Saturday, July 23, 2016

Bello's Beauties

Clark was taken aback by the beautiful woman approaching him. She was every man's wet dream, with her perfectly sized tits, her long flowing hair, and her hourglass figure. She was the forth woman this week that fit his fantasies perfectly, first was the bombshell blonde, then the cute ginger, and next the busty asian. He had no idea how Mr. Bello found so many beautiful women to come in and model his clothing designs.

"Don't just stand there silly, we got a photo shoot to do!" She said to him and twirled around.

"Oh yes, yes of course, uhhh," her beauty had erased the name Mr. Bello gave him before the shoot.

"Sophia," she said extending her hand, he took it and shook it.

"Yes Sophia, let's get to the shoot."

She giggled, that's when Clark realized he forgot to let her hand go. "Maybe we can discuss your bonus later, but lets get to work first," she winked.

"Yeah, you're right. I got everything set up over here," he said leading her down the hall. "Is Mr. Bello coming?"

"You're new here aren't you?" she said, "Mr. Bello is a busy man, he doesn't have time for petty photo shoots. Now let's get going, you want to get that bonus now don't you?"

Little did Clark know that Sophia, the bombshell blonde, the cute ginger, and the busty asian were all his boss, Mr. Bello. Bello was a shapeshifter and a passionate designer of women's clothing, a passion brought with him from Italy to New York to found his own modeling agency. He didn't need models to wear his designs, he wanted to wear them himself, so he did all the modeling in the many different forms he worse. And sometimes, if the photographer was good enough, he'd give them a little 'bonus' afterwards. Clark was a fantastic photographer.


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