Saturday, July 30, 2016

Bello's Beauties Part 2: The Commercial

"This summer the only thing that should change about you is your swimsuit." A breathy female voice said through the monitor. "From legendary designer Tory Bello comes a new line of swimsuits so breathtaking, you will have the whole beach looking at you. Introducing the brand new Fiato line, only available this year."

"Perfect," the director said pausing the screen, "she is absolutely goddamn perfect. So what do you think Mr. Bello?"

The designer sat at his desk admiring himself on camera, he had to agree with the director, he did look really good in that form. Although that was just about everything he could agree with the director on, there were somethings that he didn't like about the man during his day on set.

"About the commercial or the model?" Bello asked.

"The commercial of course! We can talk about the model later," he whispered.

"The commercial is fine," Bello said, his voice stern. "But I'm afraid we can't show it."

"Huh?" the director's mouth opened in surprise. "And just why is that?"

"The model we used that day, Emily," Bello paused recalling the events of that day. "She informed me that your behavior towards her was less than professional, hell even lower than that. Dare I say immature?"

"What are you talking about?"

"Forty-six accounts of you calling her a bitch, twenty-nine accounts of you raising your voice at her, twenty-two accounts of you shusshing her when she offered feedback, seventeen accounts of molestation, and five accounts of you following her directly to her changing room so you can 'keep an eye on her.' Just what is your problem?" After countless experiences with directors in the fashion world, Bello had gotten really good at keeping track of the rampant sexism men would express, especially the ugly ones, the moment they had power over a beautiful woman. Needless to say, Bello did not give this director one of his famous bonuses after the shoot.

"Who told you this?" The director said, Bello could sense him trying to suppress his anger. 

"Why Emily of course," Bello said crossing his arms. 

"How could you possibly believe that? Who the hell counts every time something like that happens to them? That is complete bullshit Mr. Bello."

"I trust my beauties," Bello said calmly. "Especially more than I trust you."

"You're going to believe that bitch over me?" the director's anger broke through. "I'm a well renowned fashion industry director, I've done commercials for Calvin Kline for fucks sake! And you're going to trust some girl who only gets paid for her looks over a man who put time and dedication into his craft!?"

"You will be paid for your work in the editing room, and we will compensate your staff at full price. I will not pay you for the day of the shooting, I do not tolerate that kind of behavior here. Now get out or I'll make sure you never work in this industry again!"

"Fine," the director said, rage still flowing through his veins as he stood up. "I fucking hated that bitch anyways." He said slamming the door behind him. 

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