Sunday, May 22, 2016

I think it's kicking in... Part 4: What it's like to be a woman

Added this series as a tag too, and a new tag for "sex reversal" for whenever somebody swaps gender like our hero Danny here.

"Woah, what happened last night?" Danny asked, he was completely naked in bed next to his girlfriend Catherine who was also equally naked.

"You know exactly what happened last night silly." Catherine booped her significant other on the nose playfully. "I showed you exactly what it it's like to be a woman."

Memories of the night before rushed back to him. The two went on their first date as a lesbian couple, Danny and her hit up one of the nicest restaurants in town, after that they went out to explore the nightlife, the two had been hit on by multiple guys who gave them free drinks, and the next thing he remembered Catherine was undressing him back at their place.

" I already forgot what it's like. Want to show me again?" Danny said with his masculine voice pulling Catherine closer to him. "Oh sorry, do you want me to speak like a normal girl?" He adjusted his voice to his feminine one.

Catherine climbed on top of her new girlfriend. her breast danging in Danny's face. Danny felt his vagina tingle. "No actually." She moved sensually down his flesh. "I actually find your old voice very arousing." Danny felt her lips on his vagina's lips, and with that he let out a deep moan. He was happy to be woman.

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