Wednesday, June 8, 2016


In the TG community we have reversal rings, the Medallion of Zulu, and so on, but what if we have an infinity gauntlet of souls? This is a continuation of the Nexus Stone series about the stones that allow one person to inhabit multiple bodies at once, because consciousness is nothing more than a continuum right?
Other stones: Purple Stone, Orange Strong
"Oh god, you're soooo good!" All three girls screamed in unison.

"Shut up Jordan, we know what we like." The man said.

Swinging isn't easy. You can only fuck so many people before it becomes the same thing over and over again, a different vagina for your penis or a different dick inside you. The only thing that changes is the faces, the orgasm is all the same. Alex (center) and Jordan (behind Alex) were a married swinging couple, they loved each other like any other couple but physically they wanted more than just each other. Over time though both became bored of hooking up with strangers, until they discovered the blue Nexus Stone.

Alex found it online, and she was instantly intrigued. The ad claimed that the stone will allow anyone to control any three bodies they want to, meanwhile the souls of those three bodies consolidated into one. It seem absurd, but Alex wasn't one for not trying anything at least once, so she bought one.

It took a sales pitch to sell her husband on the stone but she managed to finally have it. She wanted to fuck her husband but also more. The two called up Beth (brunette) and Harriet (blond), two other swingers they knew who were happily married explaining the power of the blue Nexus Stone. Thinking Alex and Jordan were up to their shenanigans as usual they agreed to humor them.

And so began the ultimate swinger session. The Stone swapped all three girl's souls into Jordan's body, and Jordan's soul into all three girls. The session was like none other, lasting all the way from dusk till dawn.

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