Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Make Up Sex

"Wanna come over?" Chelsea said into the camera.

"Didn't you just kick me out?" Garry asked. The two had just gotten out of a heated argument. This was the third one in three weeks, Garry was sure that their seven month relationship was about to be over for good.

"I'm so sorry about that babe," Chelsea said, "I didn't mean it. Here, let me make it up to you." She moved the camera downwards exposing her cleavage . "I honestly didn't mean whatever I said."

"Fine, but you better not yell at me again or it's over for good."

"Does yelling in bed count?" Chelsea asked. What Garry didn't know was that inside of Chelsea's body was Scott, her gay brother. Scott had always had a thing for his sister's boyfriends, Garry was no exception. The two had had entangled souls since birth, and since his sister began dating hot guys he had been using his gift to sleep with them as well, only at the end of their relationships though (she wasn't good at keeping them around that long). After Chelsea kicked Gary out tonight Scott was worried she would never see him again, so he figured this was his chance to use her body to get what he wanted.

"Depends on what you yell," Gary grinned.

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