Saturday, September 3, 2016

Hello Girls

"Well hello girls," Kevin said to his breasts. "You two are looking fine as fuck if I do say so myself." He gave his breasts a tight squeeze causing a warm tingling sensation between his legs.

Kevin had just managed to possess the body of his hot neighbor, Becky. She was the trophy wife of Mr. Gault, a man at least twenty years her senior, and what a trophy indeed.

During the day, when her husband was gone at work she would usually go out back to their pool and tan completely topless. To fifteen year old Kevin just the sight of her would drive his hormones off the wall.

Masturbation wouldn't cut it, Kevin wanted to get as close as possible to her tits as he physically could. So he possessed her.

"Mmmmm, you're making me so horny," Kevin reached one hand between his legs and tinckled his clit. "Ahh!" His legs grew weak, he almost fell into the water. "I have died and gone to heaven!"

Kevin swam up to the pool side and began exploring Becky's body, both outside and in.

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