Saturday, July 16, 2016

Peeping Tom

Tom loved women, he loved them so much that he was terrified of talking to them. He was never good with conversation with girls growing up, and it carried well into his adulthood. Talking to a beautiful woman made his voice quiver, his palms sweat, and legs go weak. It was self defeating as he had only had one sexual encounter that went... poorly. It's one thing to be shy during sex, it's another to fall unconscious the moment she touched his penis.

The shame was too much. So Tom went from shy Tom to a peeping tom.

He'd spy on women, collected photos of them, follow their Twitter and Instagrams under several fake accounts. He rationalized it was all because of his "disorder," that this was the closest he could get to a woman without becoming a mess, and he believed himself.

Tabitha was his favorite, she was so beautiful, so hot, and so mysterious. She didn't have any social media accounts, which Tom thought was a waist, with her looks she could easily have several thousand followers in a matter of hours. The most he saw of her was whenever she would tan at their apartment complex's pool, and Tom would creep through the blinds and take her photo.

One day Tom saw her in her usual spot down by the pool with a pink bra on and denim shorts. Tom had gotten a new camera that day and went to go try it out, that's when things go weird.

With a click of the button Tom was no longer in the dark of his apartment, he was outside in the blinding daylight, camera in hand. In shock he looked around, he didn't want Tabitha to see him. Oddly she wasn't there, but he didn't want to risk it. so he dashed, and that's when things go weirder. He felt his chest bounce.

He looked down, only to be greeted by two massive mounds of flesh sitting in a pink bra.

"Holy shit I'm Tabitha!" He shriek with her voice. He covered his mouth with hs hand. "Holy shit I'm Tabitha," he said again, this time calmer. He looked at his camera, then back down as his new breast. He had no idea what was going on, but he was pretty sure it had something to do with the camera.

With a grin on his new face, he went back to Tabitha's apartment. She would no longer be a mystery to him anymore.

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