Saturday, May 7, 2016

Ten Year Reunion

"Goddammit, give me my body back!" Fiona shouted at the man running away with her perfect breast.

"Good luck catching me Fiona!" The thief said running away.

If you were to rewind time a decade ago you would see the opposite happening. Mitchel, who is currently in Fiona's body, would have been chasing her away as a desperate attempt to get her to prom, which she playfully teased the dorky teen until the day of when she rejected him in front of the entire senior class to dash to Brad, their high school's basketball team captain. Now, at their ten year reunion the tides had changed.

Mitchel had prepared a body swap spell for the two. He had Facebook stalked her, he knew everything about his high school ex, from her past marriage, her addiction to plastic surgery, and most importantly, her divorce with Brad. Mitchel was going to to get the ultimate revenge and embarrass her in front of the rest of the Class of '06. He didn't know how yet, but it probably would have to deal with stripping.

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