Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Are You Sure?

 "Are you sure I can use your wife's body?" Clyde said from his new female vocal chords.

"Fuck yes you can, hell you can stay in her body as long as you want. After ten years of living with her she really grew into quite the bitch," Jon said lighting up a cigar. He took a few puffs and handed it to his friend. "Want some?"

"Nah, I'm fine I don't know if her lungs could take it," Clyde said. He began feeling up his new breast. "Man, I haven't been a woman in years, I forgot what having breasts were like. These have got to be the largest I've had, are they real?"

"Sorry to disappoint you my friend, but they're as fake as she was. Bolt ons 100%," he said taking another few puffs and accidently blowing it into his friend's face. Clyde coughed. "Sorry about that. Long story short," he continued, "when we got married she was only a tiny B cup, but goddamn were they perfect. After we moved to this snobby rich neighborhood she grew self conscious of her perfectly perky-yet-small breasts she begged me to pay for the operation." He paused and looked his friend in the eye. "Man, you've missed a lot since you passed away. I'm so sorry you and you sis had to get hit by that dumbass drunk driver. If that never had happened her and I could live happily together, and you could be sitting here with a beer instead of wearing that skank's skin."

"Hey, at least we're back together and your bitch of a wife isn't in here. Say," he flipped his hair, "how about you show me what it's like to be a woman?"

"Normally I avoid sex with her, but since you're in there I suppose I can help a friend out," Gary said extinguishing his cigar.

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