Saturday, June 11, 2016

Inside Jessica Nigri Part 7 - Comic-Con Day 3: Girls of Comic-Con

I apologize for the long entry, Nigri has so many photos of her it's easy to get carried away.

"Booop!" Charlie said bouncing his breast against the blue haired girl's. He already forgotten her name, Cynthia or Samantha?, he thought.

"Thank you Jessie!" the blue haired girl said, her boyfriend put down the phone.

"Anything for a fan Cyn-antha!" Charlie said.

"It's Rebecca," she said.

Oh, he thought. "Well thank you Rebecca, I'm sure your boyfriend will love this!"

"Uh sure, yeah..." She said walking away.

"Well that was awkward." Cameron approached Charlie. "Doesn't matter, you tried you best. Feeling better?"

"If a pounding headache is better then you have a screwed up definition of 'better'," Charlie grabbed his temples. "Why do adults drink alcohol?"

"You said it yourself, you felt great!"

"Yeah, for like a few hours. I've been feeling like shit all morning."

"Let's look on the bright side, you got to touch a girl's boobs with your boobs!"

"You're right, that was kinda hot." Charlie felt the all too familiar warm feeling between his legs. He felt Nigri's phone vibrate, he check the notification. "Shit, it's 9 o'clock. I gotta go."

"Where to now?"

"'Girls of Comic-Con photo shot at a 10 o'clock," Charlie told his friend. "I'll catch you later!"

"But you got an hour!"

"That leaves me half an hour to get drunk!" Charlie said. "I hear drinking can cure hangovers! Oh, and here take this." Charlie produced a plastic card from his left bra cup.

"Is this a credit card?"

"Yeah! Jessica is fucking loaded, I figure you deserve something nice. Plus I'm going to be gone all day, today is Jessica's big day. I got to play my part. Take care man!" And with a small wave Charlie dashed off.


"Lookin' good Jessica!" The photographer said snapping another photo. Charlie was beginning to get used to the constant demands Jessica had with her body. It didn't take that many Fireball shots for him to know how hot he was, his teen hormones already told him that, all what the Fireball told him was how confident he felt in front of a camera in Jessica's half naked body.

"Good job Jess, fucking great job actually. Now let's get Lindsay in here." He motioned towards his assistant. A few moments later his assistant, a middle aged woman, guided another girl around Jessica's age to Charlie.

"Already girls just do what you do best!" The photographer continued.

"What do you mean?" Charlie asked.

"Just be naughty girl." Lindsay said grabbing the bed sheet. 

"Like this?" Charlie asked doing the same thing.

"Perfect! Fucking perfect!" The photographer said.

"Thank you Jessica. Thank you Lindsay!"

"No problem," she said putting on her shirt. Charlie couldn't help but check out the girl. 

Funny, he thought, it took me becoming a beautiful girl to get close to a girl that pretty. No way a girl that hot would get that close to me as a boy.

Jessica's manager took him by the arm, Charlie snapped out of his trance. "Where are we going?" Charlie asked her.

"To the dressing room." She said in a matter-a-fact tone. "We got a long day, ahead of us Jess beginning with a cosplay photo shoot at 9:30, followed by a panel with . Now let's get moving!"


For the past month Charlie-as-Jessica had been living fairly low key as he adjusted to his new life not only as a celebrity but also a girl. He took a break of live streaming and YouTube videos, didn't go out much nor answer the phone unless it was Cameron. It took Jessica's manager twenty-four missed calls and a personal visit before he even knew who she was. After reviewing Jessica's Comic-Con schedule with her manager he actually considered it lucky he even got a day off to hangout with Cameron. But now he was full-fledged Nigri, whether he liked it or not. 

First on the list was a cosplay photo shoot.

Next was a series of interviews, mostly with YouTube channels and nerd news websites. This is where being one of Nigri's biggest fans really paid off for Charlie, despite his nervousness he knew just enough to pretend to be Jessica. And if the interviewer asked a question he couldn't answer he would use her, ahem, charm as a distraction.

Finally the day ended with a little dance on stage. 

Cameron arrived at his hotel later that night dropping all his loot on the ground: a Hylian Shield, an autographed copy of Walking Dead Vol. 1 by Robert Kirkman, a few figures from Overwatch, and so on. Comic-Con sucked the energy out of him more than any sport he played, at least he liked Comic-Con.

He sat down on his bed and turned on Adult Swim. There was a knock at the door, he opened it. It was Charlie.

"Hey man!" Charlie said. "Thought I'd catch you here. Comic-Con wipe you out too?" He walked over the bed and fell back on it. "I'm pooped."

"Yeah, it was great. Thanks for the card." He lied next to his best friend. It was so weird, here he was, literally in bed with his biggest crush, the hottest nerd alive, and they were just casually chilling like they were best friends, he could kiss her right now. "How was your day?"

Charlie explained to him everything that happened that day.

"And you know what?" He turned his face towards Cameron. "I think I'm beginning to like being Jessica. Sure I'm fucking exhausted, it's harder than it looks cosplaying (I had no idea how long it takes to change in and out of a costume), people are constantly approaching me, but she does have a pretty fun life."

"Good to know." He avoided eye contact, a single glance at his friend's face would cause him to get fully erect in a mere second. This was taking too much self control.

"Yeah." Charlie sighed. "I could get used to this. Sorry I couldn't hang out with you more though, I'm going to miss seeing you man."

"Nah man it's cool. Thanks for the credit card."

"Psht, that was just the icing in the cake. I know what you're really thankful for."

"And that is?"

"You got to touch Jessica Nigri's boobs! Don't lie, I can touch them whenever I want and I still love it." He began playing with his breast. Cameron's willpower had never been tested so hard in his life. "You lucky man!" Charlie began tickling Cameron, and with that all willpower was lost. He was at full attention.

"Somebody's a little happy," Charlie giggled. 

Cameron reached for a pillow and quickly covered up, his face was flushed with shame. "Not fair, you can't do this to me! It's not like you have to worry about this anymore."

"One of the many perks besides boobs about being a girl now. There were so many girls I saw today that would have put me in your position, vaginas are cool like that... Although the bleeding I had to deal with last week sucked. Here," Charlie stood up, Cameron's eyes caught his boobs bounce, "how about I step outside for a bit so you can take care of business? Plus you got to show some manners around me, I am a lady now after all."

"Good idea. It'll be a moment, I don't take long."

"Don't say that to the next girl you meet," Charlie said closing the door behind him.


The next morning the two friends with their separate ways. Charlie went back to Arizona to continue his new life, and Cameron back to the East Coast. They both left what they would always remember as the greatest Comic-Con in their life. 


  1. Hey are there gonna be more parts

    1. It'll come when it comes. There are plenty of stories out there yet to be told, so it'll happen when it happens. Until then feel free to enjoy the rest of the blog as well!

    2. So... It's not over is that what you're saying.

  2. Oh you had me there because the last sentence sounded like a finale sentence
    Also dude if the series returns can you give me small mention

  3. Hey loved it i think in part 8 we should a little of psychological problems for charli and how a little bit of his\her sexuality like for example after comic con charli got a girlfriend and is also a cosplayer and he\she explains that he a fifteen year old stuck in nigri's body and how she sorta get used to the situation.

    1. That sound kinda good actually

    2. Any girls Nigri takes a lot of pics with? I could work that into the story if you help me find several pics of Jessica and another girl

    3. I only khow of two lindsay elyse and kelly jean.

    4. I found another Daniellecosplay


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