Thursday, September 1, 2016

Shopping Spree

Jim loved women, and not in the usual way. He loved the way they dressed, and how their clothes complemented the curves of their body. He loved how a girl could wear anything and still looked amazing. He wanted to be inside a woman's skin so he could be inside of their clothes. As a man he tried out cross dressing, he did a few drag shows, but it never felt right. After a while he gave up and settled for a more "normal" lifestyle.

Then one day he got lucky.

One day he awoke in the body of a woman. It was a dream come true! He didn't know who he was, nor did he care, he was just happy he had the right body to dress the way he felt like he always should have dressed. So, as a woman with a name he hardly even knew, he took to the mall and gave himself a shopping spree.

He had never been so happy before in his life!

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