Friday, April 29, 2016

His Ex's

You know what's worse than a break up? Your ex-girlfriend running off to another state to room with your other ex-girlfriend. Jordan introduced the two, originally as a way to get his then ex-girlfriend Amy (purple shorts) jealous of his then current girlfriend Ashley (pink shirt). Amy and him decided to stay friends after the breakup since they were friends before they started dating, but as time went on Ashley and Amy became great friends, and that's how Ashley learned of his cheating habits.

Jarred was a bit of a narcissist, he wanted everybody to love him, and if they didn't he would cut them out of his life. But not Ashley and Amy, they, at one point, loved him more than he loved himself. Then all of a sudden, one day, Ashley told him he was leaving the state and traveling across the country to get away from him and live with Amy. He couldn't believe it.

Then, one faithful day, he was given an orange Nexus Stone, a stone granted him the ability to possess his two ex's bodies for up to 72 hours, at the same time! He would make sure he would spend the next three days loving himself as the two women who loved him the most, and use this as the perfect opportunity to get some revenge.

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