Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Play time

Edit: Looks like there was an issue with the image hosting on this one. If anyone remembers the original gif can you help me find it? Thanks! 
"Let's rub our chests together," Liam (right) said.

"Oh this feel good," Charlie (left) said.

"I know right! I've been playing with mommy's chest all day, it's more fun any toy I've play with."

"Girls are so lucky," Charlie replied, he was beginning to feeling a tingling sensation between his legs. "Can I lick your boobs?"

"Sure!" Liam said gleefully. "I've been wondering what it feels like."

Earlier that day Liam found a strange remote his mom brought back from work. Liam accidentally found it in her purse while looking for candy. Furiously, his mom pulled him to the couch and told Liam not to touch it, that it's not a normal remote and that she had a lot of work to get done like taking it a part to research it, keeping it safe from dangerous men, blah blah blah... Timmy didn't care, all he wanted was to watch TV. So he snatched the remote, pointed it pass him mommy towards the TV and hit the channel button, that was when he found himself standing tall across from himself.

Later that day Charlie's mom stopped by to drop off her son for play time, Liam was anxious to share his new toy with his best friend and used the remote again to swap the two.

Liam's mom sighed after their two sons in their bodies ran upstairs into the master's bedroom. "Don't worry," she said with her childish voice, "the remote was set for only a few hours. You'll be back in no time."

"What do you think they're doing up there?" Charlie's mom replied.

"What do you think? Boys will be boys," Liam's mom placed her hand on Charlie's body's shoulder. "Now, how about we get some ice cream to take your mind off it?"

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