Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Cat Calling

"Damn, look at the rack on her." Juan said as a busty girl in a blue bikini passed him. "Wee woo," he whistled out, "looking good babe! Wanna compare boobs?"

The blue bikined girl sneared at Juan and continued her stroll down the beach.

"What it'd do to have a dick again to titty fuck the shit out of her," Juan rolled back.

"Jesus Juan, I thought you were embarrassing when you had a dick. This is even worse," the man next to him said.

"You know what they say Tina, you can take the dick away from the man, but you can't take the man away from the dick. Plus girl, your vag ain't bad I just sometimes miss gettin hard is all."

"I don't know how you men deal with these things, I can't control it, it just pops up sometimes. It's like having a perverted jack in the box between my legs."

Juan eyed his old body up and down, and noticed the bulge in Tina's pants she was attempting to cover with a towel.

"That chick turned you on didn't she?" He nudged his friend. "You wanna fuck her don't ya?"

"Shut up Juan!" Tina hastily covered herself up.

"You know," he said checking out another girl passing by, "that's one thing I really do love about having a pussy, nobody knows if I'm turned on or not." He said winking at his old friend.

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