Wednesday, May 4, 2016

I think it's kicking in... Part 3: Trying to be sexy

"Mmmmwhhaa," Danny said practicing his kisses to the camera. It had been nearly two months since the initial transformation and Danny was starting to accept his fate as a woman, Catherine had too. Even though she never thought of herself as a lesbian, there was just something about how Danny wore a woman's skin that wanted her to give it a shot with the now female Danny.

Tonight was the night of their first big date as a lesbian couple. Danny had perfected his female voice thanks to watching many tutorials on youtube from drag queens to transwomen, he could now pull off a low, but sexy, female voice. Of course around the house he would relax and speak in his masculine voice, it was easier, but he could go out in public without embarrassing himself or Catherine.

Danny and Catherine decided to go all out tonight, Danny would go to Caleb's house to change into an outfit Catherine had never seen on her new girlfriend, and Catherine would pick him up wearing something he had never seen. She wanted this to be their first official date since Danny's unfortunate transformation.

While waiting Danny began practicing with his phone with being sexy. Neither he nor Catherine had kissed each other since he became a woman, so he spent dozens of minutes before Catherine arrived figuring out the best ways to seduce his girlfriend.

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