Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Whip it Out

"Whip it out Sam!" Harold urged his friend.

"You ready to see the girls?" Conner reached into his top and pulled out his right tit like a magician revealing a rabbit from his hat. He began jiggling it around in front of his friend's face.

"Fuck yes!" Harold felt his pants grow tighter. "Now do the other!"

Conner delightfully followed his friend's request. For years the two boys had been crushing on their friend Michael's older sister, Bethany. She was fix years older than the boys and already moved on to college by the time they went to her high school.

During their freshman year Conner discovered he had the ability to possess people for a short amount of time. He only told Harold about it, and then the two started working on their plan to get as close to Bethany as possible.

Once Bethany sprung in town for spring break the following March Conner went to work.

"Can I touch them?" Harold asked his friend who was juggling his borrowed breasts in front of his face.

"Maybe..." Conner made locked eyes with him and bit his lips.

"You can't do this man!"

"I don't know Harold, they are mine now. And they feel so good!"

"You're the worst!"

"I'm just fucking with you man, they're as much of yours as they are mine. Have at 'em!"

Harold was in heaven.

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