Tuesday, September 6, 2016

That's not how you do it!

"That's now how you do it!" Miley said to the two women.

"What do ya mean, this is how we always do it?" Aaron (right) said.

"Yeah, leave us alone." Mike (left) slurred.

"Jesus Christ, how drunk are you two?" Miley said, "Have you two never actually been near a vagina before?"

"Oh fuck," Aaron gasped. "That's why I'm not getting hard!"

Mike began uncontrollably giggling. "Holy fuck man, I also forgot we were girls." He said between giggles. "Does it make me straight if I smooch you on the cheeks?"

"Only if it makes you hard," Aaron said taking his boyfriend's lips. "Which I think it hard to come by in our new bodies."

The couple began making out in front of Miley. She gave them time to unwind from their heat. A part of her made her jealous that Mike in her body was making out with the body of her girlfriend. She had to remind herself that her real girlfriend, Karen, was upstairs in Aaron's body waiting for her to come and try out their "new plaything."

"Looks like you two have it all figured out," Miley said, "I'm off to see Karen,"

"Wait!" Mike said. "You're right about the vagina thing. Can you show us how girls do it?"

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