Saturday, June 18, 2016

Wanna be my girlfriend?

"Don't you understand what this means?" Carly (left) said pressing the brunette against the wall. "We can be more than just boyfriend and girlfriend now, we can be girlfriends."

Henry (right) felt his new breast press against Carly's, his crotch felt warm in response. Just a few hours ago he was a male, penis and everything. Carly cooked him a great meal of bratwurst and beer, which sent him into a food coma. so he lied down on the couch to take care of it. After awaking he had found everything had changed, and he meant everything. Now after asking Carly what was going on, he was now pressed up against the window, eye to eye.

"I love you Henry, but I never wanted a boyfriend. I've always wanted a girlfriend, somebody with skin as soft as mine, lips as red as a rose, breast as perky as a mountain, and..." she licked her finger and brought it between Henry's new crotch. "A pussy as tight as a knot." She slid her finger into Henry. Unwillingly he moaned in pleasure, not just pleasure but the best sensation he had ever felt in his life.

"So what do you say," she penetrated Henry deeper, "wanna be my girlfriend?"

All Henry could do was moan.

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