Sunday, July 31, 2016

Beautiful View

Mike stretched himself awake in the warm afternoon sun. Yawning he looked down towards the pool, being greeted by the two perfect breasts upon his chest.

"My my, another beautiful view," he said admiring his breasts. "I don't think I'll ever get tired of this." He kept his eyes focused on his tits, took them both in his right hand and his phone in his left. He began multitasking between Facebook and his breasts.

Facebook used to always piss of Mike, it was full of nothing but his friend's biggest achievements, like traveling around the world or getting a promotion. He began to feel left out and useless as he grinded away at his job at an IT help desk in a major company. Then all of that changed during an office visit from his boss' boss' boss' boss and his beautiful wife who had to have been at least thirty years younger than him.

The details of the switch were foggy to Mike, all he knew is that at one point he was helping out somebody connect to the building's wifi and the next his hand held the hand of his boss' boss' boss' boss, and stood at least a head shorter than him. Oddly enough Mike didn't react that much, he figured a change is a change. Meanwhile his former body began yelling and screaming "Who the fuck am I? Where is my body? What the hell is happening here?" "Let's go hunny," his boss' boss' boss' boss said to him. And that was the last he ever saw of his old male body.

Living the life of the wife of one of the richest men in the city was like being on permanent paid time off, he hadn't had to work a single day since the incident and her husband apparently knew so little about her other than the contours of her body (which he knew really well) that Mike just kind of blended right in. The best of all was that he could post just about anything on Facebook now and he'd end up with so many likes on his posts. He held up his camera and took a selfie, his right hand still groping his breasts. Within seconds the post had fifty likes. He smiled and put the phone down, admiring the beautiful view once more.

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