Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Peeping Tom Part 5

"I've worn a lot of breasts, but none as large as yours girl," Tom said lifting his left tit up. He let it drop and felt the vibrations jiggle. "Boy, you two sure are heavy!"

Tom got himself into a modeling studio this time. He always wondered what the life of a glamour model was, what it was like to be paid for just looking hot. So he took the body of some unsuspecting photographer, and once he found the girl he liked most he snapped a quick shot of her. Erika was this girl's name.

This time around Tom wasn't going to change Erika's life, he wasn't going to get her a college degree or an "honest job" because she seemed pretty well off and put together. Hell she seemed to actually love her job! This time Tom was along for the ride. He was going to take a vacation for a while and live the life of somebody who loved life, and looked fucking hot too!

"Erika, it's time for our next photo shoot!" A female voice called from the other side of the door.

"Be right out!" Tom said. "I wonder what it's like to get tit fucked with tits this big," Tom said snapping his bra together, "I suppose I know what I'm doing tonight!"

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