Wednesday, April 20, 2016

"Are you my long lost twin or something?" Part 2

"Mmmmm, I love the way you use those lips," Abby (top) moaned. "Is that new lipstick?"

"Mhmm," George (bottom) moaned, "I got it for you."

"It looks great on you Georgia," Abby said, "which means it'll look great on me too. Can I borrow it?"

"First," George said guiding her hand to his vagina, "you got to earn it."

Since the incident at the club nearly a month ago George and Abby, the girl at the club whose form he had taken, had been hooking up on the down low. Abby didn't want anyone to know she hooked up with girls occasionally, and George was fine with that. Nobody knew they met, except for everyone outside of Abby's bedroom the two only existed in a selfie on Abby's Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pintrest, Tumblr Blog, Tinder Profile, and even her Google+ page. The girl really had an addiction to social media which really brought out the "Kids these days!" part of him. But the hot sex usually took his mind off of her desire for attention. George didn't use any form of social media, he didn't even have a smartphone, and so he didn't know much about the girl outside of the bedroom.

Abby didn't know he was a shapeshifter, nor that "Georgia" wasn't his real name. As far as she knew, Georgia was just a young woman who just looked like Abby. Too keep appearances up he had to make some minor adjustments to his form so she wouldn't get too suspicious. He made his breast slightly larger, his nose a little bigger, jaw a tiny bit more angular, he changed this form's voice box entirely to his first wive's who he had married in his 20s, and so on. To Abby, Georgia was just an excuse to let herself go crazy with herself.

George felt two fingers slide into him, his body gasped. He took Abby by the neck and pulled her closer to his face. The two began passionately making out.

To each other they were a mystery, in every way but the physical.

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