Friday, June 3, 2016

Agents of S.H.I.F.T. - The Professor

I was reading this Wait But Why? article (a blog you should all read), and this CGP Grey video (another must watch YouTuber in my opinion) about what makes you you and it got me thinking about the implications of TG blogs and more. Sure it might not be fitting for a fetish blog like this, but I like to ponder these kinds of things occasionally. Plus I felt like I needed to pace myself after having these two sexy posts back to back.

"Consciousness is nothing more than an information continuum," Professor Lee said to the audience.  "Think of it this way: if you have a car and you go into the mechanic once a month to have something upgraded or fixed, like a bumper or a piston, one by one throughout the car's lifetime until all the original parts have been replaced or upgraded, do you still have the same car?"

Lee let the audience soak in the silence.

"Consciousness is just like that." The professor paced across the stage. "You are nothing more than the sum of your experiences and how you react to them, just like a car is the sum of it's parts and how they act upon the other." Lee stopped center stage. "Hoppers like myself have the ability to temporarily force your brain to exchange parts with mine, one by one, just like our the car. Take for example this body I'm wearing, the body of my lovely assistant Jennifer I'm wearing. As a hopper I am able to force my internal wiring of my brain into hers, as long as I please. This might sound controversial, you might not agree on it's morale implications, but here at SHIFT we use this to get things done.

"As new coming heads of Interpol yourself it is my job to inform you everything about SHIFT and what we've managed to accomplish as a small faction of shapeshifters and body hoppers. SHIFT has managed to stop countless acts of terrorism thanks to combatant shifters like Agent Avery, we have assassinated the most dangerous mobsters in the world with hoppers like myself, and as we speak we have a shiftier or hopper hidden inside of every major crime syndicate or terrorist cell in the world. SHIFT is the world's best kept secret, and we welcome you all to being apart of it."

The professor paused for the applause.

"Now let me demonstrate what you will be expecting working here..." Lee continued.


  1. Loved the article also does this mean that you're continuing "inside Jessica nigri" series

    1. Patience my friend, they will come. I got a lot of story ideas to work on, some new some old, some drafts just sitting there on my dashboard I've procrastinated too much to finish. But don't worry, the series will continue.


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