Friday, June 16, 2017

"Are you my long lost twin or something?" Part 3

"Oh my gawd, I love this song!" Abby (front) shouted over the bass. "Hold me Georgia!"

George (back) happily wrapped his feminine arm around his love. Abby's soft skin against his, he was in heaven. He felt his tits bouncing up and down, bouncin' all around, in and out of his top, but he didn't care he was with his one true love. Abby was a narcissist, but as she grew to accept it she was in love with "Georgia" her "almost twin" as her BF Steph called her. George knew that Abby was finally happy to be out of the closet, their relationship was no longer secret, they were a full blown lesbian couple. George didn't have the heart to tell her that Georgia was actually a male shapeshifter, in fact he loved being Georgia more than being George. At this point he might as well have forgotten he was ever a fifty-something male shapeshifter.

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