Saturday, June 4, 2016

Update: Series List

I've made a new addition to the site to make it easier to find your favorite series. From the main ongoing series like Inside Jessica Nigri to the one off miniseries like "Are you my long lost twin or something?" you can find them all there. You can find the page on the menu bar (above) or by clicking here.



  1. Wait so this means that my request is a Permanent series on you'r blog because you made it a main.

    1. Quick question is it gonna be expanded or not

    2. Lol yeah, for now at least. She has so many great pictures, you can pretty much write any story with her.

      I have a few ideas coming up, one will be out later next week (pst, it's the Chapter 5 link that leads to a dead end at the moment, check it out next Wednesday!)

    3. Is the Wednesday from this week or the next week from there

    4. Actually change of schedule, they'll be up on Tuesday and Thursday of next week.


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