Thursday, July 21, 2016

Cynthia & Gabe

"Now listen here you little cunt, we're over. I invite you to my sister's wedding and all you do is insult her and the guests. Get the fuck out of here, Harry!"

"B-b-but I can explain Cynthia," Harry said, his voice began to quiver.

"Don't fucking explain anything to me. We're through, I don't ever want to see your face again."

Cynthia (behind) couldn't believe what she was hearing come out of her body's mouth. Gabe (front) had out done himself this time. Since birth the two had been entangled souls, able to trade body's with the other at will, although they had different parents they were closer than any pair of siblings ever born. Cynthia had problems with choosing her boyfriends, no matter how hot they were they always ended up being losers, but she never had the heart to break up with them. So she'd always ask Gabe to borrow her body to do the hard work. Tonight was no different, once Harry had called her sister a "stuck up cunt" for marrying a rich man she let Gabe go at it.

"Fuck that guy," Gabe said resting back in his chair.

"Thank you so much for that Gabe," Cynthia said hugging her own body.

"No problem Cynthia, I've been wanting to do that since he called you a bitch. Plus what I really don't understand is why you even stuck with him so long, his dick was so tiny."

"Wait," Cynthia said looking Gabe in the eyes, "how do you know about his dick size? We never had sex...."

"I thought you two already did it when you borrowed my body last week." Gabe placed a hand over his mouth. "Opps...."

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