Monday, April 11, 2016

"Are you my long lost twin or something?"

This caption is a request from anonymous. I originally went into it with a short story, but the request was so fun to write that I couldn't stop writing!

George was having the time of his life. A few hours ago the shapeshifter arrived at the club in the form of a customer who came by his job at Best Buy earlier that day. While the 56 year old George was checking her out at the register he was also checking her out, she was so sexy and fine but the snowy weather outside had her all covered up, he wanted to see what was beneath her layers of clothing. So like any shapeshifter he made extra sure to brush his hand against hers when handing her her receipt.

"What a creep," he heard the young woman say beneath her breath when she turned around. All George could do was grin.

Fast forward to midnight that same night and George was living up his life! After assuming her form and exploring her body he was overtaken with his new youthful energy, so he did what any hot twenty-something would do, he hit the club.

He was dancing alone, dancing with guys, rejecting guys, getting free drinks and giving away a fake number and a different name every time. It wasn't until just after midnight that he froze on the dance floor when his eyes locked with a familiar face. It was her! The girl who's skin he was borrowing, the girl that called her a creep. As an experienced shapeshifter he knew the best thing to do was run and take on a different form as soon as he was out of view. But it was too late, she began making her way towards her doppelganger.

"Oh my god," she shouted over the music.

George didn't know what to say, he hadn't had this happen to him since he made this same mistake in his early shifting days in the form of his ex Linda.

"YOU LOOK JUST LIKE ME!" The girl shouted all giddy, "Are you like my long lost twin or something?"

"I don't thin-" George said before the girl cut him off.

"Don't you see the resemblance?" she motioned towards George, "You're just as pretty as me. Here, take a selfie with me and then lets dance."

She held up her phone, their faces exactly identical.

"And if you're into it," she whispered in George's ear, "want to go back to my place later? I want to know how good I am in bed."

George grinned, and the two "twins" took their selfie to begin their wild night.


  1. Love it! Would love to see more about these characters

    1. What do you think should happen to them?

    2. How about George keeps the relationship going as fuck-buddies, surprising the woman every-so-often. But she's actually very smart, maybe a scientist, and knows exactly who he is. She's studying him and indulging herself at the same time.

    3. Interesting. I do like that idea, but the issue is pictures. I'll look into it though!

    4. I can offer up a few!


    5. Thanks! I'll probably end up using all of these. lol

  2. Oh no! The imgur link has been taken down, I'll look for a mirror.


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