Friday, August 5, 2016

Pure Bliss Part 2 - Going to Work

"How do girls get anything done with boobs?" Mitchell asked himself while caressing his favorite new assets. He had a livestream starting in ten minutes and all her could think about was his breasts. His hand passed over his nipple, releasing an involuntary moan from his feminine vocal chores. "I always forget how sensitive you girls are," he said looking down at his chest.

"It's not our fault we're so sexy," his said speaking in a baby voice while pushing his breasts back and forth, feeling their flesh rub up against one another then release. "Honest!"

Life as Ruby was a joy. Mitchell would game all day, then hit the streets of Italy at night. Mitchell didn't speak a lick of Italian, but he quickly learned it didn't matter to women so hot that on a 1 through 10 scale with looks so blinding that shot way above a 10 and beyond the infinities that men and woman a like had only one rating they used no matter the language: "W-w-w-w-wow!!!" Mitchell was now a "W-w-w-w-wow!!!"

As Ruby his life was full of nothing but compliments: online and off. He'd walk down the street every night with his breast pointed high and forward, as if they were leading the way to his next destination. His Instagram was filled with thousands of likes, even if he didn't smile, and the comments section soared with flattery, he even found the creepy comments and obligatory dick pics sent to him charming. Most night's he'd hit up a bar near Ruby's apartments and would usually bring back some lucky guy, or girl, back with him to share his new amazing body with. Yep it was a joy, but it had it's draw backs.

Mitchell felt a now familiar warm tingly, and damp feeling between his legs. "We know what you want," he continued voicing his breast. "Play with us please!"

"But girls," he said in Ruby's normal voice, "I already did that this morning. I got a livestream in eight minutes!"

"They can wait, they always do. The world loves you Mitchell, please spare us some love too!"

"Alright," his hand began slipping down into his pants. "You win, you- AHH!" He moaned as his hand penetrated his vagina. "Fuck, how do girls get anything done with this?" He said going to work between his legs.

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