Thursday, September 8, 2016


Harrison had always had an admiration for the female figure. He loved the contours of their body, the smoothness of their skin, their small angled faces, and the fullness of their breasts. Everything about the female figure was beautiful to him.

He was also one of the few fortunate gifted people out there, as in he was a shapeshifter. His talent came later in life, around twenty-three, much later than most shifters, but he caught on quickly.

Harrison used his new gift to become the women he always wanted to be. Each day a new form, he was never the same woman twice. He even later taught himself to shapeshift in his sleep, his ultimate trick he called it, because even he had no idea how he would look waking up!

It had been four years since Harrison discovered his gift, and since that blessed day the only dick he had between his legs were that of another man's. Harrison loved nothing more than being a woman.

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