Thursday, April 14, 2016

Never Forget my Face!

"Well fuck me," Ed said while getting ready for his third date with Hannah. His hands grew slimmer, the room got bigger as he began shirking in height and his chest inflated. "I thought I had you all figured out this time!"

In front of the mirror where a handsome tall bearded man once stood, stood a short punk girl speaking in his deep masculine voice. Ed was cursed by his ex, Megan, after their rough break up a few years ago. They dated from their sophomore year of high school to the end of Ed's sophomore year in college. Ed used to have a thing for punk girls, hell he even considered himself a bit of a punk  with his skateboard and long haircut, but that was in high school! After high school Ed grew out of the phase, but Megan didn't and began rolling in strange circles of people Ed didn't like, they were a bunch of druggies who still held the childish belief in which craft and magic. Eventually Ed grew tired of trying to change Megan, and admitted that although he had loved her at some point, he couldn't stay the rest of his life with a girl who refused to grow up. So he told her the truth, that he was tired of her immature attitude, and that he grew out of punk girls, and that he was leaving her. "You don't like how I look anymore? Then I'm going to make sure you never forget my fucking face, no matter how many girls you see after me!" She said to Ed.

Ed didn't get what she meant until a few weeks later when he was about to go on a date with his co-worker Anita. He looked exactly like Megan on the day they broke up, straight down to her makeup. Ever since then he understood what his ex meant, and since then Ed was cursed to transform into Megan for 24 hours every time his relationship with somebody was moving into the "Facebook official phase." Hell, she couldn't even do that right! The curse transformed everything but his voice box! He tried getting around it by working on his pick up game to have one night stands with girls at bars, that didn't end well either, since every time a girl would reach for his dick it would shrink back inside of him and he would have to explain to the girl why they were suddenly making out with a punk girl. Dating was a pain for Ed, although there was that one girl from Henry's Tavern who was totally into it...

Tonight Ed had thought he had beaten the curse. He had been seeing Jennifer, who was everything Megan wasn't: smart, beautiful, and had her shit together in life, she knew exactly where she was going in life with her law degree. Ed was falling in love, and two dates later he hadn't changed yet. So far so good, until tonight! There was always a silver lining to this though, whenever he transformed it usually meant that the girl felt the same about Ed as he did to her, which means in Jennifer's mind they were officially boyfriend and girlfriend!


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    1. No problem! I'm a Lannister with request, I always repay my debts.

    2. Could I do a cap version of this one?

    3. What do you mean by cap version? Like text on the image?

    4. If so that's fine as long as you credit this blog!

    5. I also hate doing this. But could you possibly look at my TG blog? You don't have to, and I apologize for asking.

    6. would you like to collaborate on a project together? my email is yourboobsmybody@gmail.com (yes, all you eavesdroppers that's my email address for this blog, send request through there too!), email me if you do


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