Sunday, June 12, 2016

Burning Man

Things are picking back up again IRL now so there will be some gaps between upcoming posts. But I'm happy I was able to write a few stories before life got in the way again. I now know how Teh feels!

The world was so vivid and bright. He saw fractals on everything, the wind felt as smooth as his skin, and everybody's faces looked like they were wearing tribal paint. Yep, this was Burning Man.

Earlier that day a group of girls approached Alex and handed him a purple drink in a Nalgene bottle. They insisted he drink it, saying it would give him a different perspective of Burning Man, and get him in touch with his inner feminine side. Alex had already taken a few hits of acid with his coffee that morning so he complied without contest.

He felt his body morph and convulse, the discomfort intensified by the acid in his system. The girls laughter echoed in his head as he clenched his stomach. Was he allergic to the drink? Did the girls just poison him? They always tell you to never take drugs from strangers growing up, but he bummed a few tabs of LSD off of someone he didn't know yesterday and those were fine.

And then it was over. The girls were still giggling, and then he began giggling just like them, when he opened his eyes he was at their eye level now. When he looked down he noticed his chest was now inflated.

The girls all hugged him, welcoming him to the group then brought him to their tents to play dress up. As he chose his outfit the girls rambled on about everything he should do at Burning Man with his new perspective. Try different drugs to see how they affected him now. No thanks, he was good. Go hula hooping in the desert. Maybe after he sobered up. Dance his butt off at the concert tonight. Maybe after he took some molly. Oh, and check out the free love area across the camp. Now that was something he wouldn't mind trying.

He finished dressing up, said his goodbyes, then left to experience free love as a woman. Yep, this was Burning Man.

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