Monday, May 23, 2016

Can I tell you a secret? Part 2

The adventures of Eric and his shapeshifting roommate continue! Part 1
Ever since his shapeshifting roommate came out to him Eric and Sean's relationship was never stronger. The two would go out throughout their days as normal, maybe hit up a bar or two after work, and like most dudes they checked out plenty of the girls that came by. However, instead of pestering each other to ask the girl out, Sean and Eric would agree which girl Sean should become that night.

Once Sean found a girl he wanted to become and a girl Eric wanted to fuck the two would dash back to their apartment. Sean would retreat to his room to "slip into something more comfortable" and when he was given the signal Eric would walk in and find a beautiful girl lying on Sean's bed.

Sean was the best roommate a guy could have, he was a man's woman.


  1. Your link to Part 1 has an extra bit so the link doesnt work. Just thought I'd let you know!

  2. Wow, great caption, would love to see another sequel.


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