Saturday, April 30, 2016

A Few Setbacks Part 2

Arnold's progress was going smoothly since the thief stole his body. Since the swap he built his new female body into his own. Being forced to adapt to his new female form he had grown quiet adaptable and had since registered as a full-time woman's personal trainer at the gym. He tried training both men and woman, but the men wouldn't take him seriously or would constantly hit on him, so he decided to stick just with women.

A woman's body provided him with unique challenges he never had to deal with as a man, and he had accepted that he would never be as buff as he was as a male, but he was a competitive type, and he was going to become the best damn female trainer in the gym.


Garry did not want to spend his weekend as Julia at her best friend's wedding, but the two had been friends since kindergarten and she was unable to make it due to her flight being canceled. Since Garry actually lived in the same city as Julia's best friend Bela, Julia practically begged Garry to transform into her for the wedding. Bela came to Julia's wedding just the year before, where Garry happily attended as a man, and she felt like she couldn't let Bela down on her big day. So Julia did what anyone who had a shapeshifting friend would do, she begged Garry to take her form so she wouldn't miss it. She offered to pay him back in the refund the airline was giving her for the canceled flight. He sighed and took her form, but now he was beginning to regret it, the dress he picked up just did not work well with Julia's large breast. 

Friday, April 29, 2016

In the shower

I assume most of you have a natural curiosity of what it's like to be a woman in the shower, or else you probably wouldn't be here. Well luckily for all of you, I recently got a Go Pro, and since it's the weekend I had all the time in the world play around with it. This is my "waterproof test" of the camera, as I wore the form of one of some random girl I found on /r/gonewild.

Enjoy XOXO

His Ex's

You know what's worse than a break up? Your ex-girlfriend running off to another state to room with your other ex-girlfriend. Jordan introduced the two, originally as a way to get his then ex-girlfriend Amy (purple shorts) jealous of his then current girlfriend Ashley (pink shirt). Amy and him decided to stay friends after the breakup since they were friends before they started dating, but as time went on Ashley and Amy became great friends, and that's how Ashley learned of his cheating habits.

Jarred was a bit of a narcissist, he wanted everybody to love him, and if they didn't he would cut them out of his life. But not Ashley and Amy, they, at one point, loved him more than he loved himself. Then all of a sudden, one day, Ashley told him he was leaving the state and traveling across the country to get away from him and live with Amy. He couldn't believe it.

Then, one faithful day, he was given an orange Nexus Stone, a stone granted him the ability to possess his two ex's bodies for up to 72 hours, at the same time! He would make sure he would spend the next three days loving himself as the two women who loved him the most, and use this as the perfect opportunity to get some revenge.

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Ticket to America

"This is just too much to deal with," Branden tugged at his new hair. The sixteen year old boy American boy said after returning to the address he found in the woman's purse. "This has  to be a dream, or some really convincing prank."

Earlier that day Branden had been walking about the streets of London with his parents, it was their final day of the vacation, when this woman redheaded woman came up to him and said in a British accent, "Looks like it's my lucky day, you're my ticket to America young man."

There was a flash of light and the next thing Branden knew he was in her body. He was stunned, and literally couldn't move. "What the hell just happened?" He muttered in her voice, accent and everything.

After his old body disappeared from view he finally was able to move again, he fumbled through her purse to find a clue of what just happened. That was when he found her address.

"I got to start somewhere," he said walking off and trying to readjust to the bouncing on his chest, "fuck this is going to be a lot to deal with."

The Nexus Stone

Paul was about to go insane with the amount of pleasure he was experiencing, he now understood why everybody only had one body. It was intense getting oral from one girl, but getting and giving oral as six different girls was on another level!

An hour ago Paul activated a strange stone he found in the mail. It wasn't addressed to him, or anyone, it was just there in a plain brown box. The stone was a deep purple with twisted tentacle like formations stretching outwards from the round center. Along with the stone in the box was a small note labeled "Nexus Stone: Purple." The note read: "You were born with only one body, but why not two, or three, or how about six? Think of the six bodies you love most and they will be yours for a few hours. Enjoy, this one is on us. Signed, The Shop of Oddities."

Paul didn't know what it meant, but the note made him think of the six women who he thought had the best bodies. Jessica, his hot coworker he was too shy to talk to; Megan, his roommate who he used to sleep with until she got a boyfriend; those two twins down the hall, he never caught their names; Hannah, his friend since middle school; and Julia, the waitress at Busty Bunnies who always served him and his friends.

Suddenly he was all six at once, and he was horny as fuck. He didn't know how long this was going to last, so he brought them all back to his place and set out on the hottest masturbation session in his life.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Student Bodies Part 2: Visitation Hours

"Who's ready for a fucking fun night girls!?" Felix (middle, black hair) shouted. 

"Whoooo!!!!" The five girls shouted, all the drunkest they have been in their lives.

Felix wanted to cut loose tonight, he had been stressed with his research and teaching schedules that he needed a break. So on Friday, after his last lecture of the week, he took a stroll around campus until he found a girl he liked. He liked to possess freshmen on nights like tonight because he could do something stupid as them and they'd think they just blacked out from too much to drink. 

Liz, that was his name tonight according to his student ID. He knew nothing about her, and he didn't have to, he went over to his hidden liquor stash in the library he kept for nights like tonight, returned to her room and began inviting girls in Liz's dorm over for drinks. The next thing they knew it was 2am and all of them were blacked out, except for Felix. He led the girls down to the bottom floor and out to the front entrance, they all lined up by the door.

"On your mark, get set, go!" He shouted from Liz's mouth, and the girls began streaking across the campus. 

Oh no!

"Oh no, Angela is biting my breast!" Keith exclaimed, catching his sister's eyes upstairs in his old room. "Please save me, save me from this dreadful life."

A few days ago Keith swapped his body with his sister Erika's thanks to the magic remote he found at a thrift store. After the deed was done he hid the remote far far away from the house.

Erika was pissed, but all what Keith could do smile with a stupid grin on his sister's face. The grin she would always give Keith when she deceived him. The two twins were always at it with each other, Erika would steal his laptop, Keith would steal her towels while she sung in the shower, Erika would put his hands in water so he would wet the bed, and now Keith stole her body.... and her girlfriend Angela.

"I know how I can save you from it," Angela whispered into Keith's ear.

"Oh tell me how bae," Keith whispered back.

"Like this," Angela began kissing Keith's borrowed lips. Keith felt his sister's body pull his hands towards Angela's breast. The two began going at it in the pool chair. All what Erika could do upstairs was watch in disgust. One of these days she would find his remote, and when she did he would pay bit time.

Second Job

Dan stood across the bar looking at his friends having a great time. He had been invited to dinner with them at Busty Bunnies, the poor man's Twin Peaks, but he had to make an excuse that he wasn't feeling well.

A few weeks ago Dan had come into some financial hardships and so he had to take a second job, using his shapeshifting powers he applied to Busty Bunnies and got the job. None of his friends knew he was a shifter either, so it he never told them.

"Hey Julia," his friend Paul motioned towards him, "can we get a second round of drinks over here?"

"Coming right up, and you know what? This round is on me!" Dan said. Even though he couldn't join them, he wanted to give them a great time.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

I think it's kicking in... Part 2: Coffee

"Hey babe," Danny said sipping his morning coffee. His rough male voice still hadn't changed since the initial transformation. 
"Hey," Catherine said to the former man, "did you make me a cup?"
"Yeah," Danny pointed to the counter, "right over there."
"Thanks," she paced across the room. Ever since the transformation a month ago she had been treating him like this, distant and disappointed. After their little experiment Caleb had transformed back, but whatever allergic reaction Danny had had caused him to be stuck in his female form, still partially transformed.
"So I read online that the plant you and Caleb ate sometimes takes a while to leave the body entirely, since the men would use it to birth children."

"So you think I'll have to wait another eight months?" 

"Maybe..." Catherine sat down next to Danny. "I really hope so, I really hope so. I miss having a boyfriend."

"Trust me," Danny said taking her hand, "I'll figure this out."

"In the meantime," Catherine looked him in the eye, "can you at least work on your voice?"

What do you think should happen with Danny and Catherine? Leave your thoughts in the comments!

Agents of S.H.I.F.T. - The Infiltrator

Avery dashed across the floor, gliding around every turn like a speed skater. Behind him were ten armed men, four of which he knocked unconscious. The mission was supposed to be a simple in and out, but something went wrong.

Interpol had gathered intelligence that Meridian Labs was producing a bioweapon capable of hiding in the body for months before becoming malicious and killing the host in hours of activation. A perfect bioweapon if fallen into the wrong hands. They had been keeping it secret, and when exposed shrugged it off as an experiment on pathogens and their behavior. After the legal attack failed Interpol turned to SHIFT to take care of the dirty work.

Special Agent Avery was assigned this one. Avery was skilled in all forms of combat in all body types, from the agile petite woman (above) to sumo wrestling, nothing was out of reach for the agent. The agent's diverse skill set was so diverse that Avery was given a suit called the Morph Suit that cut the transformation time down to a few split seconds, a normal shapeshifter would take a few seconds to minutes depending on difference in the form, but not with a Morph Suit.

Avery's assignment was easy: get into the conference room of Meridian Labs and plant hidden mics and cameras so that Interpol could get hard evidence on the company. Standard walk in the park mission, especially for an agent like Avery. What wasn't accounted for was the increased security measures implemented by Meridian during the legal investigation.

The special agent didn't even get past the first floor when the alarms went off. Armed guards dashed down the hallway towards the agent, who at the time was wearing the body of a older male guard. Somehow Meridian's security could detect shapeshifters.

"Freeze!!!" A guard shouted.

Avery's hands went up, playing along with the guard.

"No sudden movement," the guard approached him. The remaining nine stood behind him, guns pointed.

Once the guard pulled out his handcuffs Avery morphed his body from the elderly man into that of a two-hundred-and-twenty pound MMA fighter's and slammed his first into the guard's jaw. Avery put so much force into the punch that the guard flew backwards towards his squad.

"What the fuck?" A guard trembled.

"Fire!" Another shouted.

Avery morphed into a petite female acrobat and tumbled towards the guards. Moving between that form and the fighter's the agent put three more guards to sleep.

"Backup, somebody send backup!" A guard shouted into his radio.

"Good luck with catching me," Avery taunted. The shifter shifted into his favorite get away form and began dashing down the hallways.

Avery might have escaped the battle, but the agent had a lot of explaining to the higher ups on exactly how Meridian could detected shapeshifters. Something wasn't right....

Monday, April 25, 2016

This is Alright

"This is alright," Kevin said drinking his morning screwdriver, and he wasn't talking about the screwdriver.

A week ago Bianca, Kevin's next door neighbor, stole his body and his girlfriend with it. Kevin's mom was friend with Bianca, the two would converse over red wine and a chick flick every Thursday night, and every Thursday night Kevin would catch Bianca checking him out. Like any teen boy he found it flattering that a girl was checking him out, but Bianca made it a little weird, and it wasn't their age difference.

She eyed him with envy, like he had something she didn't have. A week ago she swapped their bodies.

Kevin was stunned by the swap. Not only was he robbed of his manhood but at least 17 years of his life was stolen now that he was 34. The first few days put him in utter shock, and he hardly left the bed.

When he went to confront Bianca about the swap she confessed she did it because she was bored of lounging around all day as a trophy wife, and she would give him back his body once she grew bored of it. He couldn't believe it, then he discovered alcohol.

Today marked the one week anniversary of the swap, and Kevin was on his third screwdriver of the morning.

"Now time to find some porn a my vibrator," Kevin said gulping down his cocktail. "This is going to be another great day!"

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Not Really Into It

"When I said I wanted to spend the whole day with you I didn't mean as your sister," Gabe pouted.

"Well you should of actually saved enough money to fly to Seattle then," Logan said picking up his beer. "You should consider yourself lucky that my sister did this for you, she's usually a little more mischievous with her powers."

"Like this isn't mischievous enough?" Gabe motioned towards his whole body. "I wanted to get the fuck out that small ass town for the week, chill with my best friend and wing-man off each other like we used to. Do you know how long it's been since I last got my dick wet?"

"Hey man, you can still get laid, with a guy or girl. Same sex marriage is legal and everything. Plus this is fucking Seattle, like one of the most liberal cities next to Portland."

"That's not what I meant," Gabe slouched back in his chair. "I wanted it to be like good old times. Plus I have no idea how to even use a vagina."

"You're here for a week, you'll get used to it. Hey," Logan motioned behind his friend, "there's two hot chicks over there, how about you test out that old Gabe charm as my sister."

Gabe turned around. He felt nothing, no urge at all. "I'm not really into it." He said then chugging his beer.

Agents of S.H.I.F.T. - The Rookie

This post idea came to me during a walk. It was originally going to be a one-off but I realized that wasn't possible. I began thinking of the lore behind the universe, different characters and scenarios, interconnecting plots. I couldn't wait to get some privacy to write it. Let me know if you want more in the comments, along with ideas for future missions. I will be happy to oblige!

Alright, keep your cool Riley you're a field agent now, you trained your entire adult life for this moment, you're doing fine, Riley reminded himself. A few seconds ago he had been attending a dinner party downstairs. Riley chatted among the guest, he drank every drink, complemented the chef, and kissed the host. Everything, even this moment was going according to plan. The host we by Anthony Garland, but he had many other names: Jamie Hewitt, Cameron McCormick, Taylor Brennan, and so on. He was a man of many lives, meanwhile Riley was the man of many faces.

Shapeshifters, body hoppers, and many other "specialized humans of interchangeable forms" as they were called by their stagnant acquaintances, have always been masters of deception and secrecy. For centuries they had lived among us and nobody the wiser, until Interpol that is.

Interpol had discovered these specialized humans in the 1960s, and formed the Specialized Humans of Interchangeable Forms Task-Force or S.H.I.F.T. to take down criminal empires and terrorist cells. Every member was compensated generously for their talents.

Riley was the newest shapeshifter recruit. His first solo mission was to find Antonio Cruz's contacts in the Los Zetas drug cartel. Cruz had retired well from the Zetas years ago and had been hiding under the alias Anthony Garland.

As far as Cruz was concerned, this was his first night meeting Alexis, the facade Riley assumed. She was a young twenty-six year old woman who had moved north to escape her conservative family and begin a career in modeling. Alexis had six exboyfriends, two of which had physically harmed her, one who loved her but passed away in a car crash, and the other two were forgettable. She hated chocolate and loved cherries, and would rather sip on wine and watch TV all night than go out to a bar. Oh, and she had a bra size of 32C, and was really really into BDSM. She wasn't real, she was none other than months of trial and error of becoming the perfect woman for Cruz. Riley had succeeded, he had gained entry into Cruz's house via invitation to his special dinner party.

Riley stumbled about the hallway, he wasn't drunk he had shifted his body to neglect alcohol, but he couldn't do anything about the adrenaline. After performing so well downstairs this moment right here felt like the main act: find Cruz's computer, install a backdoor virus on it, and get out. At this point his cover meant nothing, hot woman or not if Cruz found Riley tampering with his computer it could be the death of him. To Riley he was feeling stage freight.

Five doors later Riley found the drug lord's personal office. It was well furnished with a bookshelf taking up an entire wall, a wooden desk fitted for a king. Behind the desk was a huge mirror to make the room appear larger. He removed a flash drive hidden in a tube of lipstick and inserted it into a USB port. A LED loading bar appeared on the side of the drive, it began inching at a snail's pace. His heart was pounding beneath his breast, his eyes danced between the door and the LEDs. Back and forth, back and forth.

Tap. Tap. Tap. Footsteps! There were footsteps. "Fuck," Riley said beneath his breath. Riley reached into his purse and gripped the handle of his tranq gun, his grip growing tighter with every step. The taps became clicks, and the clicks became stomps, and the stomps became silence. The loading bar was at 70%.

Suddenly an idea came to him. He hastily picked up the tube of lipstick and turned his back to the door, facing the mirror.

On the other side of the door stood Peter, a man he had flirted with at the party to make Cruz jealous. Peter was a skinny man in his early thirties, kind of a dork, which is precisely why Riley had flirted with him. Cruz was the jealous type, and nothing would make him more jealous than the woman of his dream flirting with Peter.

"I'm so sorry," Peter said his speech was slurred a little, "I thought this was the bathroom," Riley pretended to be focused in applying his makeup. "Do you know where I can find it?"

"Would a lady like myself be touching herself up in here if she knew where the bathroom was, Peter?" Riley said turning to face the man.

"I suppose not. I'm sorry miss, uhh, what was your name again?"

"Alexis," Riley glimpsed at the flash drive: 90%. "How could you forget my name Peter? I thought I made an impression on you, like you did to me."

"No no, it's not that. You certain have, you're very pretty Alexis, I'm just bad with names."

"Obviously I haven't made that big of an impression," the flash drive read 100%, Riley quickly snatched and shoved it in his purse with the tube of lipstick. "How about I fix that for you?"

"H-how can you do that?"

Riley made his way towards the man and caressed his shoulder. "How about we begin with that bathroom you were looking for."

Riley's first mission was a success, now he needed a little celebration.

And the two made their way down the hallway.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

The Problem Child

"Are we gonna do this or what?" Kelvin said laying on his friend's bed, "because this vagina is itching for some cock."

"Is your sister alright with you, you know, being inside her and everything?" Kelvin's friend Rich asked.

"Fuck my sister," Kelvin responded, "Katie has always been the problem child, what we're doing this weekend is really fucking tame by her standards. She's a nympho with no sense of self control, I had to fight the urge to drink all morning and I think it just made me hornier. So get you and your dick over here."

"But are you really sure about this man? You really want to have sex with me as your sister?"

"Fuck that, I don't want to have sex with you," Kelvin crawled across the bed on all fours his breast dangling off his chest, "I need to have sex with you!"

He pulled his friend towards him, and the two went on to have the greatest night of their lives.


"Mmmm, you paid well for these didn't you? They almost feel real." Jon said grouping his new body's breast.

"Uhhh, Melissa, what do you mean?" Ben asked.

"Let me take a better look here," Jon said untying his bikini around his neck, "yep, fake but believable."

"Melissa," Ben said, "do you not remember the surgery?"

"Oh," Jon giggled, "silly me. I think I'm a bit too drunk. Thank you so much for these." Jon hugged the man, he had to be at least twenty years older than his mount.

Jon was an older body hopper, old enough that he was a witness of the fall of the Roman Empire. Melissa was just his latest mount, but his first female mount in over a century. After posing as Ben's butler for years, Jon decided it was time to abandon the penis and go back to a vagina and tits, at least for a little while, so he assumed the form of Ben's hot new wife.

"Now," Jon said grabbing Ben by the hand, "how about you show how much you appreciate giving me this gift?"

And the two went upstairs.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Oculus Shift

"I look hot as fuck," David said gazing into the virtual mirror. His avatar smirked at him with her cute face and big eyes. "I take back everything I've said about kids these days."

David was an elderly man, born in 1990 he had lived through the boom of the information age of the early 2000s, seen the birth of holograms and 3D printed food in 2020, the first human on Mars in 2030, and personally knew the first person to have their minds uploaded to a computer in 2040. Now the elderly man was living in the post singularity age of 2050, AI an virtual reality ruled all. For years he had resisted the temptations of immortally living within a computer, until one day on his deathbed his grandson convinced him otherwise.

David now inhabited a fully digital body, capable of his wildest dreams. Today was just another day about his world, he had transformed his avatar into the sexiest girl he could think of.

"Now time to look for another avatar to give this body a test drive," David said spawning his new body into a common room.

I think it's kicking in.... Part 1: A New Drug

"Uhh Danny, I think it's kicking in," Caleb's voice cracked. His vocal chords were still morphing making him sound like he was going through puberty all over again.

"I'm feeling it too man," Danny said from across the room, he look so far away, "Jesus Christ the room is spinning faster than a UFO." Danny's body began to morph, his hair growing longer, his chubby body began readjusting its mass.

The two friends had recently discovered a legendary plant from the Amazon that would reverse the consumer's gender as long as it was still in their system. Legend said that long ago Amazon tribes would use this plant like how modern society uses caffeine today. Women would take it to transform into men to help with hunting, and men would use it either to birth children or become wet nurses for their wives. Now it was being used by two curious twenty-somethings wanting to get high on something really exotic, in Chicago.

"How do I look?" Caleb asked, his voice fully feminine now. He flipped his hair. "I've always want to do that."

Danny burped, "Fuck man, I think I might be allergic to that shit." His body was mostly transformed, his voice still the same.

Danny pulled out his phone to look at himself, "Heh, at least I look pretty hot. But what the fuck is up with my eyes? Oh god I'm going to barf."

The former man dashed to the kitchen sink and hurled his lunch straight down the drain.

"Goddammit!" Danny shouted, "how long is this supposed to last?"

"Depends on your metabolism," Caleb said fondling himself, "but the website said up to 16 hours per leaf."

"How many did I eat?" Danny still hugged the sink.

"Lets see, I had three, so that's 48 hours for me. Since you're a larger guy than me you thought it would be best to double it, so that's six for you. So if your body weight doesn't slow it down, you're looking at an upper limit of four days."

"Fuck my life," the former man said, letting out his breakfast this time. His voice still hadn't changed.

"Hey, I hope your feel better and everything soon, but I really want to give my new vagina a test drive. Mind if I use your girlfriend's vibrator?"

"Yeah go for it, just wash it off when you're done."

"Sweet!" Caleb squealed and dashed upstairs for some privacy.

Thursday, April 21, 2016


It's almost summer time, and all I could think of were vacation pics today. I'm thinking of starting another idea, "Swapcations" like AirBnB but you stay in somebody else's body instead.
"FUCK YEAH, NEW ORLEANS!!!!" Tanner (left) shouted, "And to think we were in Vancouver just seconds ago."

"I can't believe it actually worked," Michelle (right) said.

"Trust me honey, the clever folks at Extra-Body never disappoint," he said bouncing his new breast. "Especially not this time."

"Don't do that," Michelle said.

"Why not babe?" Tanner gave his new breast a small jiggle.

"I think think body is a lesbian," she said looking her boyfriend in the eye, "I don't want you to trigger anything, at least not until I get a few drinks in me."

Extra-Body was the next logical step of the recent share economy of the 21st century. For centuries body switchers had lived separate from the outside world, but with the recent boom of Uber and AirBnB a few clever body hoppers began trading their bodies to non-switchers with their permission, for a few bucks that is. Soon switchers began crawling out of the woodwork and began registering their bodies on the Extra-Body app. Now for a few hundred bucks a non-switcher could rent a body of a body switcher's for as long as they could afford. Not only did the general public begin using it to explore other bodies, but it was faster and cheaper than flying, and because current laws couldn't adapt fast enough, it didn't require a passport.

"Well then." Tanner said linking his borrowed arm around Michelle's, "it will be my pleasure to get your started on that."

And the young couple began their trip of a life time.

Pissed off

"I can't wear it like this right?" Anthony's Snapachat read.

"When I get my body back I'm going to kill that dick of a brother," Chelsea said between her borrowed teeth.

Chelsea was supposed to be on her final spring break trip with her besties, but instead she was trapped in the body of her stupid high school brother instead. She wanted to punch him in the face so badly but he was thousands of miles away from her home in Seattle at South by Southwest in Austin, TX. He kept on sending her snap after snap of his time in Austin, from the concerts to doing shots with her friends. There were even a few of them hanging out backstage with indie bands, a few with him making out with the members of each band!

She was pissed, she was pissed she fell for his stupid ring he bought as a sign of "sibling love," pissed that he was having the time of her life for her, and pissed he stole months of planning and saving at the cost of two stupid rings he found on eBay.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Mirror Pic

Below is an transcript of a text conversation between Andrew (picutred) and his friend Billy
Andrew (picutred): How do I look?

Billy: Great! Now get your cousin's ass over here.

Andrew: Yeah, let me just find a shirt to cover up.

Billy: Why a mirror pic though?

Andrew: huh?

Billy: The mirror pic, why did you take a mirror pic? You know all phones have front facing cameras.

Andrew: no time for that, do you want to get laid of not?

Billy: I do, I do. Now hurry up!

Billy: But why? MySpace is over, nobody does mirror pics anymore, especially after Apple started front facing cameras.

Andrew: Jesus Christ Billy. My cousin lets me borrow her body for the afternoon, I decide to finally get you laid by being her, and this is how you text me? No wonder you can't get laid.

Billy: Sorry, sorry. It was just bothering me is all.

Andrew: You know what, I don't think this is going to happen. You need to learn how to get laid on your own, you'll learn a lot about yourself doing that.

Billy: I said I was sorry, isn't that good enough?

Andrew: no it's not. You need this, it's for your own good.

Billy: Sorry! Is there any way I can make it up to you?

Andrew: Yeah you can by getting me laid. Is your older brother home?

"Are you my long lost twin or something?" Part 2

"Mmmmm, I love the way you use those lips," Abby (top) moaned. "Is that new lipstick?"

"Mhmm," George (bottom) moaned, "I got it for you."

"It looks great on you Georgia," Abby said, "which means it'll look great on me too. Can I borrow it?"

"First," George said guiding her hand to his vagina, "you got to earn it."

Since the incident at the club nearly a month ago George and Abby, the girl at the club whose form he had taken, had been hooking up on the down low. Abby didn't want anyone to know she hooked up with girls occasionally, and George was fine with that. Nobody knew they met, except for everyone outside of Abby's bedroom the two only existed in a selfie on Abby's Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest, Tumblr Blog, Tinder Profile, and even her Google+ page. The girl really had an addiction to social media which really brought out the "Kids these days!" part of him. But the hot sex usually took his mind off of her desire for attention. George didn't use any form of social media, he didn't even have a smartphone, and so he didn't know much about the girl outside of the bedroom.

Abby didn't know he was a shapeshifter, nor that "Georgia" wasn't his real name. As far as she knew, Georgia was just a young woman who just looked like Abby. Too keep appearances up he had to make some minor adjustments to his form so she wouldn't get too suspicious. He made his breast slightly larger, his nose a little bigger, jaw a tiny bit more angular, he changed this form's voice box entirely to his first wive's who he had married in his 20s, and so on. To Abby, Georgia was just an excuse to let herself go crazy with herself.

George felt two fingers slide into him, his body gasped. He took Abby by the neck and pulled her closer to his face. The two began passionately making out.

To each other they were a mystery, in every way but the physical.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

FOSE Strikes Again!

"Woah, what the fuck? Where am I?" Stephen said with his new female voice. "And why do I sound like a woman?"

The former man had been struck by the FOSE while at work on a logo for an app. Stephen worked as a freelance graphic designer by day, but to make ends meet he would spend some weekend nights as a male stripper at bachelorette parties. It paid well, better than his career as an artist, but he would never do it full time.

Now he was laying in bed in a different house in a different body of the opposite sex. On the laptop were a set Facebook photos of him at a party, half naked and dancing on top of a coffee table while women cheered him on. Must have been a private party, he had done so many that everything blurred together at this point. In it his abs were glistening from all the oil, his pecks were so bold and strong, and his face so chiseled and masculine, and don't even get him started about his eyes... Stephen's new crotch began to tingle.

"Fuck," he blurted, "was I just getting turned on by myself?" That was when he noticed his right hand was wet, everything was beginning to make sense now. The FOSE had hit her and him. As a stripper you were warned about this, they weren't common but when the FOSE strikes you, it's best to be prepared. There was a girl a part of their group, Mckayla, who wounded up in the body of some guy from a bachelor party she was at a year ago! He kept on stripping in her body afterwards full time this time, dropping out of all her nursing classes, because it's good money. Plus it didn't seem like he didn't have much confidence before the FOSE. Now Stephen was on that side.

He gazed into his eyes of his former body on the screen, his new vagina heated up. "Fuck it," he said, "I did make a pretty sexy man. Maybe I should have taken this job full time. Plus, maybe if I orgasm just right I might be able to reverse this."

Red-Light District

"Come here boys," the right most girl on the bed said.

"We want to play you," the left most girls continued.

"And you to play with us," the right middle redhead carried on.

"All night long!" The left middle girl finished.

Derek and Collin had come to Amsterdam for their final spring break. On their last night during a huge binder of alcohol and weed they decided to go all in on the Amsterdam experience, so they did what all horny cross-faded American tourist would do, they went to the red-light district. The duo was told about brothel that consisted of only four women, and no pimp. More of a bed and breakfast with sex. Although they were only four women, they were told they were mind readers, that they acted like they knew what the other was about to do, and most importantly they knew exactly what a man wanted. None of them ever revealed their names, but they sure as hell knew how to make you wish you did so you would have something to scream while deep inside her.

"You ladies are all beautiful, I can't decide. Hey Collin, lets do this gym style," Derek motioned towards his friend, "you choose girl one, I choose girl two, then you get girl three, and I..."

"Get girl four," Collin cut his friend off.

"Look at you, is that your brain in your head or one giant penis? What are you waiting for? Go on."

"You, with the curls." Collin pointed at the left middle girl.

"Alright redhead, that means you're mine." Derek spared no time to hesitate.

"Girl on the left, the choker girl, you're with me."

"Alright, I guess that leaves you with me," Collin pointed at the girl on the right. "Now are you ready for a night to remember Derek my man!?"

The girls approached their clients in sync, their bodies lined up in an almost uncanny motion as the made their way to their clients. What the two Americans didn't know was that the four girls were not so different from one another, in fact the only difference between each of them was their bodies. Within each of lovely escorts lied the soul of Doctor Jasper Meijer, a mad Dutch scientist who upon his death bed used his last invention, a soul swapping device, to possess the body of his lovely assistant Anna (right). He lived as her for a few weeks and carried on his research of souls. What he later discovered was that souls were able to be split across bodies, Jasper as Anna paid off a prostitute, Kiki (middle left) and copied his soul into hers. It worked! He now held two bodies of his own, and if one were to die he could still carry on in the other. So he began acquiring "back ups,"next on the list was Anita (left) then her best friend Nichole (middle right).

Now that the doctor was confident in his ability to inhabit multiple bodies at once, he decided it was about time to add some diversity into the cluster, like two young American men.

"Fuck yeah I am," Derek high fived his friend, "let us never forget tonight!"

The four girls all giggled in unison as they escorted each man to their private quarters. If everything went according to plan, Dr. Meijer would have an additional two bodies by sunrise, but at first he had to give them their money's worth. He wasn't that evil.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Out of Town

Hey everybody, YourBoobsMyBody here! As you might notice from the background, I am currently out of town for the week, I've been assigned to go out of town to talk serious business for my company, but it hasn't stopped me from doing my side gig. It's 6am here and before my meeting at 8 I thought I'd give you amazing fans a little show.

Who is this girl? You might ask, honestly, like most girls I shift into, I'm not really sure what her real name is. What I do know is that she was sitting next to me on the plane and was the kind of person who orders a cranberry juice and vodka on a Sunday morning, She was dressed pretty professional though, but I knew she was hiding something amazing underneath. So my gift to you, you beautiful fans, is a little dance as the girl on the plane.

(I haven't worn tits so perfect in a long time)


"Oh god, oh god, oh fuuuuccccckkkkkkk," Martin screamed from Haley's body (on the bed). The two female bodies looked at each other in the eyes after the orgasm, not because they wanted to, but because instinct told them to. Martin was seeing himself from two different POVs.

It had been a rough day at both of Martin's jobs and he had to get off somehow. Martin was a multibodies person. Originally he had been born male, and he had spent 25 years of his life as a single bodied male working a steady salaried job while his girlfriend, Rebecca, waited tables. Everything was smooth and steady, until one day....

Two years ago Martin ended up in a freak accident between him, his girlfriend Rebecca, and his boss Haley. Haley invited the couple out one night for dinner and drinks, Martin and Rebecca happily agreed to go out. While out drinking a freak lightning storm appeared in the area. When the trio left the bar they were struck by lightning. The strike, defying all known laws of nature, sent Martin into both the bodies of his boss and girlfriend, meanwhile the two into his body. And from that point on wards he had been living in the bodies of two women.

For obvious reasons he moved his two bodies into the same apartment, while Haley-Rebecca, or Halbecca as he called them, moved out. Halbecca, after the incident, left the state to pursue their joint life somewhere else as a blank slate, Martin completely understood. Since the two left Martin had struggled with his two bodies, at first working two shifts at the same time was hard, he would accidentally repeat back an order made by a customer to Rebecca in a board meeting as Haley, and vice versa. Eventually he found a stable solution, Haley's body would keep her high paying job during the day, meanwhile Rebecca's would sleep until she had to go to work at her bar that night. It was like playing The Sims, but in real life.

Today though, Martin had a rough day as Haley. The board was not listening to his ideas for growing his department, on top of that he was worried Rebecca's body was about get fired at work because he had been neglecting that job to focus more on Haley's career. Ultimately he wanted to retire his life as Rebecca and just focus on Haley full time, but with the way the board was acting today he wasn't so sure about that. So he did what every guy does when stressed, he masturbated himself.

Sunday, April 17, 2016


"I finally found you, you bitch!" Trevor shouted at the woman, "now give me back my wife!"

"Too late," the woman said, "you should have paid off your debt when you had the chance. Now the interest rate would be so high it would take you a lifetime to pay us back."

Three years ago Trevor had fallen into financial ruin. The once big shot Hollywood agent had gotten to confident in his investments, which led to him over investing time and energy into various people and projects. He needed money bad, but with his now terrible credit score no bank would grant him a loan, so he turned to the underworld of LA. That was when he discovered the Tramoggia Corpo, a mob of body hoppers who ran the underworld of city. His confidence had gotten the best out of him again, he took a large loan from the gang and put his wife down as collateral, he was pretty sure he could pay them back within the time frame they gave him, after all he had gone from rags to riches once before, he could do it again. He was wrong.

Now for the first time since then he was face to face with his wife's body, and inside of it was the soul of The Don of the gang.

"Plus," The Don said petting his dog, "your wife's body is too perfect. I plan on keeping it until her boobs get saggy."

"You son of a bitch!" Trevor said pacing his way towards The Don.

"Not so fast Trevor," The Don said, "haven't you forgotten about the restraining order we got in the divorce?"

Trevor halted.

"Now if you would kindly excuse me, I would like to get back to my walk. Come on boy," The Don said to the dog, "lets get moving."

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Ultimate Cosplayer

The thing about being an engineer is that it comes with being a nerd, if you're an engineer you are guaranteed to love video games, comic books, or anime. It's just a part of the package. I grew up playing a lot of video games, during high school they were my social life, my lack of dating life back in those days can vouch for me.

The thing about being a shapeshifter is that comes with the ability to become anyone you want, including video game characters. This is a photo from my last trip to Comic Con 2015 where paraded around the convention hall as one of my favorite characters: Sonya Blade.

When you mix my nerdiness with my talent you can easily become the ultimate cosplayer.

A Few Setbacks Part 1

Arnold wasn't going to let that body thief ruin his life. A few weeks ago while hitting the gym, the 215 lb power lifter and personal trainer had his body snatched from him. While pumping iron his eyes kept on drifting towards this girl on the treadmill, she was cute and athletic and he had never seen her before, and by the way she locked eyes with him he knew she was into him. After a few more sets he approached the new girl.

"My my," she said to Arnold, "aren't you a strong man."

"And aren't you a pretty lady." Arnold said, "my names Arnold, I'm a personal trainer here. And you are?" He stuck out his hand for a shake.

"I'm glad you think this body's pretty," she said ignoring the handshake, "because I'm going to give it to you."

"Of course, every girl who hits the gym is pretty in my book. What do you you mean by the second part? Like do you want to fuck right here or something?"

"I want you inside me Arnold," she said giving him a wink, "and I want to be inside you."

"What the hell are you-" Arnold saw a bright light flash blinding him for a second, "-even talking about." He finished... with the girl's voice. In front of him was his old body, grinning.

"Thanks for the body Arnold," the body thief said, "I was beginning to get tired of that mount. I hope you enjoy it."

And with that she was gone with his body.

After the shock was over he decided it was time to go back to the gym. Fitness was his passion, it didn't matter which body he was in, as long as he was moving he was happy, even if it meant his new breasts jiggled with every move he made.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Side Gigs: Lazy night

Sometimes I just want to relax and watch Netflix while working my side gig, tonight is one of those nights. I took on the form of a girl in our HR department, she's beautiful but her A cup breast aren't sexy enough for my side gig, so I borrowed my brother's girlfriends to help me out tonight.

One of the perks of being a shapeshifter is that you can make yourself not just who ever you want, but take the best features of others and mix and match them however you want. When you get a great looking match like my form tonight it doesn't matter what you do in front of a camera, you can watch Archer all night long as a sexy girl playing with her boobs and still get thousands of viewers.

Yep, being a shapeshifter is hard work.


"So, where are we going?" Avery asked the older man standing across the deck from him.

"Heh, don't be so naive my dear Jes," the man said in an authoritative tone, "we already discussed this. We're going on our month long expedition of the Caribbean!"

"Oh yeah," Avery approached the man, "I almost forgot about that."

"Ha! Well I didn't marry you for your smarts."

Goddammit, another misogynistic pig. Avery thought, Why is it that every time I hop a busty girl on vacation on Instagram I always end up with a sexist older man? Oh well gotta play it straight this time, as usual.

"I know exactly what you married me for," Avery said taking the man by his arm and leading them to the bunk. This was going to be a long vacation....

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Inside Jessica Nigri Part 3 - Let me Explain Everything

This is part 3, and the end of the "first season" of the Inside Jessica Nigri series. I wrote all three of these parts in one night, as fun as they were I need a break! Thank you again for the suggestion Contant payne, you sent me on a wild ride. For more of the series click on the "Inside Jessica Nigri" label at the bottom of this post.

"Let me explain everything," Charlie said. "I only have twelve minutes until the spell wears off, so whatever I can't say now I'll follow up with you tomorrow morning."

All Cameron could do was stare. Charlie had got him good, possible too good, for a second he thought he gave his best friend a heart attack.

"After I told you I was going to get as close to possible I began researching for ways to get to Arizona without my parents. After months of searching I found nothing until I stumbled upon this book on astral-projection. Desperate I decided to order it online. You following me here Cameron?"

His friend nodded.

"I took the book and tried out various spells, none of which did much. Usually I could float around above my body for a few minutes then suddenly I was awake. That was until I found this set of spells deep into the book about how to poses people, each one of different strengths. I tried a few on my brother, then later your mom (remember the time you were grounded for the weekend?) and then when I was confident in my ability I used the strongest one on Jessica tonight. And here we are!"

"Wait," Cameron snapped out of his trance, "that was you who grounded me for losing the remote?"

His friend nodded causing Jessica's breast to bounce.

"Holy shit man," Cameron said, "you won!"

"You deserve something though," Charlie as Jessica said, "here, let me send you a special something as a 'Runner Up' prize instead." Charlie looked at the clock, "Oh, gotta hurry up, only two more minutes left."

Charlie dashed out of the room. A few seconds later Cameron's phone buzzed.
"Ta-da, Jessica's breast. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have tonight! xoxo" The text read.

Charlie ran back into the room. "Did you get it?"

"Hell yeah dude you fucking won!"

"Now you owe me," Charlie said.

"For what?"

"The show I put on tonight, you'll be telling your grand kids about it."

Cameron looked back at the text and noticed the time. "Uhh, hey Charlie."


"You said two minutes until the spell wore off right?"

"Yeah, that's why I had to make it fast."

"Well..." Cameron didn't know how to say this, "it's been four minutes since you sent me that text..."

Never Forget my Face!

"Well fuck me," Ed said while getting ready for his third date with Hannah. His hands grew slimmer, the room got bigger as he began shirking in height and his chest inflated. "I thought I had you all figured out this time!"

In front of the mirror where a handsome tall bearded man once stood, stood a short punk girl speaking in his deep masculine voice. Ed was cursed by his ex, Megan, after their rough break up a few years ago. They dated from their sophomore year of high school to the end of Ed's sophomore year in college. Ed used to have a thing for punk girls, hell he even considered himself a bit of a punk  with his skateboard and long haircut, but that was in high school! After high school Ed grew out of the phase, but Megan didn't and began rolling in strange circles of people Ed didn't like, they were a bunch of druggies who still held the childish belief in which craft and magic. Eventually Ed grew tired of trying to change Megan, and admitted that although he had loved her at some point, he couldn't stay the rest of his life with a girl who refused to grow up. So he told her the truth, that he was tired of her immature attitude, and that he grew out of punk girls, and that he was leaving her. "You don't like how I look anymore? Then I'm going to make sure you never forget my fucking face, no matter how many girls you see after me!" She said to Ed.

Ed didn't get what she meant until a few weeks later when he was about to go on a date with his co-worker Anita. He looked exactly like Megan on the day they broke up, straight down to her makeup. Ever since then he understood what his ex meant, and since then Ed was cursed to transform into Megan for 24 hours every time his relationship with somebody was moving into the "Facebook official phase." Hell, she couldn't even do that right! The curse transformed everything but his voice box! He tried getting around it by working on his pick up game to have one night stands with girls at bars, that didn't end well either, since every time a girl would reach for his dick it would shrink back inside of him and he would have to explain to the girl why they were suddenly making out with a punk girl. Dating was a pain for Ed, although there was that one girl from Henry's Tavern who was totally into it...

Tonight Ed had thought he had beaten the curse. He had been seeing Jennifer, who was everything Megan wasn't: smart, beautiful, and had her shit together in life, she knew exactly where she was going in life with her law degree. Ed was falling in love, and two dates later he hadn't changed yet. So far so good, until tonight! There was always a silver lining to this though, whenever he transformed it usually meant that the girl felt the same about Ed as he did to her, which means in Jennifer's mind they were officially boyfriend and girlfriend!

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Shapeshifting Roommate

"So how do I look?" Zach said standing at the door.

"Like you've never seen a girl go to the shower," his roommate Austin snarked. "Also, could you please change your voice? Your male voice is throwing me off..."

"What do you mean?" Zach said, his voice as silky smooth as Scarlett Johansson's now.

"Your tits are showing and you wrapped the towel around you waist, like seriously have you never seen any pictures of a girl in a towel?"

"Look," Zach said awkwardly attempting a confident pose against the door, "this power is new to me. I didn't ask for this I just got it, and I'm doing both of us a favor by sneaking up to the girls floor right above us. You're lucky you got a shapeshifting roommate, hell you're luck you got a shapeshifting roommate with you in a co-ed dorm! Now let me do what I said I was going to do."

"Look buddy," Austin said, "it's fine if you've never been laid or seen a girl topless before because you're Mormon. But you got to cover up, you're about to walk down the guy's hall and take an elevator."

"Stairs," Zach corrected, "I'll be taking the stairs."

"Fine stairs," Austin continued, "you'll be taking the stairs where your boobs will jiggle even more. That won't help! Oh god..."


"Please don't tell me you kept your dick beneath that towel..."

"No, why would you ever think that!" Zach raised his voice. Suddenly an erection sprang between his legs.

"Jesus Christ dude, you're going to make me barf."

"Relax man, I'm just fucking with you!" The tent retracted all the way down.

"Fuck you man, are you going to get the pictures or what?" Austin said he picked up a shoe and tossed it towards his roommate. The shoe missed.

"Holy shit," Zach said, "is that how you treat a lady?"

"Just fucking go and get the pictures," Austin said sitting down on his bed, "why is it that the stupid home schooled Mormon got the power to shapeshift and not me?'

Wasted on the Young

"Woohoo, it feels great to be young again!" Edward said shaking his new female ass to the treadmill. He had just ran half a marathon in his granddaughter's body, he hadn't ran that much in decades.

"Glad you're enjoying it," Brandon said. "But why Sarah?"

"Listen grandson, I spent 85 years of my life with a dick. After spending 85 years with your dick don't you think you'd be tired of it?"

"Er, I don't think so."

"That's because you still got 58 years to go to understand what I'm saying." Edward got off the treadmill and started drying himself off. Brandon got uneasy when his Grandfather Eddy began wiping his sister's breasts. "It's the same old same old every day, you can only jerk off to so many pictures of busty women before it becomes routine. So as you might know, once you and Macy gave me the opportunity to become young for a week I chose the obvious new and exciting choice."

Edwards finished wiping off his sweaty female form in front of his grandson.

"Now if you would excuse me," Edward said, "I got to see the ladies the room and then get ready for a night on town!"

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Amanda & Ryan

"Oh my god, you cat is so adorable!" Ryan giggled, "what's her name again?"

"His name is Noodles," Amanda said tapping her foot anxiously. Ryan was having too much fun in his borrowed form.

"Hehe," Ryan laughed, "I think Noodles thinks I'm you."

"It's because you are me," Amanda was losing her patience. "Now can you get your ass to my interview?"

She had called up her cousin Ryan when she learned he was visiting New York to help her with her job interviews. Amanda had been unemployed for a few weeks now and suffered from crippling social anxiety, which made job interviews impossible for her. The job in question was a telecommute job, perfect for her lifestyle, but the interview was in person. Frantically she had to find a way to nail the interview without having a breakdown, so she turned online where she found a device that said it could turn anybody you want into a perfect copy of whoever, she was skeptical but it was a case of desperate times. A few days later the device arrived in an Amazon box with the label "Fragile, handle with care." She ripped it open to discover what looked like a skull with crystal eyes.

So when Amanda discovered her socialite cousin she hadn't seen in years was visiting the city to catch up with some college friends, she asked him to come over. It didn't take long to convince Ryan to agree, she always did admire his adventurous spirit. After the transformation and a few practice interviews he was ready to go, until the cat jumped next to her twin.

"Fine, fine, I'll go," Ryan said in a mocking voice, "but can I take him with me. Pretty please?" Her twin's eyes went all doey, Ryan's bubbly personality made her look so pretty. Suddenly she was filled with envy. She had never seen her face so pretty, not even in the mirror.

"Enough games Ryan," Amanda said, she was on the verge of yelling, "you can play with Noodles when you get back."

"Alright fine," Ryan said picking up Amanda's purse, "I'll get you that job then afterwards you owe me. Maybe something like a night on town as 'twins.'"

"Yeah sure, whatever."

"Love you cuz!" Ryan said blowing a kiss with Amanda's lips as he closed the door.

What neither of them knew at that time was that a few minutes after Ryan left for the interview that Noodle would end up knocking the magic skull towards the ground and shattering it into a million pieces. The fall caused a burst of light that filled the room, when Amanda finally regained her eyesight she found herself as a perfect copy of her cousin, Ryan.

Student Bodies

Another request! This one is from anonymous on my main request page
"Woah Jessica I didn't expect you to be so, so..." Alex stumbled.

"So what?" Jessica said in a teasing voice.

"So fucking hot!"

"Oh why would you ever think that Alex Donizetti?" The girl asked while caressing his bicep.

"It's just that in class you've always been so reserved and focused on passing. And how did you know my last name?"
Jessica wasn't Jessica today. Inside the hot co-ed's body resided the mind of Doctor Felix Oswald PhD. A professor of psychology at their university. Jessica, one of the many prideful straight A students in his class, was struggling on the borderline between an A- or a B+. She was absolutely devastated, her parents only expected the best out of her, and getting a 4.0 GPA was the best way she could do it! One day she arrived during Dr. Oswald's office hours asking what she could asking, no begging, to be brought up to an A in his physic 101 class. "Isn't the Delta Kappa Delta toga party happening this weekend?" He asked politely.

"Yes it is, but I don't see how this is important." Jessica said.

"It's very important alright," Felix said locking his eyes with hers, "believe it or not, but I haven't been to their toga party since your mom was around your age."

"What exactly do you mean?" Jessica asked.

"I mean I would love to get an invitation, but unfortunately I'm-"

"Old..." Jessica interrupted.

"A professor," Felix corrected her. "But I have a special ability that, if you let me use it on you, will allow me to attend and I will guarantee you will never ever get below an A in my class. Hell you could skip class for the rest of the semester and I wouldn't care."

"And that it?"

"I'm a body hopper," he grinned, "let me borrow your body. Just for the party."
"Just a guess silly," Felix said with Jessica's vocal chords, "now how about we go back to my room and I'll show you how focused I really am?" He took Alex by his arm and guided the young man upstairs. 

Monday, April 11, 2016


Bryan was a tycoon, as an Irish immigrant who came to the States with only the clothes on his back he managed to build himself an entertainment empire rivaling that of Disney. He was the definition of the American dream. One day he discovered something he should have seen coming. Arial, his good for nothing granddaughter, was attempting to kill him after it was leaked how much money he would be lending her.

Upon the discovery he calmly smiled and decided to up her fortune, from a mere 15% to a full 100%, and with the aid of a witch doctor he was able to get the ultimate life insurance plan, once he died his soul would be placed into her body meanwhile her's will forever been banished to the afterlife.

Not a week later after he upped her inheritance the beloved media tycoon was found dead in a car accident, hit by a drunk driver the reports said. Soon the media flocked to his largest inheritor, Arial. He took the attention and ran with it, discussing his new plans for the company's future and how he felt about his "grandfathers" sudden death. For the first time in history, he was the maker and heiress of his own fortune.

"Are you my long lost twin or something?"

This caption is a request from anonymous. I originally went into it with a short story, but the request was so fun to write that I couldn't stop writing!

George was having the time of his life. A few hours ago the shapeshifter arrived at the club in the form of a customer who came by his job at Best Buy earlier that day. While the 56 year old George was checking her out at the register he was also checking her out, she was so sexy and fine but the snowy weather outside had her all covered up, he wanted to see what was beneath her layers of clothing. So like any shapeshifter he made extra sure to brush his hand against hers when handing her her receipt.

"What a creep," he heard the young woman say beneath her breath when she turned around. All George could do was grin.

Fast forward to midnight that same night and George was living up his life! After assuming her form and exploring her body he was overtaken with his new youthful energy, so he did what any hot twenty-something would do, he hit the club.

He was dancing alone, dancing with guys, rejecting guys, getting free drinks and giving away a fake number and a different name every time. It wasn't until just after midnight that he froze on the dance floor when his eyes locked with a familiar face. It was her! The girl who's skin he was borrowing, the girl that called her a creep. As an experienced shapeshifter he knew the best thing to do was run and take on a different form as soon as he was out of view. But it was too late, she began making her way towards her doppelganger.

"Oh my god," she shouted over the music.

George didn't know what to say, he hadn't had this happen to him since he made this same mistake in his early shifting days in the form of his ex Linda.

"YOU LOOK JUST LIKE ME!" The girl shouted all giddy, "Are you like my long lost twin or something?"

"I don't thin-" George said before the girl cut him off.

"Don't you see the resemblance?" she motioned towards George, "You're just as pretty as me. Here, take a selfie with me and then lets dance."

She held up her phone, their faces exactly identical.

"And if you're into it," she whispered in George's ear, "want to go back to my place later? I want to know how good I am in bed."

George grinned, and the two "twins" took their selfie to begin their wild night.

Aaron and Sophia

So this is who Sophia left me for, Aaron thought as the stranger above him pounded his borrowed vagina. He's not bad, bigger than me for sure.

Sophia and Aaron were and entangled soul, which meant that even though they were separate minds they could swap with each other whenever they wanted. The two had grown up in different countries, Aaron in Canada, and Sophia in France. Since the two had hit puberty they were able to switch bodies with the other at will, and even though the two hadn't met in person they used the other's body for personal uses all the time. However, as time went on, the two decided to move to London together to see how compatible the two really were. Despite their entangled souls they Canadian and the French girl had nothing in common, after a year and a half they ended their relationship (despite the hot sex).

The two had left each other alone for a while, but after a few months Aaron wanted to know who his ex was seeing. So he swapped their bodies one night after a few drinks at a local pub, he wanted to give Sophia a hard time finding her way back to his place until he let her have her body back. Once he swapped her found himself being penetrated by Sophia's newest boyfriend. After only having sex with himself as Sophia he decided he would be borrowing her body until sunrise, he wanted to see if this guy really had what it took to please the body of the girl his soul was entangled to.

Inside Jessica Nigri Part 2 - Closer....

This is part 2 of the Inside Jessica Nigri series, a series that didn't start out as a series but her gifs were a rabbit hole of creative ideas. 

Cameron was flabbergasted, his hands in his pants and his underwear wet. All he could do was stare at the "Offline" icon, either he was dreaming of Jessica Nigri just said his name live on Twitch. One moment she was just chatting with her fans the next she was playing with her breast, changing her outfit, and fingering herself while live streaming, and she said his name, TWICE! She was acting way off tonight, but as the mess in his pants showed, he didn't mind. Plus how would he know his Skype name? She had to be fucking with him, but why? and how?

He took his hand out of his pants and began to clean up. It was 3 am and he had to get ready for bed. He took off his shirt and pants and got comfortably in his boxers. As he sat down on his bed he heard the familiar Skype ringtone come from his computer. "Charliezard01" the screen read, that was Charlie's Skype name. Probably calling to talk about the crazy episode Jessica just had. "I'll talk to him tomorrow," Cameron thought.

He stretched his arms and yawned and lied down on his bed.

Skype rang again.

"Goddammit Charlie," he said out loud, "this better be worth it."

Cameron sat down on his computer and answered the call. Instead of Charlie and his pudgy face greeting him he saw someone different.

"Guess who got closest to Jessica, Guess who got closest to Jessica, Guess who got closest to Jessica?" Jessica sang and danced in front of her webcam.

"J-J-J-J-Jes-" Cameron stuttered, he had to be dreaming!

"Jessica," Jessica said, "are you trying to say Jessica?"

Cameron's fear paralyze his speech, all he could be nod.

"Errr!" Jessica said making a buzzing noise, "wrong answer! Want to guess again?"

"Wha-wh-what the fuck is happening?" Cameron forced the words out.

"I'll give you a clue," Jessica said, "I said I would get as close as possible to Jessica by the end of the summer. Now guess who got closest to Jessica?"

"M-my friend Charlie sai-"

"Ding ding ding!" Jessica shouted, "It's Charlie!!!!!!"

"What the fuck is happening?" Cameron was about to faint, none of this made any sense. "Are you saying Charlie is over there?"

Jessica shook her head. "Closer than that."

"Did-" he said leaning over to his mic, "did he touch you at a convention and bribe you to do this?"


"Did you two make out?"

"Closer..." she began twirling her hair.

"Did you two..." he couldn't believe what he was about to say, "have sex?"

"Close, but not close enough," She said smiling, "I'll give you one more shot."

"How the hell can I get closer than sex, he would literally be inside you at the point. I don't know if it's physically possible to get closer than that!"

"You said it right there," she said pointing towards the camera, "literally inside me!"

"What do you mean?"

"I Charlie Gregory Hammond, your best friend since kindergarten, am literally inside of Jessica Nigri."

And with that Cameron let out the loudest "WHAT THE FUCK" ever uttered.

Saturday, April 9, 2016


As an engineer I work a lot with moving parts throughout the day, a lot which deals with vibrations which are hard to predict. To study them a little bit more I decided to take on the form Taylor for my cam sesh tonight. Taylor is a girl I haven't seen since high school when she was honestly a pretty unflattering girl, that is until I recently rediscovered her on Facebook this week. She's gotten way more beautiful since then, I just hope her husband doesn't discover this gif from my cam session last night!

Friday, April 8, 2016

More Cam Girl

Trying out a different technique this weekend. Usually I shift into a body that has a bra and shirt size a familiar form of mine and strip out of it. This weekend I want to try a Supergirl pose, let the girls pop out in a shirt they are too great for. 

If you're curious the form I'm taking tonight is of my ex-girlfriend, Clarissa, she was before I acquired my powers. I wonder what she would said if she knew I was using her breast to burst out of a $10 shirt from Goodwill years later.

Exact Copy

"Let me show you what it's like to be me," Carly whispered as she snuck her fingers into her husband's new pussy.

"OH GOD," he moaned, "how did you do that?"

"Nobody knows my body better than myself," Carly winked. "Now get over here, I want to kiss those pretty lips of mine."

The husband and wife began eagerly making out, Zach was letting his wife's body take full control of him tonight.

Zach and Carly had been married for five years. The loved each other more than anything, but over time their sex life began to dwindle, things were just not new and exciting anymore in the bedroom. That is until Carly found a strange spell online that claimed to grant the user the ability to turn anyone into an exact copy of them. She didn't believe it, but she thought it would be a funny thing to try the next time the two were in bed together. Just in case it worked, if not she could just laugh off how gullible she was.

Turns out somebody was right on the internet, as the two began undressing to give their sex life another shot Carly quickly muttered the spell and within a flash her husband transformed into an exact copy of herself, even down to the tattoo.

"What the fuck did you do to me?" He shouted with his wife's vocal chords.

"Holy shit it worked!" Carly gasped.

She explained to him everything, how she wanted to try something different the post she read online, and so on. Zach couldn't believe it, but the more he eyed his wife's the body the more he wanted to give his new one a test drive. Soon he pounced on top of her and the two began their wild night.

Inside Jessica Nigri, Part 1 - Livestreaming

This is a request from Contant payne. I went into it with the first gif below on hand, but I ended up getting a little carried away. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it! XD
"HOLY SHIT I'M JESSICA NIGRI!!!!!" Charlie shouted while dancing in Nigri's body. "Woah that felt weird." He said peaking down at his new breast, "I wanna do it again!" He said this time making sure to keep his eyes on the webcam to get a better view of his borrowed body.

"Look at me," he said shaking his new breast while using a mocking tone, "I'm Jessica Nigri and I have boobs!"

Suddenly the chat section on Jessica's Twitch steam erupted with the typing of a thousand horny males of all ages. Charlie gazed at the monitor, it was then that he realized he had the power of Nigri.

RektItRalph: MORE!!!
SexTurtle97: show us ur boobs!
halosuxcodrox: I <3 NIGRI!!!!!!111!!!!!11!!!1
RektItRalph: MORE!!!! MORE!!!!!!! MOAARRRRRR!!!!!!!!
LauraC: You go girl! #GirlPower
doesany1say1337anymore: i just wanted you to know that your the reason why i wake up everyday <3 nigri 4 life
NigriOneFan: Can we get married, like right now?

"Hey Cameron!" Charlie waved when he saw the username 'NigriOneFan' pop up.


All Charlie could do was nod and smile, he was barley able to contain his laughter. Cameron would kill him if he found out it was actually his best friend in Jessica's body.


Charlie burst out in laughter, it was the cutest laugh he had ever heard.
Charlie and Cameron were self huge fans of Jessica Nigri. The two were classmates and long friends going back before the two hit puberty and discovered how pretty girls were. Like most fifteen year old boys they spent more time talking about girls than talking to girls, and the one girl they talked about the most was Jessica Nigri. She was everything they wanted in a girlfriend, a pretty face, a love for all things nerdy, she could cosplay as anyone, and of course she had a wonderful set of assets.

Both the boys were trying to find ways to get in contact with her, first Twitter, then later fan mail. She never responded. One day she announced she was going to make an appearance at a video game convention in town. The boys begged their mothers to allow them to go, but Charlie's mother wouldn't let him and instead grounded her son because he had flunked his Spanish test earlier that week. Only Cameron got his mom to drive him to the convention, where he got her autograph and "almost touched Jessica's hand."

Cameron would go on for weeks showing off his victory. Until one day Charlie snapped and said "Alright, you got to 'almost' touch her hand. That's cool, but I swear that by the end of summer break I'll get as close to her as possible."

"How could you?" Cameron said, "she doesn't have any cons here until next year! What are you gong to do, steal your dad's car and drive to Arizona?"

"I-I'll find a way," Charlie said crossing his arms sulking.
After Charlie had regained his breath he looked back at Jessica's camera. He couldn't believe he was literally as close to Jessica as he could be. It was a week until school started and here he was, halfway across the country in Jessica's body.

"Do you want to see more of that?" He said. The chat exploded with affirmations, he was going to give them a show! And idea came to him.

"Everybody, get on a Periscope!" He said picking up Jessica's phone and booting up the app, once he was live he looked at the camera. "What do you think of this view?" He began moving the phone down towards Jessica's breast.

Charlie's shenanigans as Jessica continued for the next few hours, he would change outfits, play with his breast, even finger his new vagina while live streaming. He was loving being Jessica, he was loving the attention, and he was loving that how much he was going to rub this in Cameron's face tomorrow!

After a few hours as Jessica he noticed the time. Only an hour and a half until the possession spell wore off!

"Alright everybody," he said pulling Jessica's finger out of her pants Jessica's vocal chords let out an impulsive moan and her body convulsed. "Fuck I'm going to miss that, but I got to go night night, a gu- girl can only do so much work before it's time to go to hit the hay. Love you all!" He said blowing a kiss with the finger that was just inside of his borrow pussy. "Except for you Cameron Matthews, aka NigriOneFan, I got a special treat for you tonight on Skype." He winked at the camera groped his breast, "a very special treat."

And with that he signed off.
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