Friday, September 9, 2016

It worked!

"It worked!" The woman across the street shouted and shook her breast back and forth. She began skipping across the road to Ted.

"Oh my god, you can't be fucking serious!" Ted said.

"Would Ms. Baxter ever do this?" She whipped out her tit.


"You bet your tits it's me! I'm 100% Ms. Baxter for the next twenty four hours, and there's nothing she can do about it. So what do you say my man, want to get to work and show me how much of a man you really are?" Spencer took Ted's hand and placed it on his new tit. "Ms. Baxter might not think you're a top student, but you definitely would make a good top in bed."

Ted felt his pants grow much tighter. "The car's around the corner, let's go!"


  1. This is the best gif-text pairing I've seen so far~!

  2. A shifter here.

    Is it weird if I find my own captions hot? Because I totally forgot writing this one, and I am finding it hot.

    I seriously forgot what my final ten captions are going to be, so I'm pretty much in the ranks of everyone else here now.

    1. Hi shifter!
      It's not weird for an artist to be enamoured by his own works, it just means you've outdone yourself!

      Was this a possession caption?

    2. I'd hardly say an artist, but thanks! lol

      And yes, it was a possession caption of a student possessing his hot teacher.


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