Sunday, August 14, 2016

Are You Sure? Part 2 - Fuck the guest!

"Are you sure about this?" Jon asked Clyde.

"Oh I am more than sure," Clyde said revealing his cleavage. "I want you inside me right now." He began playing with his breast in front of his best friend.

Clyde and Jon's relationship had never been so close. It had been four months since the ghost of Clyde took over the body of Jon's trophy wife, Claire, and things could not have been better between the two friends. Jon had all but forgotten about how much of a gold digging bitch she was, and Clyde loved nothing more than being back in the land of the living. What Clyde never expected was just how much of a nympho Jon's wife was. These occurrences were hardly rare.

"But what about the guests?" Jon said attempting to suppress his erection.

"Fuck the guest," Clyde took his best friend's hand into his and pulled him towards his feminine body. "Fuck me!" Clyde wrapped his legs around Jon and began making out with him, moaning with every breath he took.

"I'm so fucking happy you're my wife!" Jon said pulling down his pants and penetrating his best friend. Clyde roared into an echoing moan, every time felt like the first time with Claire's vagina.


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