Monday, July 18, 2016

Southen Pride

"Get that thing off my me!" the text read.

"Tough luck darling," Garry replied, "I didn't ask for this body but I am sure as hell making it my own."

"You're ruining everything I stood for, now all my friends are going to think I'm a racist. Are those tattoos too?"

"Like I said, I'm making it my own. If you want to go chase down that scientist who did this to us by all means go ahead, I tried, I got nowhere. This body is as much mine as it was yours darling. Oh, and by the way honey, this ain't about racism, this is all about Southern Pride. Something you New Yorkers would never understand."


  1. I'm offended. Take the flag off...slowly..

    1. But what if Garry got the flag tattooed on his new breasts too? O_o



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