date going?

"Are you done yet?"

"One sec," Mark held up his left finger, "and send. So what were you saying about how you study meteors? I think that's really cool."

"I'm a meteorologist, I don't study meteors I study the weather. Have you been listening to a single thing I've said all night Hannah?"

Hannah, that's right, that's this mount's name. Mark thought.

"Look here honey," Mark reached across his table and took his date's hands. He looked directly into Mark's borrowed eyes. "No, not here, but here," Mark motioned towards his cleavage. "You've been very kind to me tonight, but a woman like me would never dress this sexy if she didn't want something from a man, and I'm not just talking about the free wine. How about we just skip the charade and each each other what were really want."

Mark began began playing with his date's feet and sensually messed with his zipper between his enormous breasts. His date was silent with either contemplation or sexual desire, Mark was too horny to tell.

"Miss. Miss. MISS!" An unfamiliar voice said. Mark snapped out of his tease and looked in the direction of the voice. It was their waiter. "I'm sorry you can't do that here, if you two need a room please leave. We have other customers who'd rather eat their food with less... sex."

"It's no problem. We were just about to leave anyways, isn't that right hun?" Mark asked his date.

"Actually I think I'm just going to leave," his date said standing up. "It was nice meeting you Hannah, but I can't do this. Not tonight."

"No don't leave me Harold, you're so hot! Don't you want to please a woman like me?"

"It's Harry!" He said walking with his back to Mark.

"God dammit, I thought I had him," Mark said putting his head on the table in defeat.

"Will you be paying for this Miss?" The waiter ask calmly.

"Ugh, fine." Mark said handing him Hannah's card. "It's not like it's my money anyways."

Bzzt. His phone went off, he checked it. It was from Kevin.

Night's going great over here! At first not so much, but I took your advice and went to the bathroom to show more of my mount's tits. I'm so getting laid tonight! Good luck with your date :), the text read. 

Don't do it dude, Mark sent back. Men aren't as simple minded as that Ugh, my date walked out on me. This is fucking embarrassing, you'd think that since we were dudes it'd be easy. Nope.

I'll let you know if it works for me. Oh shit, he's coming back from the bathroom. TTYL! Kevin's text read.


"Wow Michelle, you look even more fantastic than before," Kevin's date said sitting down at the table.

"Aww, thank you James," Kevin blushed. "What brought that up?"

"I don't know. Did you do something with your hair?"

Kevin laughed. He reached across the table and took his date's hands. "It's alright James. you can say breasts."

"Alright, your breasts are more..."

"More exposed," Kevin finished. "James, I'm up here."

"I am so sorry," James' face was flushed.

"You're so cute when you're embarrassed!" Kevin giggled. "How about the two of us get out of here, so you can see more of what's under here?"

"That would be great! Waiter, check please!" James shouted.

I don't know what you mean man, getting laid as a woman is so easy! I'll see you tomorrow ;)

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Inside Jessica Nigri Part 8 - Vacation

It's been a while since we last saw how Charlie was doing as Jessica Nigri, let's take a peek at what he's been up to!

"How are you doing Cameron, my man?" Charlie said opening up Facetime.

"Not as good as you obviously," Cameron said. His dark messy room in the background was in stark contrast to the beach Charlie lied on. "I've been following you on Instagram after all, looks like you're having a great time in the Caribbean."

"It's been wonderful!" Charlie said rolling over onto his chest. "Being an adult is hard work, but a summer vacation is well worth it."

"Doesn't that hurt you?"

"Doesn't what hurt me?"

"Lying on your boobs like that, that has to hurt," Cameron said. His voice was worn and tired.

"Nope, they're quite comfy actually. It's like lying on two pillows attached to me, except bouncier," Charlie began bouncing up and down on his chest. He loved pushing his best friend's buttons as Nigri.

"Alright, alright." Cameron said. "Stop it, I was just curious is all. So how many days are left on your vacation?"

"Too little," Charlie said rolling back on his back. "I didn't actually plan this trip, it was all pre-planned by Nigri and her assistant months before I became her. If it was up to me I'd be here for another month or two, but sadly I have to get back to Phoenix in three days. Sucks!"

"Sucks to suck," Cameron said. "Still better than the trip I took with my family. Five days with my stupid cousins in Nashville was five days too long, I swear I wasn't meant to be born into this family. They're so embarrassing! Maybe one of these days I'll find a way to begin a new life like you did."

"Well keep me updated if that happens, but choose wisely. I didn't expect to be stuck as Jessica, it just sorta happened. Do I like it? Most of the time: yes. But her life is really intense, she's a fucking workaholic and I have to keep up appearances. This is why I need this vacation, it's literally just me on this trip, no one else. If I had to spend another second around her personal assistant and her uptight personality I swear I was going to strangle her."

"You're right. I was being mellow dramatic and a tad envious. The grass is always greener I suppose. Hey man, I gotta go. My mom's calling me."

"Sure man, talk to you later!"


The screen returned to Charlie's home screen, Lying back on his recliner his phone started buzzing. It was Jessica's PA, calling for the thousandth time that day. He hit the ignore button then powered his phone down. It was his vacation and he wasn't going to let anyone ruin it.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Not so sure anymore

"I'm not so sure about this anymore," Tim said to his friend who James who was beginning to pull down his pants.

"Come on man, we agreed on this!" James said hoping into the hot tub, his erection standing at full attention.

"I know, I know. It's just that..."

"It's just that what? Obviously you're not afraid of getting your pussy pounded. Yeah, I saw you making out with Mitch in the hallway yesterday. Or the fact that just a day before you gladly took a ride with Jeremy back home. Oh and the day before that, your first day as Ginny I might add, you called off the first time this was supposed to happen so you could rest. I'll have you know, I saw Snapchats from Anthony that night of your making out with him. You've been Ginny, the hottest girl in the entire school for just four days and you've already made her the biggest slut in the entire school. What the hell do you have against me?"

"You want the truth?" Tim asked.

"Yes I want the truth," James demanded.

"Well it's just that your," Tim brought his index finger and thumb together with a small gap between them, "your dick is a little too small for me."

"Arrrggghhhh!" Jame roared. "If my best friend isn't going to sleep with me I don't know if I'll ever get laid." James hopped out of the pool, still naked and erect.

"Hey, where are you going?" Tim asked.

"To do the thing you won't do." He wrapped himself in his towel. "I'll be in my room, don't knock." He slammed the door behind him.

"Sorry..." Tim said.
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