Sunday, May 29, 2016

The Changing Room

"Damn girl you are fine," Joe said admiring his reflection. He spun around checking out his borrowed body. A few weeks ago on his 18th birthday the young man discovered he was a body hopper, his powers still new he was only able to possesses somebody for only a few minutes at a time before he was forced out of their body and back into his. So like any teenage boy he used his powers the only way he could think of using them: to get close with the hot girls that came into his work at the department store. Joe would find a woman he liked, ask his boss to go to the bathroom. Once he made his way into a stall he take control of her body and leave for the changing room. Once there he would send himself pics of his borrowed bodies for "research" and delete the photos before he was kicked back into his body.

"I gotta get a picture of this before I leave," he took our her phone and began messaging himself photos of his temporary body, adding more sexy pics to his collection.

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