Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Pure Bliss

Bliss was being able to play games all day long, having random strangers shower you in complements, and having easy access to the best damn pair of tits on Twitch. And Mitchell had it all.

In the world of high school with it's caste like structure of the football players and cheerleaders at the top, followed shortly by the funny and charismatic kids who knew everybody, then the preps right below them, Mitchell was as close to the bottom as you could get. He had no friends, he had flunked multiple classes over and over again due to countless nights of gaming until the sun rose, and he was about as attractive as pepperoni pizza with his acne. He would usually stay in class way past the bell in order to avoid his classmates insults.

But now that all had changed.

Mitchell was obviously not good with the ladies. Most girls would avoid eye contact with him, and if he ever talked to a girl he was unable to control his vocal chords, causing him to speak more in sound bites than words. So he got most of his time with the opposite sex via Twitch streamers. Pureruby87 was his favorite. She was gorgeous and hot, her face was prettier than any girl he ever knew, and her chest was a piece of work, perfectly sculpted to fulfill Mitchell's wildest dreams. Every time she looked up from her monitor at the camera he would feel his heart stop. He didn't care about the 13 year age gap between him and her, he was in love.

One night between Overwatch matches Mitchell's teen hormones began taking over. He had pureruby87, as he always did. He decided to do a quickie and rub one off to her stream, so he got some Kleenex and went to work on what would turn out to be the more fateful fap he had ever taken.

She looked directly at the camera, Mitchell's eyes locked with hers. Fully erect Mitchell's horny mind knew she wasn't just looking at the camera, no she was looking at him, beckoning him to climax, to show her how much of a real man he was and please her. She wanted him inside of her, and Mitchell would do anything to be as deep inside of her as he could be. No longer in control of himself he closed his eyes and let his body do the work, bringing him all the way to climax.

Eyes still closed he leaned back in his chair, breathing heavily. But something was different, his breaths felt harder to take, like there was a weight on his chest. Opening his eyes he was greeted with two massive mounds of flesh on his chest. He'd recognize those perfect tits anywhere, they were pureruby87's! He suddenly became aware of their movement, rising up and down like waves in the sea, he felt her bra strap constricting every time he inhaled. He felt a dampness form between his legs, but no erection. Honestly he couldn't tell if he was more shocked or turned on by his situation. At least his wish had become true, he was as deep inside of perfectruby87 as he literally could be.

After he had regained his senses from a small freakout it hit him. Wait, he thought to himself, this is everything I could ask for. I can play games all day without a worry in the world, people I've never met are in love with me, and, he grabbed his chest, "I can touch my boobs whenever I want." He said out loud this time. "Yes, this is everything I could ever want. This is pure fucking bliss."


  1. Can you make this series maybe

    1. 3 things 1 make this a series 2 really liked the picture 3 plz continue "inside jessica nigri"


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