Monday, July 25, 2016

Ms. Smith

Kevin's phone vibrated in the middle of class. He opened the message revealing a Snapchat of his math teacher, Ms. Smith showing her enormous cleavage to him. He immediately felt his 16 year old hormones take control of him as his pants grew tighter. Shortly afterwards he received a text reading "Hurry up man, these babies need your dick between them again." He quickly hid his phone and readjusted himself. "Don't do this to me," he said under his breath.

"Is there anything you'd like to share with us today Mr. Lee?" His substitute teacher Mr. Kline asked the teen.

"No sir," Kevin said.

"Very well then, let me continue."

Kevin eyed the desk next to him, empty of his best friend Zach. The two boys had an enormous crush on Ms. Smith, she was too hot to be a teacher. Her face was that of an angel, her body was so perfect that even the Victoria's Secret models they jerked off to had a hard time competing with, and her tits were just too fucking big leading to a lot of distractions to the young men. And somehow, last night, Zach found a way to make her all his, well her body at least. For the past two days Zach had control of Ms. Smith's body and life. He had taken the past two days off to explore her body to it's full extent. Two whole days as the hotted teacher ever to live! Kevin of course had helped him out, and by fulfilling both their desires had used his male appendages to please his best friend as Ms. Smith.

Now Zach was taunting him again in the middle of class, and all Kevin could think of was titty fucking the shit out of his best friend again, and it was only second period. Math shouldn't be this hard.

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