Sunday, June 5, 2016

This will do

Yeah, this will do. Collin thought pulling himself out of the ocean. Moments ago the man taking a dip in the bay with his family. His family, who he loved but was the largest source of stress and monotony in his life. He wanted to be free, to be young again, to have something different than the same old 9 to 5, the same bills due at the end of each month, and the same sex he and his wife always had. Collin had a plant to escape it all without hurting his family, so he took out a life insurance policy.

It was summer time, that meant vacation time, and vacations meant tourist, and tourist meant Collin could disappear into a new life. So he brought his family on vacation to Florida for his last time.

Collin scanned the beaches, looking for the right body to snatch, this time he wanted something different, something unfamiliar, something he had never experienced before in his life. So he decided to check out the bikini clad woman. Half a mile down the beach he found the perfect body, a group of young twenty-somethings, obviously tourists do to their accents, he selected one of the girls as his target.

Using a possession spell he found he muttered the words beneath his breath. Once the spell was complete a sharp pain erupted from his left arm, his chest convulsed at an irregular pattern, and he began gasping for breath. The world went dark, and with that he was dead.

Half a mile away the tourist girl was bathing in the water. Collin felt his soul shoot straight down the beach into her body. Eager he stood up and inspected his new body, but was distracted by the cry of his now widowed wife.

"Goodbye Susan, but I couldn't take it anymore. I hope you enjoy the gift I gave you," he said in a French accent. "Oh, I'm French now." He said all giddy.

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