Friday, July 22, 2016

Peeping Tom Part 2

"My my, isn't she beautiful?" Tom said gazing across the park from his newest mount. Ever since discovering the true power of his camera Tom had been using it to possess the bodies of the beautiful women he had always been afraid of talking to. Using the camera was simple, just point and click, the only draw back was that he had to touch it every few minutes or he would be transported back into the darkness of his messy apartment. 

Currently he was inside of Monica's body, a beautiful yoga instructor who taught classes at the studio across from his office. He loved the way he walked with her body, her his swayed with every step, the way his breasts rose and fell with every breath, and everywhere he walked he felt the gazes of the men who wanted to be with Monica and the women who wanted to be her. His favorite part was how her beauty struck down even the most confident men. Any guy who approached him stuttered their way through their sentences, would awkwardly shift their eyes between his magnificent chest and his eyes, and eventually would leave defeated the moment Tom told them "Sorry, I'm not interested." As Monica every man reminded him of himself, they were all just a bunch of shy terrified and sad boys.

He had worn Monica's body the longest of his mounts, walking about town and going out at night. He hadn't bothered going to work as her because it wasn't his job after all. But today he was struck by another beauty, a woman even more beautiful than Monica. He had never seen her before and now he wanted to know more. Taking a glimpse at his chest he gave Monica's breasts one last look, and gave them a quick squeeze, "I'm going to miss you girls," he said. And with that, he aimed his camera at the beautiful woman across from the park and left Monica behind.

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