Friday, July 29, 2016

Peeping Tom Part 3

"I'm gonna have to save you for later," Tom said snapping a photo of his borrowed body. "This has been a fun time Penelope, but I'm afraid I'm gonna have to leave you soon. Why didn't I think of taking photos of my past bodies? Oh well, at least you'll be my number one."

Penelope, the girl at the park, was a foreign exchange student from France studying mathematics in America. She was the first of Tom's mounts where he knew nothing about her before snapping her photo, but with Tom's years of practice of stalking women he was able to figure it all out very quickly, and the more he learned about her the more he fell in love with her. Well with a few changes he made himself.

Penelope had a boyfriend in France, now she had a very pretty girlfriend named Beth in America. Penelope was a math major, but now she was more into photography and volunteering as a female nude for art students. Penelope was a sober, and never had touched a drop of alcohol in her life, now she partied every weekend.

All of those changes made in just over a month. Tom knew that once he left her body into another's she would feel as if she made those choices herself, for the better, Tom would say to himself. But alas the peeping tom was growing bored of his new life and was ready to move on to greener pastures. He wasn't sure who yet, but he had a list. But before he left he had to take one last photo of Penelope, his favorite mount yet.

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