Friday, April 8, 2016

Inside Jessica Nigri, Part 1 - Livestreaming

This is a request from Contant payne. I went into it with the first gif below on hand, but I ended up getting a little carried away. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it! XD
"HOLY SHIT I'M JESSICA NIGRI!!!!!" Charlie shouted while dancing in Nigri's body. "Woah that felt weird." He said peaking down at his new breast, "I wanna do it again!" He said this time making sure to keep his eyes on the webcam to get a better view of his borrowed body.

"Look at me," he said shaking his new breast while using a mocking tone, "I'm Jessica Nigri and I have boobs!"

Suddenly the chat section on Jessica's Twitch steam erupted with the typing of a thousand horny males of all ages. Charlie gazed at the monitor, it was then that he realized he had the power of Nigri.

RektItRalph: MORE!!!
SexTurtle97: show us ur boobs!
halosuxcodrox: I <3 NIGRI!!!!!!111!!!!!11!!!1
RektItRalph: MORE!!!! MORE!!!!!!! MOAARRRRRR!!!!!!!!
LauraC: You go girl! #GirlPower
doesany1say1337anymore: i just wanted you to know that your the reason why i wake up everyday <3 nigri 4 life
NigriOneFan: Can we get married, like right now?

"Hey Cameron!" Charlie waved when he saw the username 'NigriOneFan' pop up.


All Charlie could do was nod and smile, he was barley able to contain his laughter. Cameron would kill him if he found out it was actually his best friend in Jessica's body.


Charlie burst out in laughter, it was the cutest laugh he had ever heard.
Charlie and Cameron were self huge fans of Jessica Nigri. The two were classmates and long friends going back before the two hit puberty and discovered how pretty girls were. Like most fifteen year old boys they spent more time talking about girls than talking to girls, and the one girl they talked about the most was Jessica Nigri. She was everything they wanted in a girlfriend, a pretty face, a love for all things nerdy, she could cosplay as anyone, and of course she had a wonderful set of assets.

Both the boys were trying to find ways to get in contact with her, first Twitter, then later fan mail. She never responded. One day she announced she was going to make an appearance at a video game convention in town. The boys begged their mothers to allow them to go, but Charlie's mother wouldn't let him and instead grounded her son because he had flunked his Spanish test earlier that week. Only Cameron got his mom to drive him to the convention, where he got her autograph and "almost touched Jessica's hand."

Cameron would go on for weeks showing off his victory. Until one day Charlie snapped and said "Alright, you got to 'almost' touch her hand. That's cool, but I swear that by the end of summer break I'll get as close to her as possible."

"How could you?" Cameron said, "she doesn't have any cons here until next year! What are you gong to do, steal your dad's car and drive to Arizona?"

"I-I'll find a way," Charlie said crossing his arms sulking.
After Charlie had regained his breath he looked back at Jessica's camera. He couldn't believe he was literally as close to Jessica as he could be. It was a week until school started and here he was, halfway across the country in Jessica's body.

"Do you want to see more of that?" He said. The chat exploded with affirmations, he was going to give them a show! And idea came to him.

"Everybody, get on a Periscope!" He said picking up Jessica's phone and booting up the app, once he was live he looked at the camera. "What do you think of this view?" He began moving the phone down towards Jessica's breast.

Charlie's shenanigans as Jessica continued for the next few hours, he would change outfits, play with his breast, even finger his new vagina while live streaming. He was loving being Jessica, he was loving the attention, and he was loving that how much he was going to rub this in Cameron's face tomorrow!

After a few hours as Jessica he noticed the time. Only an hour and a half until the possession spell wore off!

"Alright everybody," he said pulling Jessica's finger out of her pants Jessica's vocal chords let out an impulsive moan and her body convulsed. "Fuck I'm going to miss that, but I got to go night night, a gu- girl can only do so much work before it's time to go to hit the hay. Love you all!" He said blowing a kiss with the finger that was just inside of his borrow pussy. "Except for you Cameron Matthews, aka NigriOneFan, I got a special treat for you tonight on Skype." He winked at the camera groped his breast, "a very special treat."

And with that he signed off.


  1. Just found your blog man and I got to say I'm loving the creative stories and the ways your going about possession :3 keep up the amazing work.


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