Saturday, June 17, 2017

Goodbye for Good

Sorry guys, but I can't do this anymore. It's too much of an addiction, I like writing captions too much and I love the attention that comes with it, and attention is a hell of a drug. The only reason why I even posted last night is because I got super drunk and remembered that I set up a back-door account into my blog in case I ever wanted to return, but I never actually expected myself to return. So I am so sorry to let you guys know that I am locking myself out of that account too, but I will openly say that if anyone who's a fan of my work wants to continue a series like Inside Jessica Nigri, Pure Bliss, Agents of SHIFT, or add more to a story are welcome to, I look forward to seeing what you create!

As for this blog, it is perma-closed. I am so sorry to let you all down, but this is an addiction I cannot have in my life. I hope you understand.

As of the time of this post's posting I will have logged out of this account for the last time.

With love,

A Switcher

Pure Bliss Part 3 - The Park

Mitchell was reading in the park when he saw the most beautiful woman walk past him. He had spent his entire morning saying no to dozens of guys who had asked him for dates or a quick fuck, it was pretty much routine as the life of Ruby so far. He never fancies himself as a straight girl, as far as he was concerned he was just a straight dude who found himself inside the body of a sexy woman, and the woman who just passed him by proved it.

She was beautiful with her long flowing blonde hair. How her hips swayed in every struct she took. And her ass, Mitchell used to consider himself a tits dude, until he got the two more pertest tits on his chest, now he was a 100% ass man. Her ass was just absolutely perfect.

He put his glasses inside his cleavage, closed his book and began following the mysterious women. One thing he had learned being Ruby is that getting men was easy, but if he really wanted a challenge, women were the way to go, and Mitchell loved a good challenge.

Unnecessary Attention

How do women deal with these things?" Harry thought adjusting his breasts. He spied the whole lobby catching sight of his quit adjustment, the man across from him quickly turned his head and pretended to check his phone.

"Ugh," Harry said, "this is the last time I'm wearing this top in public."


"Oh my god, are your tits real?" The blonde said.

"No way, they can't be real," the brunette exclaimed. "Say girl, can we touch them?"

"Uhhhh, sure," Kelvin said. The former teen boy hadn't noticed he had walked out of the gym shower with his towel wrapped around his waist instead of the traditional around his boobs are most girls did in the showers. His enlarged chest became struck with the cool sensation of the two girl's hands as they groped his new breasts.

"Like oh-my-gawd," the blonde said, "I'm so sorry. I thought your tits were fake as a fuck, I'm sorry for even thinking that."

"Seriously girl," the brunette said groping her own chest just to compare it to Kelvin's just to make sure it was right, "bet-cha get all the attention with a rack like that. Come on let's go Shirley."

The two girls walked off to their locker to change.

"Hole-Lee-Shit!" Kelvin muttered under his breath, "What the fuck just happened????"  Just a few days ago Kelvin and his college aged sister Lauren found themselves swapped in each other's bodies, and each had to try to live the life of the other. Lauren had a strict exercising regiment that she had Kelvin on until they swapped back. Kelvin, being a somewhat athletic guy didn't mind it, especially since he had free reign of the women's changing room in her gym. He expected to go into the locker room to check out girls, preferably topless, but he never ever expected two girls to come up to him an grope his sister's breasts.

"Does this happen to Lauren often?" He thought to himself/ "Should I tell her?"

He gave it a few seconds before he whispered out: "Nah, this is gonna be a secret between me and my girls." He said honking his new breasts. "For now on we're going topless in this locker room." Kelvin thought to himself as he wrapped his towel around his waist. "Feast your eyes girls, they're real!" He said aloud, and the whole room turned his eyes on him.

Friday, June 16, 2017

"Are you my long lost twin or something?" Part 3

"Oh my gawd, I love this song!" Abby (front) shouted over the bass. "Hold me Georgia!"

George (back) happily wrapped his feminine arm around his love. Abby's soft skin against his, he was in heaven. He felt his tits bouncing up and down, bouncin' all around, in and out of his top, but he didn't care he was with his one true love. Abby was a narcissist, but as she grew to accept it she was in love with "Georgia" her "almost twin" as her BF Steph called her. George knew that Abby was finally happy to be out of the closet, their relationship was no longer secret, they were a full blown lesbian couple. George didn't have the heart to tell her that Georgia was actually a male shapeshifter, in fact he loved being Georgia more than being George. At this point he might as well have forgotten he was ever a fifty-something male shapeshifter.
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